Is online Income Solution a Scam? Check Out My Review

For those of you who are in doubt of whether is online income solution a scam or legit product I would highly recommend you to read my review. I understand that all of you are trying to make money online but if you are not careful, instead of making money, you are actually going to lose money. There are tons of products online that actually don’t work as what they claim to, and Online income solution is no different from them.

Product: Online Income SolutionOnline income solution review


Price: $19.97

Discounts: $9.97, $4.97

Rating: 5/100


About Online Income Solution…

According to Online Income Solution website, they claim that one can earn over hundreds of dollars per day by working at home – To get started, all you need is a computer and internet connection

How ?

When you purchase their product, you will be getting your very own automated money making website. Since it is a pre-made website, you are not required to do design your webpage or add contents. All you have to do is watch their training guides and video tutorials that will work you through the entire process.

Though the did not really explain how exactly you will make money… but they have dropped some hint.

online Income Solution

Online Income Solution claims that you are only required spend a few hours a day to post your links up on Google and Bing.


The ugly truth?

I’m sorry to break your excitement if you actually thought that you are going to make money with Online Income Solution. Honestly, this entire webpage seems to be scripted and nothing about them looks legit.

How I know? I’ve been in this industry for quite some time, and anyone else with decent amount of experience will be easily able to spot whether the product/service is legit or scam.

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Tell-tale signs that Online Income Solution is a Scam

#1: Clone Websites – Exactly looks the same

online Income Solution homepageat home income package homepage

As you can see both Online income solution has an exact same website in the name of At Home Income Package. The only difference between both is the price, and the price difference varies so much($97 and $19.97) for the exact same product.

One reason they come up with different websites selling same product is so that they can reach out to more people. More people = more scam = more revenue(P.S. not for you, but the man behind these websites)

This is one of the major giveaways indicating that this entire product is out there to scam people, not to help them make money.

#2: Outdated Snapshot of Bank Accounts

online Income Solution bank accountOnline Income Solution proof

What can be worst then using of outdated snapshots to prove the credibility of a product. As you can see, this are claimed to be fellow members bank accounts taken from year 2011 and 2012.

Are we expected to bank our trust on this product, just by looking at an outdated bank account snapshot? Also how do we know that this snapshots belongs to the members and the money was made through this exact method.

#3: Down-selling tactics..

The original price of this product is $39.95 but they are already giving you at an offer price of $19.97.

1st down-sell : $10 discount, so you pay $9.97limited offer

2nd down-sell: 75% discount, so you pay $4.97

Basically, this is a poor technique that seems to work from time to time. They use this technique to persuade money seekers to by their product by showing lucrative offers and most of them will easily fall for it…

Don’t get misjudged by this, take a second to think… If they are willing to negotiate their price from $39.95 all the way to $4.97 there is definitely a motive behind it.

Most probably, they will say the $4.97 is test for a few days then they will bill you another price . Or they will provide upsells. In other words, within the system they will say you need to buy this to make more money or something like that.

So if you really want to give this product a try since its only $4.97.. I suggest you take some time to look carefully at their terms and conditions or disclaimers because obviously $4.97 is too good to be true and there will definitely be a catch.

#4: Probably Fake Network Logo’s

Be careful when you comes across this trademark logo’s. I’ve come across many website putting up such trademark logo’s and almost all of them are so called scam sites.

Don’t be understood that this product, Online income solution has been advertised on their sites.

This is a very typical way to build trust among potential customers, claiming that these well known sites actually recognise their products but its actually not that way.



Look carefully on the “As seen on” with asterisk, it will tell you the answer.


The “As seen on” with asterisk is not there for fun.. there is a reason behind it and to do so you have to look at their disclaimer which is found at the bottom of their website. As you can see, they claim “All trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed are registered and/or unregistered Trademarks of their respective owner”

In other words, there is no guarantee that this trademarks or logos are actually registered. Chances are they aren’t registered by this website owner and that is why such disclaimer is being used.

So don’t be fooled by just looking at the logos because they don’t tell you the entire story.

#5: Scripted Testimonials

All the testimonials that you see on their website are probably scripted by themselves. Some times I wonder whether I should laugh or be angry…

Just take a look at this, “Our marriage is the happiest it’s ever been and we finally got Porsche we always wanted”. The testimonials itself giveaway its true identity and we don’t even have to think deep to find out its credibility.

Come on!, do you really expect me to believe that after you join this program.. you guys managed to buy a Porsche?

And also the photo you see is actually not the real persons. These are actually stock photos which can be bought and used.



Also.. I am kind of confused now. So which product were you recommended? At home Income Package or Online Income Solution?

Probably both.. because they are actually same products. So what I am trying to say here is that these testimonials are just a matter of copy, pasting and editing.

#6: Single or Multiple websites?




Another problem with lying is if you are not careful, you maybe making so simple mistakes.

Just look at both the screen shots, One claims you will be getting one free website when you buy their product while the other says you will own multiple sites(they will build for you)

So which one is telling the truth? Only the owner himself knows…

#7: Fake “limited” spacing


I’ve come across lots of scam sites using this exact same strategy. Basically they try to brain wash you, saying there is only limited positions left. So if you never hurry up you will lose this best opportunity to make money.

They are just trying to lure you to buy their product sooner. Because the more time someone takes, the chances are he/she will find out that this product is a scam.


My final thoughts…

If you do not want to waste your hard earn money, stay far away from Online Income Solution because instead of making money you are going to lose.

I hope that after reading this review, you have a clearer picture of what is Online Income Solution all about. You can also apply this same knowledge to find out whether other products are scam or legit.

Another thing I want to mention is that, there is no such thing as easy money. The only quickest way to get big money is to strike lottery, other than that, the rest you are required to put in lots of hard work and effort.


thumbs down


What’s next?

If you are willing to put in effort and patience I can guarantee you that you will succeed online. I’ve been doing online marketing for quite sometime now I am very delighted to have made this decision. Now I have my own freedom to work from home and not work under somebody(which I really hate)

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For starter membership(free), you will be able to build two websites for free and you can start generating revenue from them.

If you have any question on Online Income Solution, please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Past users can also join in to share your personal thoughts and experience.

Yours Truly,

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