Is Profit Shield Legit or Just Another Scam? Read My Review to Find Out More

I’ve noticed that Profit Shield has been receiving mixed opinions, some say it’s a scam while other says it’s a good platform to make money. To find out for myself who is telling the truth, I decided to do my own research and thus writing this review.


Name: Profit ShieldIs-Profit-Shield-A-Scam


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free, $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 5/100


What is Profit Shield about?

Initially I thought that profit shield came up with some new system to make money online but then I came to realise that it is nothing special but just another binary options trading software.

To start using profit shield you are required to register with the broker that is assigned to you. Profit Shield claims to be a free software, however you are required to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can actually activate the software and start trading.

As I was watching their video, one part really frustrated me…”It is protected by military-grade security and is the real deal”. These guys just took the B.S. to a whole new level… Why must they include search words… is it to increase their publicity?

Whatever the real reason is… I’m not impressed.


Very Sketchy Website…

I’m not sure about you, but I was getting lots of negative vibes while going through their website… something just doesn’t feel right. Just take a look at the entire website, it seems Profit Shield is either done on a very low budget or the owner have rushed to release it.

I have come across hundreds of binary options trading systems and I must admit that this is one of the worst I’ve seen by far.

First of all, their video presentation is very poor. The whole video was just full of words and the narrator reading of it almost all the time. And also some of the words used in the video doesn’t seem genuine at all, for instance “authorities was after them for revealing their money making secrets”.

From my opinion, adding such words actually make the credibility of the system drop even further because its clearly a lie.

Secondly, their website seems very incomplete. Important pages like risk disclaimer, contact information, terms & conditions and privacy policy are missing. This clearly indicates that they are trying to be discrete as possible and not provide such information, which already is a sign for a scam.


Full of Misleading Information


The above is a snip I took from the video presentation itself. This particular sentence, ” the same formula and protected algorithms responsible for me $832,331 in 12 months and my friends thousands of dollars per day” is a lie. I doubt they made a penny from the software itself.

Well, I did some research and I have some evidence to prove to you.

Profit-Shield-Website-RegisteryOk, so I went to lookup on WhoIs Domain Search and I come to realised that the website was only registered on 19 Oct 2015(As highlighted in Yellow)

So, the software was just registered recently but he and his friends have been making money 12 months ago? What a joke? You can trick people who come to your website but you can trick the system. You got caught red-handed!




Don’t get fooled by another piece of misleading information which has your slot is only reserved for the next 10 minutes only… it’s absolute B.S.

You can come back 10minutes, 10 weeks or even 10 months later and you will still see the same thing. They deliberately put it to induce a form of urgency in everybody. Their main aim is to get as many people to quickly sign up and deposit money by making everyone think that this is a one-off opportunity to get rich… like it’s NOW or NEVER.

Don’t fall for it… it is a classic trick almost every binary options trading system uses to lure people quickly.


The Ugly Truth

First of all, don’t get buy into the word Free because this only tells you one side of the story. Nothing in this world is free… who are they? Are they your close relations? Why are they so willing to help you become rich for free and what do they benefit from that? Ask some of these questions to yourself…

The minimum $250 deposit is so called the payment for the software. Of course if anyone tells you that, obviously you wouldn’t even bother anymore and will want exit the site immediately.

They mentioned that this deposit is your money and you can withdraw them anytime if you want… that’s definitely not true. Its a one way route, once your money is deposited you will never get it back. Since there is not even any contact details just makes matters more difficult.

The only person who will be making money is the person behind Profit Shield. All the deposits will directly go into his pocket and make him more rich… not YOU!


My Final thoughts…

Binary options trading by nature is high risk, the chances of you ending with a hole in your pocket is definitely there. Why would you want to waste your time on something that is little or no output. There is no such thing as quick get rich system, don’t keep splashing money on products that claims that you can become rich overnight because you are going to keep on losing money and worst still lose faith on making money online.

There are 101 legit opportunities to make money online, why not seek those instead of trying to find a shortcut. I have been in online marketing for quite some time now and I am definitely happy with the decision I took in the past.

At first I was also sceptical like everyone else whether one can make a living with online marketing. But now I can strongly say that Yes, you can make a full time living(depending on how much time and effort you contribute) of four or five digits.

Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t keep procrastinating and thinking you are better of elsewhere.

Let me give you a small glimpse of what’s happening… In the world there are over 3 billion of internet users and everyday there are more people getting access to internet. As an online marketer your job is to promote products and you will get a commission for every product you promote.

You don’t not need to reach out to 3 billion of people to earn money, if you can just target a small group of people you can be easily earning a fulltime income from home.

If you want to become successful in online marketing, you need to have proper training and I can assure you that there is only one place in the whole internet which allows you to learn and earn at the same time and that’s Wealthy Affiliate… You can check my review on it here.

For a start, you are required to put in effort and time into your online business and the best part is once you start making sales, then everything else is just autopilot. Remember… I’m not going to give you fake promises saying you will get rich overnight because there is no such thing. But if you are willing to put in effort you can become definitely successful.

If you are seeking a sustainable and consistent income for years to come while working at home, than I strongly recommend you to try Affiliate Marketing.


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Ok, that’s all for me. Hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from the Profit Shield review. I would like to hear from past users who have personally experienced the Profit Shield software, so what are you waiting for? drop a comment below!

Yours Truly,

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  1. Thank you for your review!

    Your photos illustrate well their big promises. But it seems that usually always this kind of promises are scams. Too much, too early.

    You said that you have seen hundreds binary options and this is one of the worst so far. It’s curious that there are so many scams in binary options. The only one getting rich with this kind of scams is the salesman! 😉



  2. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for the great investigation on ProfitShield, I’ve never heard of it before, and out of interest I just had a look at it as well. Yes as you say, it looks suspicious and, I’m not a fan of a site with a great big video in the middle, with no further explanation in writing…

    Maybe because the site has only started in the last couple of months, it may improve in the near future, but no, we can’t trust anyone that says something’s free, and they want to help you.

    Thanks again for the good article, good job!

  3. I like the way the sales video says that you are going to make money “just like magic!” Its amazing really amazing how people actually fall for this stuff. But then I think sometimes people are so blinkered by the fact that they need to make more money. These systems can appear like an easy solution to get out of debt when in actual fact it will just make things a whole lot worse. Thanks for highlighting yet another scam!

    • You are absolute right my friend! Common sense tells us that there is no way you can get rich quickly but somehow when someone is desperate and really wants to make money will not be able to think straight. They will tend to take a gamble but almost all the time it just make situations more worst. I just hope people will understand that the only way to make money online is to put in effort/time on establishing an online business(which you can learn in Wealthy affiliate) instead of believing on blind luck.

  4. Hi Kumar,
    These binary option trading schemes all seem to operate in the same way, free software that can predict the markets and you deposit money with a broker. They say it’s free, but you always end up losing money. Predicting the markets isn’t possible and people mustn’t be taken in by these sorts of promises. To be successful in binary trading you need to work to understand how it works, maybe learn some strategies and have good luck.
    Thanks for the post and keep on warning people about these scams.

  5. Hi Kumar, I hate these rubbish binary option scams and there’s so many of them.

    They get you in since it’s ‘free’ but the real cost is your first deposit, which you will almost certainly lose.

    These kind of binary scammers are the lowest of the low in my opinion and people are losing thousands to them. It doesn’t stop at your initial deposit, there are always up-sells and many other bad side effects getting involved with these jokers.

  6. I will be sure to steer clear of profit shield if I am ever offered the service. I like how you said that all deposits go to his pockets to get him rich and not me. It’s true. I being a skeptic of anything on the web still fall for things like these sometimes so thank you and I hope you are successful with your online marketing career 🙂

    • Hello Eliezer, first of all thank you for your input and yes if you were offered this service in the near future make sure to avoid it at all cost. The real truth is the sole purpose of all the binary options software are to make the person behind this software rich. Just imagine if one person deposits $250, how much will the owner earn if hundreds or thousand innocent people invest on this.


  7. Hey Kumaran,
    Glad you made this review, I too was curious on what Profit Shield actually is all about. Binary options is something I would advise against because it is very very risky.

    The system is made so that you always lose and have very little chance of winning to give you slight glimmer of hope to continue playing. I know because I’ve tried and unlike Forex which we can predict with thorough research, binary is just plain gamble.

    Awesome review one again, happy New Year! Do keep writing more, I love the way you write. Its very readable.

    • Hello Riaz, First of all Happy New Year to you too. I’m happy that you benefited from this review. Yes, not only profit shield but almost all the other binary options software out there is actually either designed to make you lose or worst you even get to access the software at all. End of the day the winners are the owner of profit shield and the broker himself.


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