Is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam? Read My Honest Review

Everyday there are people finding different ways to make money online and chances of coming across paid survey sites are very common. If you are reading this, I believe you must have stumbled across and wondering whether it is a legit site to make money.

To clarify your doubts, I will be doing a review and sharing with you the insights on whether is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam.

Name: Paid Surveys at HomePaid surveys at Home review


Owner: Patricia Johnson

Advertised Price: $68

Down sell: $34, $17, $7

Rating: 20/100

My First Impression

The idea of paid surveys is, fellow people like us get an incentive(mostly cash) to give our opinion to companies. Most legit paid survey sites don’t ask you to pay any form of money upfront to qualify to take surveys.

However, Paid surveys at Home have a tradition of collecting an upfront fee before you can access the companies database. This clearly indicates to me that Paid surveys at Home is no different from other paid survey scam sites.

I noticed they were not transparent on how the procedures exactly works. They only mentioned you can make money using their system and immediately encourage you to sign up.

From my point of view, their entire website seems shady…

How does it work?

So basically, you will get access to their members area once you have registered for them by paying a fee of $68. They claim they have over 300 of market research firms looking for people to take their surveys.

These are the some of the tasks you can do to earn money(reference to their website)

  • Take online surveys($20 in 20mins?)
  • Participate in focus groups ($50~$150)
  • Take phone surveys
  • Try new products
  • Preview new movie trailers

Ok so you get $20 for doing a 20 minutes surveys, this is definitely very misleading. If really that’s the case, everybody can quit their full time jobs and keep doing surveys all day and become rich. Obviously, you and me know it doesn’t work that way.

Honestly, if you ask me the chances of you getting a survey worth $20 is very slim. Legit sites only pay about $0.50~$5 for their surveys, even then $5 is very rare…most surveys will be about a dollar or so.

Then why do Paid surveys at home claims their list of companies will pay so much for simple surveys? Are these companies printing money or something, they got too much money to spare?

Weirdly Paid Surveys at Home offers other bonuses for people who sign up to their membership

#1: Get Paid to drive

Ok, now I am really confused. How is doing surveys online is even related to driving. What’s worst? They pay you money for driving, I have come across similar paid survey sites that claims to pay you for driving plus free gas. All these are just total fake claims used to attract people to sign up to their membership.

Common sense will tell us that all these are nothing but a total B.S.

#2: 300 Additional work at home opportunities

If you calculate properly, by doing their surveys alone you will be already making lots of money. Then why do they want to give you additional 300 work at home opportunities. Looks like they just dropped you a hint, that you are probably not going to be able to make any money in their site.

Become their Affiliate!

Another way you can make money through this site is by joining their affiliates program. Basically, you will be given a specific affiliate link when you register. Use this link to promote Paid surveys at Home to other people. When someone clicks on your link and signs up you will get a commission for it.

How much exactly you make from each conversion is not mentioned, but they claimed they have paid out over 2.5 million dollars worth of commission to affiliates.

The ugly truth!

Not available in your geographical location/ You don’t qualify for these survey

Not everybody will be able to have access to all the surveys because the country you reside is taken into consideration. So if you don’t qualify for these surveys, you obviously wont be able to do them and earn money from it. This can be frustrating, chances are you are going to get this every time you want to do a survey. It is clear, this is probably a scam… they give you a reason for not being able to qualify for the survey.

I have experienced this before myself… every time I want to do a survey, they will tell me I am not qualified for a particular reasons. This don’t happen once or twice, but every time which clearly indicates to me this is FAKE!

To be honest with you, the number of paid survey sites of the years have increase tremendously but most of them are just scams.

WHY? Because of people like You and Me

We always try to find the easy way out, going online and searching “how to make money fast”, “how to earn money without doing anything” or anyway that can get you to become rich quickly. Because of these, all the “bad” people out there knows they can use us as a bait to earn money for themselves.

In other words, they are making use of you(and me) to earn money. Unfortunately, when we see all those attractive offers even though they don’t sound realistic, we easily fall for it. By then we realise that it is a scam is actually already too late.

I’m not trying to say there are no legit paid survey sites, actually there are! But only a small fraction, which is going to be very difficult to find among all the scam sites. Chances of stumbling across these scam sites are very high…

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Tell tale signs of Scam – Red Flags

#1: Their survey income calculator

Paid surveys at home

One of the first give away was this calculator on their homepage. This calculator shows attractive numbers to lure potential users, showing them how much money you can make. Who wouldn’t want to earn almost 3 grand per month by just doing surveys?

I don’t know where they come out with all these numbers such as limiting to three surveys per day and maximum $45 for each survey.

Strangely, they also had a disclaimer…” the calculator above is for demonstration purposes only, the income examples are not typical”. Then why on earth must that calculator even be there on the first place if it has no real purpose behind it.

I hope you are getting what I am trying to say here…

#2: Their primary Focus

Unfortunately, if you thought that their main aim of these paid survey site was to help you earn money online through their surveys then you are wrong. From the looks of it, the primary focus of Paid Surveys at Home is to encourage members to become affiliates for them.

Almost all websites, likes to be discrete about their Affiliates… they tend to leave it at the very bottom of the page where it is almost goes unnoticed.

However, it is totally different here, it seems they have a motive to put their affiliates page right on top of their page, just beside the members tab to encourage people to click it.

So when someone clicks the link and see, ” we have given out 2.5 million dollars to our affiliates”, of course they will get excited and want to join.

If you think you can earn lots of money through their affiliate program then I am very sorry for you, because it’s not so straight forward as you might think it is.

The best way to join any affiliate program, is to promote it through your very own website. Even then there are lots of fundamentals you need to know before you can create a website.

Why create a website to promote a scam product, When you can create a website to promote legit products

You may think that you can share it on social media to your friends and family, but let me tell you this is never going to work. Chances are, your family or friends going to unfriend/unfollow you if you continue to spam useless links.

#3: 50% coupon code?


This is totally ridiculous, they themselves give you a code and ask you to claim your 50% off? What is the difference, instead just reduce to price to $34 should have been enough, why go through such hassle for something like that?

In other words, you can see these guys are trying telling you, “look, you have a good 50% offer, take it today or you might not get it again”. This is a way of trying to convince their buyers immediately. Don’t ever fall for such a dirty trick…

#4: Down selling to it’s Max!

When you don’t take their $34 offer, they will give you another special 50% discount which means it $17 and claim it is a family and friend discount. And if you reject again they lower their price to only $7, wow can you believe it? All the way from $68 to $7?

Basically this down sell marketing technique, is to make sure you try to buy their product. Because they want to make full use of the entire traffic that comes through these page, chances of you coming back to this site is very slim. So even if they can scam your $7 away from you, they will be happy.

Whenever you come across such websites that have this pop-up boxes coming up when you want to end the page, chances are they are scam sites, just take note.

My final thoughts…

The kind of money you can earn from any legit paid surveys sites are totally far from what you are seeing here. In other words, Paid Surveys at Home has greatly exaggerated the potential of money you can earn through taking their survey. I suggest you stay far away from these website or any other paid survey sites because.. honestly, you really cant make much money with them, chances of you losing your money are much higher.

I know you would likely have come across sites or people claiming that they actually make money from using Paid Surveys at Home. Don’t ever listen to them, they are just affiliates promoting the website so they have to give fake reviews to lure people into clicking their link.



So what now?

If you are unsure of how to make money online, don’t worry. There are many legit ways you can make money online and like I mentioned earlier affiliate marketing is one of the most common and easiest way.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time already,which is my main source of income. However, not anyone can just jump straight and take some links and start promoting because you need to know the fundamentals.

If you are interested in building an online business through affiliate marketing, I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently a member there myself and have learnt how to build my own online business from scratch. I started out with zero knowledge just like you or anyone else.

I’m looking forward to working with you soon. If you have any questions, please drop me a comment in the box below and I will be happy to give you a hand.

Yours Truly,

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