Is Profit Booster App a Scam? My Honest Review

I will be doing a review on Profit Booster App to share with you the insights of the system. I’ve noticed that there are mixed views about the Profit Booster App, some say it is a legit opportunity to become rich online while others say it’s a scam.

Well, my take on the Profit Booster is… it is a scam! I have my reasons and I will explain in details as I go along, so please bear with me.

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Name: Profit Booster AppIs-Profit-Booster-App-A-Scam


Owner: Peter George Allen

Price: Free, but minimum $250 deposit

Rating: 15/100


What is Profit Booster App about?

Profit Booster is a free Binary options trading application that claims to make anyone rich almost instantly. In the sales video the narrator mentioned that users of this App will be easily able to make anywhere within $5000 – $10,000 within the first few days.

Wow, Sounds good right?

Hold on… wait till you see this!




“We want every member to make a million dollars in the first 6-12 months using our system”…  Honestly, this guy has taken his B.S. to a whole new level. There’s just too much hype going around this App, do you really think that you can make a million dollars by literally sitting around and do nothing? No way, nothing in this world is free and easy… you get what you work for.

The truth is using the Profit Booster App you will never be able to even make a single penny, because everything you seen or heard about this system is fake.


This is a Free App?!


It kinds of pisses me off when the narrator in the sales video keeps on saying the App is totally free and doesn’t require your credit card details.

Yes, that’s true… this App is free. Obviously it should be free because this App doesn’t even work or exist in the first place.

But it doesn’t end there, you will have to deposit $250 into a brokers account(so you will end up needing to use your credit card or PayPal) in order to “activate” the app. In this case, they have selected Opteck as their broker. They mentioned that the reason they chose Opteck is because they are those most reliable and trustworthy broker out there.

Let me tell you something, what they said is definitely not true.. I went to do some research and I found out lots of complaints about them. Complaints include, freezing account when asking for widrawal, poor support, delaying payouts and so on…

You may wonder than why is Profit Booster telling you fake things about Opteck. I will tell you why… because Profit Booster is an affiliate of Opteck. In other words, the man behind profit booster will get a hefty commission(about 80%) for every person who he refers from his website to Opteck.

For instance, if you deposited $250 into the brokers account… $200 might go to Profit Booster and the remaining $50 will go to Opteck. In other words, once you deposited your funds there is no way you can retrieve it or get a refund. Remember they said similar to a bank and you will be able to withdraw your deposit at anytime? That’s not true at all…

Its like a double whammy… first you got tricked for believing you can make millions from a free app and secondly you lost your $250 deposit.




Don’t fall for another of their classic tricks,” We highly encourage you to increase your investments above the $250 requirements to achieve high results”. The reason why they want you to invest more is so that they can earn more profits from you, not because its going to help you increase your earnings.


Your Contact Number…


Ever wondered why they want your contact number?

I will tell you why…from my personal experience! Once you leave your phone number, in awhile you will receive a call from the broker team. Basically, these guys are professionals who will talk a lot of crap with you and lastly will ask you to deposit the minimum funds of $250.

They are very good at sweet-talking, telling you all sorts of positive things including things like getting free bonuses just to make you deposit.

They will keep calling you from time to time asking you to deposit, so if you don’t want to have spam calls frequently I suggest you don’t take the gamble and give them your phone number. Trust me, I experienced it myself…


Tell-tale signs of scam

#1: Fake testimonials

The testimonials you see in their website are all not true, probably stock photos with some fake write-ups.

Profit-Booster-Fake-TestimonialsThe image on the left is a snip of one of their testimonials I took from their websites. She goes by the name of Sandra and said to have made over $40,000 in profits. For now ignore those and just take a look at the joined date, which shows 3rd January 2015.

Now, I am wondering how did she join profit booster app in January if this website was only created on February… In her dreams??


WhoIs Lookup

So I went to Whois website and entered the domain name. The website was registered on the 12 February 2015. (look at the snip on the right)

This is only one of the testimonials, there are a few more who was said to join in January. There is no point for me to show you everything. By now you should have realised that everything about profit booster app is actually scripted and nothing is real.





#2: Limited Space



Don’t get fooled by another of this fake claims, “only few spots left available, once they are full this opportunity is gone for ever”. The only reason they put this up there is to induce urgency into you.

Basically they want you to quickly sign up and just deposit the funds, nothing else. Obviously they want to scam as many people as possible so there is no reason for them to limit the number of spaces.


#3: No guarantee Earning


The above snip was taken from the earning disclaimer page from the profit booster app website. As you can see for yourself, Profit Booster has already indicated that there is no guarantee income you can make with this App.

Doesn’t it seem contradicting? In their sales video they mentioned you can make $5000-$10,000 within a couple of days and now they say this.


My #1 Recommendation…

Forget profit booster trading App, because trading binary options by nature possesses high risks. Trading is not a good way to make money online, it is very similar to gambling and the income you can get from it is never consistent and you are always bound to lose money. So I strongly suggest you to stay away from any form of online trading.

Instead of wasting time and money on trading why not start doing something that much more constructive like online marketing, which is allows you to earn sustainable income and it’s definitely risk free too.

As an online marketer:
  • You promote products and earn commissions from them
  • You do not need to own any of the products you want to promote
  • Not a “quick get rich” scheme, don’t expect to get rich overnight – Hard work, dedication and patience is required
  • Your target is the whole world, not only the country you are leaving in…
  • Hence, greater opportunity= more sales=more commissions = more revenue

Just to share with you some statistics, there are over 3 billion internet users and these numbers are just getting greater everyday as more people gets access. Just imagine if you could target a small group of this people, you could be easily be earning way past what you have been getting from your 9-5 job. I’m not saying this for just the sake of saying!

Like I said earlier, don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars overnight. Online marketing is like a marathon… it takes a longer time to complete unlike other races but once you are near the end the feeling will be awesome. How I know that? Because I am an online marketer myself and started at the same path as everyone else.

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I have come to the end of my review on Profit Booster App, hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it as well. Past users of Profit Booster are welcomed to share with us your personal experience, simply drop a comment below. If you liked this post or found it informative, please share it around with your friends and families. Thank you.

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