Is Project Breakthrough a Scam? Read This Review Before Joining!

Is Project Breakthrough a scam or legitimate opportunity to make money online? If you are wondering whether this program is going to work, you have definitely come to the right place. I will be doing a review on it to share with you the real truth behind this money making opportunity.

I noticed that there are lots of mixed reviews with regards to the Project Breakthrough program. Some say it’s a great opportunity to start earning income immediately while some others say it’s nothing but a scam.

So what’s my personal take on this? If you ask me, PBT may not necessarily be a scam because they do offer some decent information, a better way I shall put is, I wouldn’t recommend it. One reason is because this program is going to cost you tons of money, also, there are too many flaws in this program. I will go into further details about them right below.

I highly encourage that you spend a couple of minutes to read this review thoroughly because this could actually not only save you lots of time but also MONEY!

Without further ado, I will go straight to the more “important” stuff! So please bare with me as I walk you through this entire process.

Name: Project Break ThroughIs-Project-Breakthrough-A-Legitimate-Opportunity-To-Earn-Money-Online


Owner: Jason McClain & Vick Strizheus

Price: Free to join, $297 to upgrade + Plenty of Upsells

Rating: 2/5


What is Project Breakthrough all about?

Project Breakthrough is a step-by-step training course that is in the form of videos. This program is fairly new because it has only been recently launched, no wonder there was so much commotion about it all around the internet.

Currently, I am already involved in an online learning community called Wealthy Affiliate. Like everybody else, I too was curious to know what was all these hypes about, which led me to try and test out the program for myself even though I am already a member elsewhere.

To be honest, I am quite surprised how they have set up this course. This is only a 14-day course, and it was quite bold that they claimed you will definitely make money within 14 days.

According to their website, this is what you can expect by the end of 14 days,

  • Earn commissions online – Real Cold Hard Cash!?
  • Understand how the procedures work so you can replicate it over and over again
  • How to scale and multiply your income – In other words how to use the same concept that led to 1 sale and eventually allows you to make up to $50,000 or more per month.

Seriously, who would ever want to pass this opportunity if it is going to teach you how to become rich online. Most average people earn around $2,000 -$3,000 from their 9-5 jobs. Making 5 figure monthly income is beyond most of our imagination.

I’m curious to see where this program is going to take me to. I will update this review as I complete the lessons from Day 1 to Day 14 so you will have a rough gauge of how it works.


Who are the Owners?


Vick(left) & Jason (Right)

The owners of project breakthrough are Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus. They both are also co-founders of a program called High Traffic Academy(I will go into this slightly later on). These guys here have a vast amount of experience(32 years, combined) in the online marketing industry which is one of the reasons why the probably made lots of money.

If you watch the videos, you would notice that both these guys seem like a total down to earth kinda people. I too was surprised of how genuine and friendly they sound. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover. As an online marketer, it’s like their duty to be as genuine as possible especially when on cameras, if not nobody will even trust them.

I didn’t really know much about them, and since they said they have made millions of dollars online… I was quite curious to do a background check on them.

I typed in “Vick Strizheus” in Google, and the first thing that came out was…

“Vick Strizheus is an online marketing scam artist from Ukraine. He focuses on traffic generation and teaching others how to generate traffic to their websites.”

Seriously, for a moment, I was shocked. “What, a Scam Artist?”

After doing more research on him, I start to doubt him more and more. His real antics were revealed one by one!

You can read the entire article here!

Not only that, in his introduction video inside Project Breakthrough members area, Vick talked about being sentenced to prison for insurance theft. I know being transparent is good, but these just made my impression on him worst. Judging by his bad reputation as a “scam artist” and insurance theft made me more skeptical.

He said he changed, but you will never know the truth.

I’m only trying out this program because it’s free to join. If I’m requested to pay money upfront. I wouldn’t even bother about this opportunity.


Unique Approach – Good Or Bad?

The training course here at project breakthrough seems to be on a slightly different approach. Instead of bombarding you with all sorts of information, they have devised a formula to help you make money online. Also, they told that this training has nothing to do with building websites – Which is my greatest concern!

The co-founders mentioned in their introduction video that they want people to follow the leaders (in this case, them) and don’t ask questions in order to replicate the exact or similar success.


As you can see from the above snippet, they have made it in such a way that you can’t skip any videos and straight jump to the climax. You have to completely sit through the entire introduction episode before the “Day 1” training unlock. Besides that, the remaining episodes will self-unlock itself each day accordingly. For instance, Day 2(24 hours later) and Day 3(48 hours later).

The reason for this is because they want you to learn and take action from that particular episode to maximize your learning capacity and eventually help you earn income.


My Personal Experience

The reason I’m going to include this section here is so that you guys will have a better understanding of what you can expect within the episodes. Each episode lasts over an hour, so it’s going to be quite long. I will sit through the entire 14 days and extract all the key details that I feel you must know so that you don’t have to spend your time going through them one at a time.

Day 1: How to build an Online Business

I expected to really learn the basics of how to build an online business, unfortunately, it wasn’t that case. Being in the online industry for 11 months now, I already have a rough idea of how things really work. But if you are a beginner or totally new to this online business thingy you will struggle to understand what is really happening.

They did try to simplify the process by using, “how to build a house” and “how to bake a cake” examples. But I was expecting something more related towards the business terms. They keep telling to follow them step-by-step(I think I heard it more than 10 times), but so far there was anything to follow.

All in all, there was lots of talking and explanation. I felt that lots of things were being repeated over and over again, and felt a bit draggy. Lastly, they closed off the session with an assignment, basically, they want you to come up with some monetary goals for the next couple of weeks.

Day 2: Understanding Online Marketing

  • Today was another slow day, I will be patient because today is just Day 2.
  • However, it was quite informative because they went through the basics of online marketing
  • For e.g., what is Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Networks, How to pick an Affiliate Network, Sales Funnel, Traffic Generations methods, Facebook Marketing and etc.
  • They also explained about the different marketing terms such as CTA, sales funnel, CPC, CPM
  • They introduced High Traffic Academy in their training – Very brief

Day 3: The quickest way to profit

  • Today is what I call the “revealing” day because you will now find out what Project Breakthrough is all about and how you are going to go about making money.
  • It started with lots of useful information. Basically, what you learn on day 1 & day 2 will be put into place with something additional info.
  • I learned that “the money is in the list”, in others words you are recommended to create an email campaign if you really want to see huge income.
  • The whole idea of Project Breakthrough is to promote PBT & HTA
  • That’s right, they told you they are going to help you make money within 14 days but since day 1 they didn’t tell you how. But today they revealed its through promoting their exact products
  • In order to promote their product, you need to do some of the things they recommend and most of them they mentioned costs money. They want you to become an elite member of their main program called High traffic Academy.
  • This is something like a pyramid scheme. You need to purchase these products before you can eventually earn commissions from them.
  • They are also affiliates of all the products recommend in their “today’s to do list”, that is the only reason why they ask you to blindly follow them on what they recommend. They will earn commissions from you for signing up.

Day 4: Custom Campaign Blueprint

  • Day 4 is a fairly short lesson which lasts around 30 minutes
  • basically, as the title mentions, you will be learning how to create a campaign blueprint and leverage on email marketing
  • Also be learning how to write catchy email headlines to attract people’s attention, call to actions to use
  • I keep hearing Vick frequently using this particular phrase in between his explanation. “… if you are promoting project breakthrough…” seems more like he is indirectly emphasizing us to promote PBT
  • He also said to complete your homework from day 3 if you are serious about making money online. Basically, the homework is to purchase all the products that he recommended in day 3 which will easily cost you several hundreds of dollars.

Day 5: Secrets to an Effective Landing Page

  • Learn how to build a proper landing page and understand why some works and some doesn’t
  • This particular training on landing page was quite good. I learnt few tips on some do’s and don’t on creating a landing page.
  • Those with no prior internet marketing experience might struggle to understand some or even most of the concepts and terms mentioned.
  • Finally, you will be recommended to buy another of their  HTA products called “landing page secrets”. This is going to cost you $497 for a year.

Day 6: Custom Funnel Creation

  • Today’s lesson is the starting phase of compilation of what you learn during the past few days
  • This lesson is quite long, last around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • In order to create your funnel, you will be required to use sitesuite – so for those of you who are not an elite member and have not purchased any of their recommended products, you will not be able to move forward from day 3 onwards.
  • The sitesuite is definitely awesome. As a internet marketer, myself I am amazed by how useful and simple is the tool to direct traffic.
  • Lastly, you will be required to purchase a domain name and link it with the funnel you’ve created. Vick mentioned the domain name should be relevant to your content. For e.g. if you are promoting Project Breakthrough, you wouldn’t want to have a domain name of “”.

Day 7: Building a Custom Video

  • Basically, today is all about coming in front of a camera and making a video
  • This custom video that you will be making will be placed on your landing page that will ideally help you increase your conversion rate.
  • Jason will be giving tips on how to present yourself properly in the video to capture the attention of visitors
  • Upon creating your video, it is recommended to upload it on YouTube
  • Ok here is what all of your are waiting for. At the end, Jason recommended another High Traffic Academy product called “Advanced Video Secret”. This will cost you another $497 for a year.
  • Just imagine how much all of these are going to add to if you followed what they said word for word and purchased all their recommended products.

Day 8: Connecting the Dots

  • Today’s lesson is very hands on. You will be setting up and linking up whatever you learnt in the previous lessons
  • Day 8 will last over 1 hour 30 minutes. Man, I got bored…
  • Some of the things that will be covered are, assigning your domain to the funnel you’ve created, add video to landing page, connect funnel to your Project Breakthrough Affiliate Link, connect autoresponder to funnel, create autoresponder email sequence, setting up Google Analytics, Connect and activate Mouse flow(require you to sign up for either free or paid membership) and lastly add title pages in the funnel.

To Be Continued…


A Sneak Peak into High Traffic Academy (HTA)


High Traffic Academy is an online training platform that is catered mainly for people who want to “stand out” from the rest of the online marketers and make some serious money. That’s right, not only are they going to teach you how to make serious money, but they are also going to charge your serious money.

HTA is owned by both Jason McClain and Vick Strizheus.

For those of you are wondering what has High Traffic Academy have got to do with Project Breakthrough, I will explain. Project Breakthrough is one of their 20 over programs from High Traffic Academy, in other words, the company behind PBT is HTA.

If you watched Episode 3 of PBT, you would hear that upgrading to HTA “Elite” is a MUST. Like they always say, just follow them blindly without asking questions and they will lead you to success and glory.

Following them blindly isn’t a big issue, provided there is no catch. But hey, this whole Project Breakthrough program is revolving around catch(s). Being a member of PBT automatically makes you a member of HTA too. But in order to learn the “secret”, you have to upgrade to the elite membership, and it’s not CHEAP.

It’s going to cost you $297 for a month only. $297 may be affordable to some BUT not most, but it doesn’t end here. You are required to purchase some of their additional tools from HTA and elsewhere which could easily add up to $500 per month.


How is Project Breakthrough really structured?

The whole idea of Project Breakthrough is to raise awareness among everyone about their company called “High Traffic Academy”. Basically, they are saying, “Hey, guys look here! We are a established company that knows how to drive traffic that converts which eventually will make you trucks of cash”.

Seriously, before coming across PBT I had NO idea who or what is High Traffic Academy. Seems like these guys have really done their job, now there are probably thousands of people who came to know about this opportunity.

From Day 1 to before Day 3, I thought that they are going to walk you step-by-step on how to make money promoting any kind of products online. However, once you come to Day 3 I realized that the whole purpose of this PBT is to find people to promote PBT and High Traffic Academy.

Watching the examples Vick went through during the training was nice to hear and see, but is it really practical?

If you are wondering what example I’m referring to,

It’s the one where Vick showed bring in “1000” visitors, “3000” visitors, and “7,500 visitors”/month

I believe every single one of you would be BOOSTED when he went through the 7500 visitors per month. The potential amount of money you could earn is around $959,000 in a year which is close to a whopping ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Wow, awesome right?

Alright but before that ever wondered why Vick and Jason keep mentioning the phrase, I can’t guarantee you will make any money? The reason is simply because this opportunity is not suitable for everyone and doesn’t mean you assume it to happen like that, it WILL HAPPEN.

Vick keeps saying that he lives and breathes “traffic”, meaning he knows how to get traffic on the tip of his fingers. Nice to hear, but if he really can get traffic why on earth must he make use of YOU and ME to bring him visitors(traffic). Instead of paying each member a million, they mind as well bring the traffic on their own so they can have more money for themselves.

Let’s do a quick maths,

If 1 member, payout is $959,000 per year

If they have 1000 active members, it adds up to $959,000,000

Isn’t is Crazy? They don’t even have to work for LIFE!

So the BIG question here is, why do they need someone else to bring them traffic if they are “MASTERS” of traffic. The answer is simple. They are not masters, they are just making use of you and me as part of their “traffic” strategy to bring in more people.

Personally, I don’t mind bring in people for them because their pay is very lucrative. But the problem here is before you even can promote and start bringing in people you already have to spend a huge amount of money. On top of that, there is NO guarantee that you will ever earn any money.

This kind of business model has been around for years and years. The only people who are really making the cut are those who are at the very top end, which in this case is Vick and Jason.

These guys are good at what they do(persuading and brain washing people), that’s why they are millionaires now.

What’s disappointing is they will eventually shoot you with all their upsells. “Buy this and you will learn everything or Buy that and you can master Facebook Ads” – Something like that…

Of course, some people will be eventually tempted to buy. And these upsells are not cheap at all. – Cut throat prices:

  • Affiliate Marketing 101 – $297 per year
  • Content Marketing 101 – $297 per year
  • Data Secrets – $1997 per year
  • Email marketing 101 – $297 per year
  • Facebook Marketing 101 – $397 per year
  • PPC Mastery – $497 per year
  • SEO Traffic 101 – $297 per year

Well, these are only partial of their upsells. Just these are going to cost you $4,097 and not forgetting your monthly membership of $297.

Can you really see where this is heading to?

If you are already running a successful business and have lots of money to spare, then you can consider buying all these to increase your income – Maybe?

However, if you are someone who is tight in expenses but still looking for a legitimate opportunity to make money online, this is definitely not for you. Always spend within your means, you don’t want to borrow money and splash on this to find out that you didn’t make money – This is going to cause further complication in your life which we don’t want!


This is not a REAL Business Opportunity

Project Breakthrough isn’t a real business opportunity because all you are going to do is promote Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy. You can close your eyes and hold Vick/Jason’s hand and expect them to lead you the way.

BUT, How long? – You shouldn’t be too dependent on them because you are not really learning anything

Project Breakthrough is summed up with this expression.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime”

See what I mean? Project Breakthrough is spoon feeding you everything they do to only promote their programs, they are not REALLY teaching you how to build a proper online business that should be generating you income for life.

Think about this, how long do you expect project breakthrough or High Traffic academy to be around. If they out of a sudden, run out of business and close down, you, my friend can’t do anything about it. So stop following them blindly, it will do you more harm than any good.


Where to learn a REAL business Opportunity?

If you are wondering where to find a legitimate program that will teach you how to build an online business from scratch and most importantly based on your passion, don’t worry… I can share with you where.

*Wealthy Affiliate University*

Wealthy Affiliate University is an online community-based platform that will teach you how to build an online business right from scratch. You are going to learn how to start an online business based on something that you are really passionate about rather than just promoting the program itself.

Unlike Project Breakthrough, there are NO B.S. Here! No Fake promises or Fake income claims.

100% Genuine!

Wealthy Affiliate is only going to Cost you $47 per month(1st Month, $19), or if you are ready to commit yourself for a long time, it’s only going to cost you $359 a year. No gimmicks or No upsells, what you see in the front end is what you get.

Totally the opposite of Project Breakthrough where they mentioned in their introduction they will teach you how to make money for FREE in 14 days, but After day 3 they expect you to spend money and purchase their recommended programs.

Think about it, which is better? $359 per year to build a real business or $6000++ per year to promote a program that you don’t know will exist how long.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Project Breakthrough. I really do hope you now understand what this opportunity is all about and would now be able to make a much better decision going forward. If you have any questions or want to share with us your personal opinion or experience, please feel free to do so below.

I look forward to reading all of your comments 🙂


Your Friend,

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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. Just join project breakthrough for 14 days training.they are saying totally free and earn.but truth is there are lots of investment. Thanks for info.

    • Hello eisenhiem,
      That’s correct. They mentioned it’s absolutely free but somewhere in between you will be required to start spending lots of money. This program doesn’t teach you how to start a real business. All they are doing here is trying to entice people with their lucrative commissions and try to get people to sign up and promote their own products. The only persons making the real money here is the two owners themselves. Honestly, I don’t know how they got the guts to say that one will be guaranteed to make money within the first 14 days for FREE.
      When I signed up for the FREE account, I was skeptical myself. Seriously who in the world teach you how to make money for free. So there you have it… eventually they ask you to spend money. What’s funny is these guys try to mislead everyone with their words. “Follow everything we say, don’t ask questions”… Basically, they want you to blindly buy all the products they recommend.

      If you really interested to learn how to build an online business, whether through Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Selling Ad spaces, Selling your own products, I highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for absolutely nothing.


  2. I agree with what you’re saying – money can definitely be made online but you have to be well informed in today’s day and age.

    I will be following your postings as your progress and will try out some of your ideas as I definitely can use a lot more traffic on my websites.

    Keep up the good work !

    • Hi Tanya, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts. Yes, it’s definitely possible to make money online in YEAR 2016, but you should know that those legit ones, will require to put in effort and give yourself enough time. Don’t get sucked into all those “shiny objects” that promises to make you rich overnight or programs that asks you to spend a great amount of money upfront before you can eventually make money. This two are not going to benefit you but the owner himself. I been involved in a couple of MMO programs online during my early ventures to seek opportunities. I got scammed couple of times, but back then I was just to naïve. Thankfully I eventually came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate which gave me a new direction to earn money online. Back then, I didn’t know that you can actually earn money simply by promoting someone else’s products. After I went through the training and tried it for myself, then was I convinced that it really works. So I think you should try out this program too!

  3. Hey there Kumar!

    This is an exceptional review – it is so thorough and complete. I hope you complete it soon because I think it will honestly save whoever reads it and is considering Project Breakthrough so many headaches and so much money.

    This review and plenty of others about these kinds of “business opportunities” need to be seen by every aspiring entrepreneur and internet marketing!

    It is so unfortunate that so many people are getting basically tricked online into spending much more than they can afford trying to learn how to start legitimate businesses. So many people are out there and instead of trying to help others, all they want is to make money even if it is at the expense of other people.

    Keep up the amazing work! A review just like this saved me from a few internet scams and I’m so grateful to their writers – and I’m sure your posts will do the same

    • Hi Martina! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I’m trying to complete it as soon as possible if time allows me. Kinda busy with my other projects, so can only do this during my free time. I will probably get this done within a week or two. And that’s true, I really want to bring the experience to all the viewers so that they don’t have to waste time(over 10 hours) and sit through the entire 14 days just to find out that they need to spend a ton of money before they can actually make this work for them. Even then, you are actually not thought how to build a real online business, all you are doing is buying their own products and promoting their own program. So the only bunch of people who are really making money is VICK & JASON. – Many people fail to understand this until they spend money.

      And I have to agree with you, MOST of the people online are trying to make use of people like you and me to fill their own pockets. It’s very sad to see how the world is changing into. However, having said that, there are still a tiny fraction of good people in this world. And a bunch of them are, Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate. They are not selling you overpriced products, and they are legitimately teaching you how to build a business from scratch and you don’t have to spend a dime to GET STARTED. There are lots of people who have benefited and are making good money online. Actually, I need not go that far, look at myself. I’ve already established a couple of online niche sites thanks to WA, and these sites are making sales for me everyday.

      Anyway, once again thank you and have a great day ahead 🙂

  4. Great review Kumar! It looks like I need to do my research really thoroughly, it really is so hard to figure out what is good and which programs are scams, thanks for your thorough assessment, its very helpful for people like me trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff!

    • Hello Christian, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts. You are absolutely right, you really need to do some research before you eventually put both your feet in it, more particular in programs that promise you quick money or requires you to spend a truck load of cash first. I’m glad I could help. If you need me to help you assess any products or programs you are thinking about trying, feel free to shoot me an email.. I will gladly help you out.

      Have a good day. Cheers 🙂

  5. Daaang!

    I can not believe I nearly fell for this, now obvious, scam.

    That “for free” sign really got me. Seriously.

    And if it weren’t for your review, I would have spent that $297 and probably even more.


    You’re the man!

    – Julian

    P.S I’m going to check out your recommendation. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Julian, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the “free” sign got a whole load of people attracted. This is part of their marketing plan. Use the word free and then within the video course ask them to blindly follow their lead and buy all the products they recommend. What a blatant scam!

      I am glad that my review has helped you in a way or another.


  6. I came across Project breakthrough on the internet which is the main reason why I wanted to check it out. It seemed like a good opportunity, and they even mention that it was free and you can make money within 14 days.

    After going through the course, I would agree with you to stay away from it just as some of the issues you have highlighted in your review. It’s seriously expensive compared to genuine opportunities out there like Wealthy Affiliate.

    You did a great job on providing a well detailed review for everyone here. Thanks! And great post btw.

    • Hi Travis. Thank you for providing us with your input. I personally tried PBT because they said it was free and you are guaranteed to make money within the first 14. Unfortunately, after going through the course, only then I realised that it was all part of their “dirty” and unethical marketing. Seriously, if you can’t keep to your words then don’t claim such things in the first place. You notice that at the start of every video, they will put a disclaimer saying that there is no guarantee. So what it’s trying to say is, even after you spend thousands of dollars buying their recommended programs and tools, you still may or may NOT make any money.

      If you end up buying all the products they recommend, you are going to have a deep pocket at the end of the course.

  7. Hey Kumar. This is a brilliant review of Project Breakthrough. Seems that you have done some really good research here that I am sure will help a lot of people. The costs behind this membership are quite staggering!

    I think that some people naturally think that because something costs more, its going to be of better quality. I certainly don’t think that is the case with Project Breakthrough. I completely agree that this system is not a real business. The fact that these guys are simply getting people to further promote their expensive products is just really bad.

    I hope that people take your advice and take a look at your recommended training. Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper, more ethical and simply works. Plus as you said, this teaches you how to set up a REAL online business.

    Thanks Kumar!

    • Hi Andrew, thank you for your kind words. I try my best to give people the most accurate information out there so that they are able to make an informed decision in seconds. Of course if someone still wants to get involved in the program after reading my review, is totally fine, at least now they know what they are getting themselves into.

      I probably will agree with you in somewhat extent, people do feel that when something is slightly pricey than others, it will naturally be more sophisticated and have better value. Well, thinking in that sense is not really good because there are products/programs out there that offer similar or better quality at a same price or sometimes much lower. So everything is about doing research before hand if you ask me.

      The only reason I joined Project Breakthrough was because they said it was free and they guaranteed I will make money within my first 14 days. Unfortunately, once I hit day 3, I realised that it was no longer FREE. All sorts of recommendations were made from their elite membership all the way to even getting an autoresponder. What I find it strange is most people coming into this website has little or zero knowledge about online marketing and right off the bat they are being taught to promote their own products. They are not even teaching you how to stand on your own. All they are doing you is spoon-feeding you with exacts steps to follow to promote their own product. Even then they do this step by step because they only worry that they are not getting enough traffic to their site and thus not making sales.

      If these guys, Vick and Jason are really “Traffic Experts”, why don’t they just bring in traffic on their own instead of making use of people like you and me. With their “knowledge and skills” they should be bringing in thousands of visitors to their site everyday. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing that… simply because… they ARE NOT experts.

  8. Kumar,

    I absolutely love the insiders look into Project Breakthrough. As an avid online marketer, I am also interested in other online courses out there. And I have to agree that making money in 14 days is a very bold, not to say unrealistic claim.

    As we all know this differs vastly from people to people. Unless the owners are going to pay you themselves, it’s pretty unlikely that it works for anybody or even the mass.

    From what you describe this course sounds like a pretty bad online seminar-style. Nonetheless I learnt some new things on what kind of courses there are out there.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey, thanks mate! I spent over 10 hours sitting through all their video courses to put up the review. I have to say, at times, it was kinda boring because it was so repetitive and slow. Making money in 14 days is a BOLD claim. Honestly, I think you will be able to make money in 14 days, but provided you actually spent a couple of thousands upfront. If people with a very tight budget is looking to make money, this is definitely not a good option for them.

      I also heard lots of bad complaints from people who have actually invested time and money into this program. The owners don’t even reply at all to any of them. The only support they have is from one of their staff who tries to help as much as possible. But definitely it wouldn’t be same as you get help from a person with vast amount of expertise. Wealthy Affiliate is a total opposite to this if you ask me. It’s way more cheaper, they teach you how to build a real business, you also will get direct help from the owners with combined over 26 years of experience under their belt. This is what I call support.

      I’m glad you learnt a lot from this review. And again, thanks for sharing with us your thoughts.


  9. With so many internet opportunities out there we really don’t know where to start. The information can be very overwhelming. I strongly believe that this type of review definitely helps a lot of people looking for something different online. Something that can really help them, not just in short period of time but for the needed time to be successful, a community of people that are there for you whenever you need help or have any questions. Very good information.

  10. Thanks for the expose. The whole thing is in the end one path to endless upselling, which is disturbing yet common online nowadays! It’s just discouraging to encounter yet another platform that profits at the expense of users! At wealthy affiliate you only have to pay ONE price for all the training!

    • Hey Regina, yes you are absolutely right. Upselling has become a common trend nowadays. Every other product you find online has an upsell in the backend. What kinda frustrates me is that they won’t mention any of this earlier but once you get into the program every now and then an upsells pops up. What big liars are they…

      I notice that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate too. Hope you are having a great time and building your own business online too.

      See you around. 🙂

  11. Thanks Kumar for an excellent walk-through of this “money making opportunity.” Per your experience, and I agree, this is not the case.

    Project Break Through reminds me of MLSP or Empower Network systems, which are almost the same – basically. You pay to promote their products and get commissions when you do so…

    Quite a deal – if you are the product owner…The real focus becomes selling others on the same folly that you the buyer of that less than stellar product have made…

    These are not the kind of programs that are going to teach you how to be a successful online marketer…Whether it is Project Break Though or similar, these are bound to disappoint…

    Better to learn properly how to set up and operate such a business, and in looking through your recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate), I must say that seems to be a better path…


    • Hi Dave. Yes PBT reminds me of Empower Network too. I’m not too sure of what MSLP stands for though.

      Not only are they “teaching” to promote their own products, but I noticed that their support is pretty bad too. These owners don’t personally help out with anything. They are probably busy counting the money they are making. They have hired professionals to answer everyone’s question, which is OK. I would prefer to get support from someone more experience rather then one of their staffs.

  12. hi kumar ,really appreciate your review on PB,i know it is not free as they have told us,i know they want us to work for HTA ,i know they use us,but what if we give monthly money as they require and work for them but meanwhile we would get enough CASH for ourselves! we see they really professional in their field they are a good talker as you say have good looking n so conveniet,iam really new in the field bro but i really really want to go deeper and make it my only job in 2020!,they give you step by step,you wont be overwhelmed with too many info.! at the end i want to say why most of the reviews which give low rate to PB are members to WA? it not the same as they talk about HTA during their PB videos ! my best regard and you are really a good guy with deep perspective

    • Hi Miran Othman, the reason why you see most people who give low rate of PB are WA members because we have personally experienced how to set up our online business at a much lower cost then any out there. That is what WA is all about. They walk you through step-by-step, explain to you how to build an online business, teach you and give you all the tools you needed unlike project breakthrough where they introduce new product at each module(upsells).

      Yes the PBT owners are really professional, but that’s what they chose to make you see. Don’t expect a person to be the same on screen and off screen. They are just putting a mask infront of everyone so that more people will come forward willingly and join them. Obviously, if they talked with attitude, nobody will ever want to join.

      They are tons of complaints about them. One is the support itself. You are NEVER getting support from the owner, probably they are busy counting their money. You only get help from less experienced staff of theirs. I see that you are keen to build an online business with them. Though you would be able to make money, there is NO guarantee how long project breakthrough will be around for. You can spend thousands of dollars to buy their products to promote but if they close down the site all your money spent will be gone to waste. I highly suggest you think it through before you eventually dive into it.

      Have a nice day and good luck to you 🙂

      • thanks for your reply kumar,i havent tried WA but i want to,the first time i came to online marketing i dealt with PB coincidentally ! but if i say the truth i have learnt manything from the first 3 day videos ! yeah you are right they dont let you learn things ,procedures,methods…by yourself so you wont be independent in the future and i really dont want that i want to sand out on my feet one day,so i will give a shot to WA why not ! sure through out your link .i hope you will be there for us and teach newbies like us..many thanks bro

        • Hi Miran Othman, I’m glad you decided to give WA a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. You will learn lots of things and one of the benefits is helping you become independent in online marketing. Once you build your business and feel that you have learnt everything, you have no obligations to stay any longer with WA. You can move you website(domain) to another host and just pay for your domain membership. The foundation is the most important aspect in anything, and that’s what you are going to get with WA…Step-by-step…

          I will be there for you bro. Once you sign up under me, I will become your mentor immediately. I will come to your profile page and welcome you. From then onwards we can get started and communicate through there. I will see you inside Miran. Good luck 🙂

  13. Hi kumar
    ,thanks for your reply it was really helpful,but i have a little problem here,im newbie in the field but really want to go deeper and make it my only job after 2 years…im from iraq,and paypal doesnt support my country however most of the sites require paypal,i have stopped since last week from every thing !! Even reading articles and reviews,clickpromise for example one of the larget n most trustful aff.networks doesnt support my country! I dont know what to do ! I have no choice im in iraq ! I like the thing, u tell me having unverified paypal account?! I read reviews they says it is not good maybe paypal block my stuck please help kumar i swear i will use your link and will be elit member of WA,im waiting your detailed answer, my regards…..

    • Hi Miran, I would really like to help you. But I don’t really have any idea how. I still think that you might actually want to try an unverified Paypal account to see whether it works or not. You will never know until you really try. It’s sad to see that you want to try it out but there a petty issues like Paypal stopping you from succeeding online. I just found this on Yahoo. I’m not sure whether this will be any need for you.

  14. Doesn’t sound like a bad program, but it doesn’t sound like something that will make anyone a millionaire either.

    The training, from the looks of it, looks decent and probably will help people out.

    However, the bold claims are a little sketchy, and so are the prices. I would definitely wait and see if they stick around before investing a ton of money into the platform.

  15. It’s so good to see a review like this out there! More of these would have helped me years ago when I was falling for all sorts of scams like this. Thankfully now I know better and I totally agree with you that WA is the way to go – keep it up 🙂

  16. I ran across Project Breakthrough a few months ago and did my research on Vick Strizheus. He’s bad news and has always been bad news.

    Clearly Project Breakthrough is just a lead-in to High Traffic Academy which is just an MLM. An MLM is just a thinly veiled Ponzi scheme.

    There is no way of knowing if the traffic from High Traffic Academy is any good. My bet is that it’s not.

    If you bought traffic on Fiverr you’d pay about $5 for 30,000 visits to your website. Of course, it’s junk traffic.

    Anyone who has joined Wealthy Affiliate at the free membership level knows that there is no reason in the world to pay big money for an online business.

  17. Promising people that they are going to make money online within two weeks is certainly a bold claim – the only way I know of doing this is through reward sites (which we all know pay peanuts!).
    Because of this I really wouldn’t trust this bunch one little bit – something seems out of place with them!

  18. Hmmm this Vick Strizheus person seems to be a little bit under the radar as far as I’m concerned – you have to be careful what type of traffic and tactics these people use! Will it eventually hurt your online business at the end of the day? Also, the full price seems a little high – is it a one time payment?

  19. This is one of the most in-depth reviews I’ve read of Project Breakthrough, which is a part of the OMG Machines system.

    OMG sounded like it had some legs in some ways, with a focus on making money from Amazon, but the price they want for it is ridiculous. Project Breakthrough sounds like it offers even less value and I’m glad I actually found your review of it as yours offers a lot more insight into what it’s about than some other reviews I’ve read.

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