Is Rapid Content Wizard a Scam? Check Out My Honest Review!

If you are looking for a honest review on Rapid Content Wizard than you have definitely come to the right place. Don’t worry, I am not their sales person who is going to try and sell you the product. I am just an ordinary guy who exposes the real truth behind the products and advice you on whether is it worth trying.

According to the owner Sean Donahoe, he says that this is a MUST have software for every online business owner. So is it really true? Well, we will see about that soon enough.



Name: Rapid Content Wizard


Owner: Sean Donahoe

Price:$297, $97

Rating: 05/100


What is Rapid Content Wizard all about?

Rapid Content Wizard is a marketing software that is mainly targeted towards website owners who have trouble coming up with contents. The purpose of this software is to help you create content very quickly so that you don’t have to spend lots of time writing them yourself.

So this is how it works…(from the video)

You type in a particular keyword and the software pulls in for you tons of content and images related to that keyword. These contents are actually broken down into small paragraphs, all you have to do is select the ones that you want and drag them into the word document. There was also this function that allows you to place affiliate products(Amazon & ClickBank) into your content instantly and not having to go to the internet and manually search for them. There were also other features like article spinner, sharing posts directly on Facebook and a bunch more.

After watching the demonstration video I believe most of you will have the impression of, “Wow, this is definitely a must get software!” Well, it actually not entirely your fault if you felt that way… because from the video its seems to be legit and I almost fall for it myself.


The Ugly Truth!

The content didn’t magically appear from nowhere nor did the software write those specifically for you only. Basically, these content are taken from other websites without their permission. In other words, they are STOLEN

Stealing other people’s content and claiming them as yours is a grave mistake!

When you copy and paste contents from elsewhere it is known as duplicate content. All I can tell you is don’t even think about outsmarting Google, because they can easily differentiate between original and duplicated content. I’m not too sure about other search engines but Google is very strict about duplicate content and they will slap websites who tried to outsmart them. In other words, you website is blacklisted and all your pages/post rankings will drop drastically. It is going to be an uphill tasks to try and get your name cleared on.

Google has a certain algorithm to rank contents on their search engine. They will always give first priority to websites that has original and highest quality contents and the rest will follow accordingly. If you are going to provide duplicate and low quality content you can expect to be way behind the packing order, in worst cases you content wont even get indexed.

In the past PLR articles are very common. Basically, you pay a small fee to the content owners so that you can gain the rights to publish them as yours. But after the recent Google update they changed their algorithm drastically such that those websites that ranked very well for PLR articles are badly hurt because they are duplicated content too.


Red Flags!!

(1) Non-readable content

Remember in the demonstration video how the article was created?

Basically the guy just pulled out random paragraphs without even reading and compiled them into an article. This is definitely not the way to write a article. Always remember we are writing content for people to read and not search engines. There is no flow in your content and it definitely doesn’t make sense to people reading it when you just put random sentences together.

You are not only going to get hurt by google but also your visitors itself. If your content is not readable, interesting or convincing all I can tell you is the visitor will leave your website and never come back again. Don’t expect people to buy products through your affiliate links if your content is not going to be readable.

Is the advisable?

I know you would be thinking I can later rewrite and rephrase the content to make it more readable. Let me tell you, doing this is just going to take up more time than you writing it from scratch. So why bother spending $97 to get a software when eventually you are still going to be spending similar or even longer time to edit the content and make it look readable.


(2) Legit Case Study?


Are the case studies on their website real?

Well, there is no evidence to show whether this google analytics screenshot was from a person using this software. So I don’t think this is a good way to judge whether the software is really working. Obviously if you got duplicate content on your site, you contents will be ranked only in the last few pages of search engines where no one even goes. So how on earth did he get 52,718 visitors and 78% of them are unique?

Even though this screenshot is not legit, I will use this as an example to share something else.

Sudden spikes in visitors can also create bad impressions on Google. Lets say you are only getting 10 visitors per day for the past one month. Suddenly you get 1000 visitors per day for next few days then your number drops back to 10. I know this may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to Google. When you get a sudden boost in traffic out of the usual, Google will start to have a bad impression on you thinking that this guy is up to something no good like using black hat tools. Because of these your rankings may also hurt.

More than 92% of the search traffic are from page 1, so you need to realise how important is ranking in the first page to your income.


My Final thoughts…

I strongly advice you to stay far away from rapid content wizard because it is nothing but a SCAM, you are going to end up hurting your business more than you could ever imagine with this software. If ten years ago this software was around I would definitely recommend this product because back then it will still ok to post duplicated content but now, it a definitely NO!

The truth is there is no shortcuts for success, only hard work

If you don’t have the time to create content, outsourcing your content is the most ideal suggestion. Some people may not prefer outsourcing because it may cost a lot. That’s reality, you cant have the best of both worlds, either you find some time to write some content on your own Or you spend money and outsource it. There is no other way in creating content. Content is king and we always be the key factor in determining ones rankings so if you want to make your business successful don’t EVER compromise in your content.

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Ok, That’s all for me! I have come to the end of my review on rapid content wizard, I believe you guys have a better insight of what this software is all about and thus will now be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward. Please share with us your opinions regarding the software, simply leave us a comment below.



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