Is My Top Tier Business a Scam? My Honest Review

My Top Tier Business(MTTB) is one of the top selling products from Matt Lloyd’s program MOBE. MOBE itself has a very bad reputation among people which forced them to rebrand their name. So the question is where MTTB is any different from its counterpart, MOBE. Today, I will be doing a detailed review on whether is My Top Tier Business a scam or legit way to make money online.

Name: My Top Tier Business (MTTB)mttb review


Price: $49 + upsells

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Rating: 20/100


What is MTTB about?

My Top Their Business(MTTB) is a program designed by Matt Lloyd for people who want to make money online. He claims that MTTB is the best business model out there for generating large income online.

Matt Lloyd also mentioned that he will pay you commissions of $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 without even having to lift a finger.

Sounds good right? Yes, but there is a catch to it… I will be going into that in awhile.

Basically MTTB is a 21-step video based training program which teaches you how to sell high ticket products online, which obviously make you earn higher commission.

You will be also assigned with a personal coach where he/she will guide you throughout and answer questions.


How exactly you will make money with MTTB?

For those of you who are unsure of how you are going to make money, let me explain.

Basically, you are going to be promoting MTTB and other products within MOBE which will be taught to you in their trainings.

The idea is this…

  1. You(Promoter) promote Matt’s products using some of the trainings, to drive traffic to the pre-made product  sales pages. ( Via your Affiliate Link)
  2. Your leads will then taken care off by the sales team
  3. If the sales team managed to convince someone to buy their product, you will be getting a commission of 50% for that particular product

In other words, your only job is to get the leads and nothing else.

Seems easy right?

But honestly is it not as easy as what you might think, to me generating these leads is the hardest job. Take some time and ask this question to yourself, why would Matt pay you high commission for such an easy tasks… because it’s obviously not.


What I Liked

#1: The potential amount of money you can make

Obviously, there are people who have made money from using his system. You would have already seen it in his sales page, so many people collecting over hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cheques(a million dollar cheque too) and some those who contributed a lot also were gifted with their own Mercedes cars.

Most of the product you are promoting are worth thousands of dollars. Of course you may think that who on earth want to spend so much money and buy these products. The thing about high ticket products are you only need to sell a few and you can have made maybe a five-digit income or so.

#2: Personal Live Coach

The other thing that caught my eye was their one to one personal coach. As a beginner in internet marketing, you are bound to have 101 questions running through your minds and most of these cant be answered from just the trainings. Many money making online products actually fails in the aspect which I believe is one of the basic necessities of joining an online membership.


What I didn’t like

#1: You are not learning the right things…

Matt Lloyd claims that the MTTB is suitable for anyone whether you are a newbie in online business or you are struggling to make profits with your own business.

However, from the looks of it.. the main focus of his trainings are to actually to promote his own products, which really disappoints me.

This is definitely not a good product for an individual looking to start his own online business. As a newbie, it is important that every bits of basics to be covered so you wont feel lost later, however all the training videos seems to emphasise more on MOBE and MTTB, skipping the basics.

#2: The Upsells….

One of the most disappointing thing about this product is the upsells, of course you might have thought the $49 has given you full access to everything but sadly it’s not that case.

We all know that there are 21-steps video trainings inside your members area. what we didn’t know is that, you cant immediately have access to step-21. In other words, you have to unlock them which can only be done only through your personal business coach.

Two videos will be unlocked each time, but this procedure only lasts until step 6.

Want to know why???


At step 6, they will ask you to make a decision of whether you want to purchase their MLR(MOBE License Right) which is worth $1,997. In order to be able to promote high ticket products from MOBE and MTTB you have to purchase this license, which only than gives you the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month.

You can also choose to reject their upsell and stay as a regular affiliate of MTTB but you will lose the potential to earn large commissions.

This upsell is what I call the “killer”, they purposely pitch it in such a way that from step 1 to step 6 they feed your mind with everything about MOBE and once you reach step 6 you have to make that decision of whether you want to make little or more commissions.

This is where people blindly purchase their upsell thinking they will be able to make large amount of commissions too. But that’s not exactly the case, doesn’t mean you purchase something of high price you have guarantee you will make good money with it.

#3: No guarantee you will earn money

MTTB earning disclaimer

There are many people who don’t know read product disclaimers before purchasing the products. I stress that it is important you read them, if you would want to have a clearer idea of their credibility. As you can see above, MTTB has mentioned there is no guarantee that everyone will make money by purchasing their product and even claims there are some students who have never made any money.

Of course, you would have been excited by seeing other collect big paycheques and Mercedes cars. But the sad truth is not everybody will be able to get it.

I know they showed and claimed the potentials of money one could make but at the end of the day all goes down to the disclaimer. They will immediately write you off, “did you check my earning disclaimer?”, by then it’s too late.

Ask yourself, are you ready to take so much risks spending thousands of dollars to try out whether you can make money.

I believe you would have heard of this saying, “the rich become richer and the poor become poorer”… obviously most of the people who try out this products have lots of money to spare and a few thousands of dollars wouldn’t hurt and this might benefit them. But if you are an average person with limited money to spare, gambling on something that has no guarantee is not worth that risk.

#4: You have to spend more money!

Of course even if you decided not to purchase their MOBE license rights, you still are likely encouraged to spend money on generating traffic.

You can choose to use free traffic, but that requires you to have your own website with lots of quality content and it takes quite some time. Without quality contents, your articles will never get ranked well in Google means you are unlikely to get free(organic) traffic.

The other option is to buy paid traffic which can easily cost you over hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are not doing it the right way. Honestly, if don’t have much money to spend than of course it’s not worth to purchase MTTB.

mttb warrior forum

You should take note, as a regular affiliate you only will be able to promote low-end products normally below $500, and if you decide to pay for Ads. Then at the end of the day you are actually not making much profits(if you actually manage to make sales)

#5: $500 cash back guarantee??

This is a very bold claim, but there is a hidden motive behind it.

However, to qualify for this.. there are some ground rules you have to follow

1. You need to go through each of the 21 steps on the day it’s assigned to you

2. If you skip a step, or do a step out of order you forfeit the guarantee

matt lloydmttb matt lloydThe above was a screenshot of what Matt Lloyd mentioned about the $500 cash guarantee. As you can see he claims that you will have to prove that you have completed all the steps and taken action. I’m not sure how will one be able to prove that.

This will be quite disappointing to someone who followed it diligently but was not able to prove.

To be honest, it is not easy to immediately give out $500 to everyone who claims he/she has tried but failed. In my opinion, don’t take this $500 cash back guarantee too seriously to risk yourself and try out. There is no 100% guarantee you will get back… so if you cannot afford to risk, I suggest you avoid this.

6. Desperate for money…?

That’s quite an irony, I thought Matt Lloyd was making lots of money from his business every year. But maybe I am wrong… Seems he is actually quite desperate to make full use of anyone who lands at his sales page.

MTTB down sellWhen I tried to get off his sales page, a “pop up” came out from no where which claimed to let me try to this for 7 days at a price of $19 and then after another 7 days I have to pay the remaining $30.

Honestly, I don’t see what benefit I get from this… because at the end of the month I still spent $49.

He is trying to confuse buyer by using the $19 only for 7 days technique which I feel is not beneficial to buyers, because of this I feel it seems more like a scam.


My Final thoughts…

If you are trying to make a living from making money online, I suggest you stay far away from MTTB. Because the odds of you spending more money than earning seems higher. Why would one have to put a stake of thousands on dollars to something that doesn’t provide any guarantee that you will make money using their business model.

There are actually many unsatisfied customers, only a few has voiced out but there are still many who just kept it silent. So the question is where MTTB is a scam? My honest answer will be I am in the middle because I am in no pole position to claim whether it’s a scam. But I hope the above points that I have highlighted will give you a clearer insight.


thumbs down

So what now…?

MTTB focuses on teaching you how to promote their own products, overlooking the fundamentals of starting an online business.

If you are keen on making money online the right way I suggest you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will learn everything from scratch.. from building your own websites, to content generation to monetizing your website.

Unlike MTTB, Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells..

We have two different types of membership, the starter membership which is free and the premium membership of $47 per month.

You have no obligations to be a premium member, you can always choose to remain as a free member.

MTTB requires you to join the membership in order to promote their products but here at wealthy Affiliate you can be a free member and still promote to earn commissions.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, for those of you who have any lingering questions please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Past users are also welcomed to share their personal experience of MTTB with us.

Yours Truly,



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  1. I hate dirty scams like these that try to take us for everything we have got for the sake of making others wealthy!!

    I’ve heard of My Top Tier Business before, and after reading your review I can see it’s a program to stay well clear of, especially when there is an upsell at nearly $2K which is just crazy!

    Wealthy Affiliate surely seems to be the BEST option because at least it’s LEGIT and Free to join 🙂


  2. This is a great review, and has helped me out a lot.

    I think that it’s good that you’ve outlined that there is live support, but the thing is I’m looking to monetize something I’m generally interested in, and not really interested in being forced to promote a fixed set of products for somebody else!

    Thanks again for helping me out dude.. your site has been officially bookmarked.


  3. Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    It got me interested until the point where you say that there are upsells, I hate that and it turned me off right away. Great job on the review.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for that posting in which you are reviewing MTTB to evaluate for us whether it is legit or not or if it is worth our investment amd efforts or not.
    From the look of things, one would already feel uneasy about a business promising hundreds of dollars but having demanded no effort/hardwork from the subscriber. This is made worse by the fact that we have to pay first to earn anything

  5. Hi Kumar, I read your page on MTTB great info. keep up the great work! Amazing how many scams are out there I almost got involved with Build my List program but I realized all the upsells that I couldn’t afford so I got out. My only suggestion would be to change you red and green highlighted area’s to black text your readers will try to click on the red text like I tried to do. Also leave you name at the end of your page so your readers know who wrote the content.
    Hope this helps you out?
    Have a blessed 2016!

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