Is Panda Research a Scam? My Unbiased Review

If you are reading this, then you are probably interested to find out whether Panda Research is a scam or legit site that you can make money with. Panda Research is a Paid survey site that pays you to take surveys. For those of you who don’t know much about me, I am never an admirer of paid surveys because the potential amount of money you can actually make with it is far below par.

Personally, I have been working fulltime online for quite some time now and the freedom you get from working from home is always special. I have never regretted even once ever since making that decision. If you are keen to find out more about what I am doing and how I make money online you can check here.

Ok now shall we get back to the review on Panda Research? I hope by the end of this review you will have a better understanding of them and will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward.Panda-Research-Review

Name: Panda Research


Price: Free to join

Rating: 30/100


What is Panda Research about?

Panda Research is an organization that claims to provide incentives(mostly in the form of cash) to their members for completing small tasks.

Tasks includes,

  • Sharing your opinions through filling out paid surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Reading emails

The amount of incentive that you will receive varies, based on individual offers. There are some offers that might be more difficult and require you to spend a longer time, hence you will get slightly more incentives compared to a much easier one.

However, Panda Research have mentioned in their website that they also have surveys and offers that don’t provide any incentives at all. It is definitely kind of disappointing to hear something like that, most of them who join sites like this is to actually earn some money and not to do tasks for fun.


The Ugly Truth…

According to the Panda Research website, it claims to have paid over two million dollars(to be exact, $2,149,603) to their members over the years. I tried to look for some payment proofs that shows they have paid that sum of money, however I couldn’t find anything about it.

Honestly, these numbers are quite contradicting because there seems to be many complaints from past and current members about not getting paid by Panda Research. Judging by all of these, it clearly hints to me that these numbers might not be actually true. Besides, anyone can just come up with such numbers…

Ever wondered why this site is free to join? Of course there’s a catch and you wouldn’t know it. Then you might ask how would I know? Not only me but anyone who has a decent amount of experience in this industry will easily able to spot such catch.

The catch…

When you sign up for them, you will be required to fill up several personal information including your zip code and email address. The reason why they ask for these information is because not all surveys are catered for everyone so they will filter out and provide you surveys that only matches the details you provided.

However, there are something else you didn’t know about it… These information are known as “leads” in online marketing terms. There are lots of companies out there willing to pay a huge sum of money for these leads. Website like Panda Research compiles a long list of leads and sells it to these companies.

This is the main reason why I don’t fancy signing up for paid surveys, because firstly you will lose you privacy and secondly these companies will spam your email address with advertisements. Every lead is a potential customer to them and these companies study your information and will shoot out Advertisements based on your details to lure you into purchasing them.


What I didn’t like

#1: Limited within United States only

Firstly not everybody will be able to sign up to Panda Research, you are required to be a resident of the United States. This is quite disappointing because there are many people living outside U.S wanting to join such sites. But don’t worry, there are many other paid survey sites that has no country restrictions.


#2: High payment threshold

Ok, you cant immediately withdraw your money upon completing one or two surveys. You are required to clog up to at least $50 before you can cash out. This will definitely take quite some time because most of the surveys are worth around a dollar. For instance you are paid $1 per survey and you are getting on average 2 surveys per week… it will easily take around 4-5 months before you can hit $50.

From my personal experience, most of the incentives that they advertise in their homepage is never true.

For e.g. ” Earn additional income by reading emails(Maximum $25 per Payout)”, I quoted this from their website itself. Don’t get mistaken for these, read it carefully because it says Maximum $25 which means your incentive can be anywhere below $25… I wont be surprised if its even just $0.10.

Another downside of this is, you have to wait for such a long time to determine whether Research Panda is a scam. Many people may say different things, but sometimes there are people who will still go against complaints and reviews and still give it a try to get first hand experience of it legitimacy.

If you ask me, it is really not worth spending time doing these surveys that pays pennies and also may or may not pay you. I’m not ready to substitute my precious time for this worthless “gamble”…


#3: Their “real” testimonials

Panda research testimonialsTake a look for yourself, the image on the right. So Panda Research puts up a few words and expect us to believe that these testimonials are real and from real people?

Oh come on! If you ask me, after seeing this it just make me doubt even more about their credibility. These testimonials are just make up words which means the person running this website can easily type out a few words and just publish it himself, there is no evidence that the testimonials here are from past members.

I feel that if the testimonials are included with photos of bank account or pay checks, it definitely will be much more convincing.


 #4: Outdated Website

panda research review

Panda Research has actually dropped us a very big hint that they are a outdated website. This copyright was taken from the bottom on the page indicating from 2005-2011. It seems that haven’t really been active and updating their website for almost 4 years now. If the website is legit, one of the first things is to have an up to date copyright.

Then you may ask why on earth is their website still running? The truth is, the owner might have probably given up focusing on this site. But, since this is still a source of revenue for him and available to continue generate leads from people who continuously keep signing up, why not just leave it to scam people?

In other words, this website is running on autopilot which doesn’t require much attention. The sole purpose of this website is not to help people earn money, instead indirectly earn money from them.


My final thoughts…

I strongly suggest you to stay away from Panda Research because the chances of you making any sort of money with them is very slim. Whether it is panda research or other paid survey sites, it is still not an ideal option you should consider because you will be making very little money.

There are much better ways to make money online that can help you generate a fulltime income. Ever heard of affiliate marketing? Basically, you promote someone else product and earn commission from it. The best part is you do not need to own the product, or have anything to do with it at all.

You can create an affiliate marketing business with something you are passionate about, even a hobby. If you are interested to learn everything, step by step to build an online business I recommend you to check this out.

That’s all for me, hope you enjoyed the review and learnt lots of inside information. For those of you who have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment in the box below, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Past users of Panda Research are also more than welcomed to share with all of us your personal experience as a member with them.

Yours Truly,

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