Is Only Cash Surveys a Scam? Read This Review Before You Join!

I will be doing a review on Only Cash Surveys to share with you the real truth behind this survey platform. I have personally tried it myself and I have to say it ended up in disappointment. There are many issues regarding them which are against my favour and I will go into more details about them in awhile. I highly recommend that you thoroughly read through this review before signing up because it could definitely save you from wasting unnecessary energy and time.


Name: Only Cash Surveys (OCS)


Price: $0, Free to Join

Rating: 15/100


Only Cash Surveys Overview

Only Cash Surveys is a website that pays you money for completing surveys. The sign up process is quite fast, all it needs is your email address and name. Upon signing up, you will be directed to the page where you will be required to share slightly more details about yourself. For instance, your name, marital status, household income and a bunch more.

This entire process wont take that long, only a couple of minutes. After which you could immediately start doing the surveys… “IF YOU QUALIFY!”


Price to Join?

To join Only Cash Surveys, its totally Free. This is definitely a positive sign because sites that ask you to pay money upfront a more likely to be a scam.


How much can you earn?

Signing up for them instantly earns you $5. But this money can be immediately cashed-out, you will have to reach the minimum threshold limit before you can do so.

You can earn anywhere from $0.10 to about $2.00 for completion of each survey. The value for the survey is determined by the amount of time you are likely going to spend. Each survey can easily last you from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes.


The Problems With Only Cash Surveys

Everything so far seems OK… but in actual, there are too many flaws going to within this site that I think all of you should take note off.

(1) High Threshold Limit 

You have to clog up a minimum of $50 before you can cash them out. Well, $50 is definitely a huge number and will take you months to reach that amounts. There are lots of other Paid survey sites that have a much lower pay-out threshold.

Most of the people who join paid survey sites are to earn extra income every month. What’s the point of spending so many hours in front of your computer when you can make use of it on a monthly basis. I would say $10-$20 would seem like a win-win situation for both parties.

(2) Some of the Surveys are worth nothing


At times I got this feeling that their name “Only Cash Surveys” is misleading because I often see lots of surveys that are worth nothing(like the image above). I, like almost everyone else cam here to do surveys that pays money and not do for fun, which kinda disappointed me.

Clicking on these $0 surveys, redirects you to some spam site that claims to give you $1,000 voucher. The truth is you have to be careful with such sites because they are nothing but liars, obviously there are not going to give you money. In-fact you may be unnecessarily charged money so it is very important that you read their terms and conditions.

(3) Kicked out of the survey halfway through


Take a look at the above image, I kept getting this message very often. When I am in the process of doing the survey, I kept getting kicked out. “We’re sorry but the survey you attempted has already reached the required number of participants”.

This get really frustrating because you spend a lot of time doing these surveys, and you couldn’t even complete. This website seems like it is not professional(not organised properly). If people are already doing the survey, it shouldn’t even be open to others in the first place.

(4) Ready, Get, Spam!!!

Most paid survey sites out there have one purpose in common. That is to get your email address and sell it to others(companies or even individuals)… What happen next? These guys will then flood your email with lots of products like Viagra, other money making opportunities(scams) and etc., hoping you will buy them so they can make a cut from you.

For a second, I thought that Only Cash Surveys wasn’t that type of site. But I was wrong, within a couple of minutes I got a few spam emails in my “junk mail”.

(5) Surveys disappear without a clue

This personally happened to me. When I was reaching the cash-out limit, I stopped receiving any surveys from Only Cash Surveys(not even something that’s worth $0.10). The only possible reason I could think of is that they don’t want me to reach the pay-out threshold so that they don’t have to pay me. – This is very unethical!

(6) Lots, and Lots of Complaints

Well, I am not the only one who had issues with Only Cash Surveys. It seems like almost everybody has some problems with them. One of the most common complaint was it takes a very long time to get paid. Yes! There are people who reached the minimum,$50 but when they want to cash it out. It takes a very long time, a couple of months and it some cases they don’t even get the money.

According to their website, they mentioned it only takes 4 weeks to get approved and paid but it doesn’t seem that way.

Only Cash Surveys is very selective in paying out. There are people who get paid while there are people who don’t get paid too.


My Final thoughts…

Even though you didn’t really pay any money, Only Cash Survey is still considered a scam because you are not getting what you were promised. This survey site is really a time waster, I believe you can make use of your time much better elsewhere.

The $5 bonus is not really a bonus. Basically, they use it as a marketing “bait” to get more people to sign up, so they can earn from you. Most of us, will never get this $5…

There are some survey sites that pays money, but even then I am still not a fan of them. The reason is simply because you are paid almost pennies and it is never a fair trade for the amount of time you spent.


My #1 Recommendation

Completing surveys will never make you rich nor allow you to achieve financial freedom. If you are really interested in making a decent income online, I highly encourage you to try Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing basically means promoting other people’s products and earning commissions from them. The best part is you don’t have to physically own any product or get worried about any issues. All you do is lead the person to the product and if the person purchase the product, you will make a commission.

If you are interested to find out more about this, I suggest that you take a look at my #1 Recommended program that teaches you everything from scratch. To find out how I earned over $4,000 a month from just Affiliate Marketing take a look here!



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Only Cash Surveys. I hope you now have a better understanding of what’s going on within their website. Anyway, I wanted to mention that all of you are entitled to share with us your personal opinions, so please do leave a comment in the box below about your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂



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