Is Profit Bank by Millionaire Society a Scam? My Honest Review

This review is going to be about a program called Profit Bank by Millionaire Society. What is Profit Bank? Is it a Scam? Or a legit opportunity for you to invest your money in? These are some of the questions that I will be focusing on in this review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…Profit-Bank-By-Millionaire-Society-Review


Name: Profit Bank by Millionaire Society


Owner: Thomas Black

Price: $24.97/month

Rating: 1/5


Profit Bank Overview

Honestly, I didn’t want to waste time doing a review on this program because this is a complete trash. It’s a no-brainer that whatever came out from the narrator’s mouth is a lie. However, the reason I am still going to complete the review on this is simply because there are lots of na├»ve and desperate people looking to make quick & easy money online.

I don’t want any of you to lose your hard earned money on a useless program like profit bank.


I believe the above headlines captured your attention. ” Would you like to make $1099.20 Per day using my one-click software?…”

Well, I am not going to criticize you if you did because I have fallen for several similar claims like this in the past. I end up losing a┬ácouple of thousands of dollars. But Today it isn’t about me, It’s about you. I don’t want you to end up making the same mistakes like I did in the past.


What is this program exactly about?

You know what’s funny? The narrator didn’t even once show glimpses of what you will be getting from this program. All he did was talk, talk & talk and showed a few fake earning screenshots. It’s so obvious that he didn’t want to show what exactly it is all about because he knows that if he did so, nobody will buy his program because it looks like a waste of time and money.

So basically what you will be getting is something called pre-made websites. These websites are already filled with contents, images and products to promote(includes your affiliate link).

The ideology is very simple. Whenever someone comes to your website, reads and if the product caught his/her attention and buys the product. You will get a commission for promoting that product. There is actually a term for this and it’s called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most legit ways and simplest way to make money online because you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get started.

However, what profit bank is doing here is both morally and ethically wrong. This form of Affiliate Marketing will NEVER earn you a DIME for the simplest reason. Your website/content will never get ranked on search engines because it is duplicated. In other words, everybody who purchases this program will get the exact look-alike and word for word website. Not even the slightest of difference.

Hence, your website will be nothing in special to the other guy who bought this. To save the trouble of thinking who to rank, Google and other search engines will instead not rank both of them for the ultimate reason of duplicated content.


How Much Does This Program Cost?

This program is going to cost you $24.97 every single month. I will NEVER put my money on a program like this because I will NEVER make a dime. Simple as that. The claims are seriously too ridiculous. Make thousands of dollar per day by spending only 3 minutes?

Well, if really it’s that easy… nobody needs to work anymore. Everyone can stay home or do things they love and depend on FREE money like this.

This is the problem with ClickBank products. Most of them are not done by some real professionals in this industry. Anyone(even you) can come in, create an account and start selling random products on ClickBank. Their policy is way too lenient which is why there is so many shady products on their website.


Is Their 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Legit?


I also want to mention a bit on their 60-day money back guarantee. Please do not use that guarantee as a deciding factor to purchase and try out the program. More than often, the guarantee is there only for promotional purposes rather than anything else.

There have been tons of complaints that owners are not giving them refunds or failing to respond to any of their emails. This is very typical. If everybody tries the program, realizes that they can’t make money. The only person who is going to go on a loss when is refunded is the owner himself. He is definitely not stupid to refund everyone.

What is likely to happen is called selectively refund. Meaning, the owner will only refund a couple of people rather than all. More likely those who really push his limit to the max.

I have personally bought a couple of products from┬áClickBank a few years ago. The exact thing happened to me. I sent out about two emails to the owner for my refund but he didn’t respond. I shoot a couple more and lastly also said that I will take high action by contacting ClickBank directly and issue them a statement about this. Within an hour, that owner responded my email and refunded.

So it’s clear to say that you will NOT get back your money without a hassle. If you are not up for this, then don’t waste your time and money purchasing products from ClickBank. I have already completely stopped purchasing from them because of their reputation.


My Final Thoughts.

This review is meant to be short and sweet(or maybe bitter). I don’t want to elaborate too much because of the nature of the program itself. Their earning claims are too good to be true. And the reasoning they gave for sharing this program with the public and not keeping the “goldmine” for themselves is very lame and stupid.

It is a┬áno brainer that this program is a scam. Instead of spending that money, I would rather you spend it by having a nice dinner with your family. Trust me, it’s way more worthwhile than spending on something like Profit Bank.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended

Remember earlier I mentioned that Affiliate Marketing is actually a legit way to make money online. I am actually a full-time Affiliate Marketer myself. I have been doing this for just over a year and have seen tremendous results but not till extent where you make $1000 a day. I’m making around $10,000 per month with AM. But you should understand that none of this happened overnight.

It took me 3 months to make my first sale. From then onwards, it was just upwards. I would gladly like to share with you the exact program I use to start my Affiliate Marketing career. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online training program that teaches you from scratch to build an online business.

If you are interested in finding out more about my #1 Recommended Program, Click the link below:


I have come to the end of my review on Profit Bank by Millionaire Society. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is all about and whether is something for you or not. If you have personally tried the program for yourself, do share with us your personal experience in the comment section below. Opinions and questions are always welcomed too.

Thank you for reading…

And I wish you success ­čÖé



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  1. Hello Kumar, I enjoyed your review and thought Profitbank was just a scam. I am sure I purchased Profitbank software about five years ago and it did not make a cent for me.
    It was interesting to find out about the junk being sold on Clickbank, but I have found a product from one of the world’s no.1 super affiliate on Clickbank and finally making money.
    I have already joined your no. 1 recommended program and think it is a genuine way to make money and the support and training is superior to most programs out there.
    To our success.

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