Is Quick Cash System a Scam? My Unbiased Review

I will be doing a review on Quick Cash System to share with you the truth on whether this software is legit or just another scam. Will the Quick Cash System really allow you to quit your day job within the next 24 hours just like what Sarah Markel claimed? Well… we will find out soon enough, please bare with me till the end as I will now walk you through the entire review.

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Name: Quick Cash SystemIs-Quick-Cash-System-A-Scam


Owner: Sarah Markel

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 10/100



What is the Quick Cash System all about?

The Quick Cash System is just another binary options trading software that promises to get you rich almost instantly and claims that you will make at least a million dollars in less than 100 days. And the best part is you don’t have to pay a penny for this software at all. I know… it sounds great right!? 🙂



This above snippet was taken from their website itself. As you can see for yourself, a member named “Fiona Stratford” is said to have earned around $1.1 million in 90 days. This is only one of the members earning, there are several more members who have been listed there too.

Looking at this facts and figures, I know you would want to pinch yourself to see whether is this real or not. Well, let me save you the trouble of you pinching yourself because whatever you see in the sales video and website is not real. To be honest, the person who claims to be Sarah Markel is just an actor who is paid to ACT. In the first place she doesn’t even seem like a mother of two kids, more like a photoshoot model to me.

The story Sarah Markel shared with us in the sales video of how she first got to find out about the SECRET system is all B.S., this is nothing but just a made-up script. What really bothered me was, in the start of the video she shared some statistics about women are more successful than men and also went on to say that men are scammers that why you are not rich yet. Basically, she is trying to tell us that she is a woman and therefore she wont scam you.

Let me tell you, don’t believe all these words. These people are scam artists, they will go to any extent to try and manipulate you to make sure you sign up for their software.


Can you QUIT your job in 24 hours after using this system?

HELL NO… don’t even bother thinking about quitting your job!

Forget about making millions, because you wont even make a dime with this software. The reason why Sarah Markel is giving this software for free is not because her husband told her to do so in the letter but because this software doesn’t work or exist in the first place.

Yes, you heard me right! it Doesn’t work nor exist!!!

The software is just used to lure people into their TRAP. I believe you already know that you are required to deposit minimum funds of $250 to any one of their selected broker account in order to activate. Sarah Markel claimed that the brokers she selected were top notch but that’s not true. I went to do some research and I actually found of lots of complaints about those brokers, including losing their entire deposit and poor support.

Then you may wonder why did she recommend that in the first place. Basically, Quick Cash System is an affiliate of the selected broker companies. Quick Cash system earns hefty commissions for every person they referred from their website to the broker’s and made a deposit.

So end of the day only two people are making money. First the person behind Quick Cash system(For your info,it’s not Sarah Markel) and the Broker himself. So what happen to the deposit? Well, its gone! There is no way you can retrieve it back.

Personally, few months back I myself fall for one of these binary options trading scams, its not exactly this one but something very similar. Once I deposited the funds, there was no news of what to do at all. I tried contacting their support but its was useless because no one bothered to even answer any of my emails. If was ONLY then I realised I was SCAMMED! I told myself, that was the last time I am going to fall for these “quick get rich” schemes that offers nothing but fake promises.


Fake Timer…


Once, you enter you name and email address you will be directed to the next page where the would require to signup to one of their recommended brokers. You will notice this warning sign saying that if you never sign up within 10 minutes you will lose the spot.

Well, all I can is that is definitely not true. This is just a template that is used to induce urgency to make you sign up quickly. Once the timer runs down to Zero nothing happens at all, you can also refresh the page and the timer resets back to 10 minutes again. These is a typical template mostly found in all scam sites.


Trading Secret 🙂


Earning Disclaimer

Take a minute or two to read this earning disclaimer which was found at their website. As you can see for yourself, Quick Cash System has already indicted that there is no guarantee you will earn any money using their ideas and techniques. If that’s the case, how dare they make such a BOLD claim that members will be able to make a million dollars in less than 100 days.

“Success in any money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time and variety of other factors”, this is the only thing I will have to agree with Quick Cash system. Yes, in reality making consistent money online is not something that can be attained overnight, it requires dedication and most importantly patience.


My Final thoughts…

If you are not willing to lose any money, I strongly advice you to stay away from any form of online trading because the probability of losing money is much high than you actually making.

Instead of waiting for success to happen, why not you make success to happen. Well, if you are still looking for opportunity to make money online, I suggest you should give ONLINE MARKETING a go… Lots of people have this first impression that online marketing is very complex or so but let me tell you it is nothing like that. Basically, it is one of the most easiest ways to make money online and if you do it right you can be making a consistent income from it every month. From then onwards, it just a matter of scaling it to bring your income to higher levels.

As an online marketer:

  • You promote products/services and earn commissions from it
  • Your online marketing business can be related to your interest – passion/hobby
  • You don’t need any qualifications or have to be a computer expert – basic computer skills is more than enough
  • You have the freedom to work from home, write your own pay cheques, able to spend more time with family and friends
  • Your target audience is worldwide, not only in the country you live in
  • Hence, more opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue
  • Good way to earn residual income(income that comes in automatically once the foundation is set in place) and keep your 9-5 job also

Don’t worry, you need not sign up for private classes to learn about online marketing – that can be very costly

I have saved you the trouble, you can now join my #1 Recommended online marketing training platform which teaches you step-by-step from scratch to become and online marketer which can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can learn and build your online marketing business at any time of the day, whenever you have time to spare.

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I have come to the end of my review on Quick Cash System. I believe you guys greatly benefited from this and now will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward. You are all welcomed to share you opinions with us, simply drop us a comment in the box below. Thank You 🙂



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