Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?, My Honest Review

Six Figure Mentors, also known as SFM was introduced in year 2010 and ever since then they have been in the market. I’ve noticed many people asking whether is Six Figure Mentors a Scam, so I thought today I will share with you my honest review on them. I hope by the end of this review you will have a better understanding of the Six Figure Mentors and will be able to make a clearer decision on whether it is the right product for you to move forward.

Product: Six Figure MentorsThe six figure mentors owners


Price: 3 types of membership(I will explain below)

Owners: Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek

Rating: 50/100


My First Impression

I have come across many low value added product but I have to say Six Figure Mentors is definitely not part of those. Six Figure Income immediately caught my eye on first sight and I told myself I had to check it out.

I noticed they have lots of wonderful features, trainings and valuable contents which definitely makes Six Figure Mentors stand of from the rest.

I was quite impressed with their unique approach,

  • They have a filter system early in the buying stage. Six Figure Mentors claim not everyone can qualify to use their product and has to submit an application to see whether they are a suitable candidate. Honestly, I have never come across such things but these shows these guys are serious about their product and want to focus their energy on people who are like-minded.
  • The other thing that caught my eye was their trainings. They have video trainings, broken down into bite-size topics and also have multiple choice questions to answer. And if you fail to answer correctly they will go back to the video and replay. I seems interesting but in my point of view I don’t think it is really that necessary.

Overall Six Figure Income seems OK, but there are some things I didn’t really like about them which was a total let off. The product was way to pricey and I also wasn’t impressed with some of the things they mentioned.

I will be going in more details regarding these as we move on…


What is Six Figure Mentors about?

Basically the Six Figure Mentors program was introduced with a common concept like many other turn-key systems, earn more money while you work less hours. They claim this can be achieved through their tools and trainings all available within matter of clicks.

The main approach behind Six Figure mentors is to teach people how to make money through Affiliate marketing from scratch(step by step training). They claim this program is suitable for anyone who wants to make money online regardless of background, whether you a beginner with zero knowledge or a businessman who wants to scale his business, all are potential candidates.

SFM also emphasises on selling high ticket items to earn bigger commissions and they claim that can be achieved through their business model.

Six Figure Mentors itself is considered a high ticket item and you have an option of becoming an affiliate for them and promoting their product. You can easily earn commissions up to $1000 for every sale.

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How much does it cost?

There are 3 different types of membership and the price varies a lot which I will be explaining now…

Intro Membership

  • Basically, the intro membership consists two different pricesSixfigurementors intro
    • $29.95 is a one time application fee, you will be fully refunded within the first 30 days if you feel that six figure mentor is not the right place for you or if you have failed to meet their qualification screening.
    • $25 is the monthly membership to get access into some of their features, this is optional you can choose not to continue after the first 30 days. This will be billed separately(after 30days) from your application fee.
  • In this intro package you will get access to exclusive seminar footage, introductory modules, DEA digital skills platform.
  • They also mentioned you will be getting a personal business consultant where you can seek help and advices

Honestly, everything you will be getting in the intro membership is quite straight forward and some of these information can be found for free online. In other words if you are looking for the “real deal” to make money, it will not be available in the intro membership.

You will be greatly encouraged by the staff’s itself to upgrade your membership if you want to have access to more in-depth trainings and etc.

Basic MembershipSixfigurementors basic membership

  • One time fee of $297 + $97 every month
  • Compared to the intro membership, you will now have access to all the different modules which are more in-depth
  • You will get access to Weekly live marketing trainings conducted by the experts
  • You will also get access to premium Digital business lounge(DBL) membership area where you can finally build your websites within minutes and free hosting. If you notice carefully, you wouldn’t be able to build any website in intro membership. There is not much value in the intro membership and clearly shows that they want you to upgrade your membership.

Of course as the term already mentions “basic” you should have a rough idea of where it is going. In other words, if you want to learn how to make big bucks you have to upgrade again. I know this may sound stupid, but this is their marketing strategy to make people by their most expensive product.

Elite Membership

  • $2500 per year + $97 every monthThesixfigurementors
  • Excess to everything available in their program
  • You will get access to high ticket affiliate commissions
  • You are now able to promote their other high ticket program, Digital experts academy(DEA). DEA is a online educational organization with step by step academic and mentoring program by the “gurus”. They have four different programs in the DEA, silver, gold, platinum and black. These programs cost over thousands of dollars and selling anyone of those with a commission close to 50% does earn you big money.

I also wanted to share that the founder of DEA are no other than the founders of SFM,  Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek. The DEA’s affiliate training  program is actually Six Figure Mentors.

Shocking right? I was stunned for awhile myself.

Let me tell you something if you still don’t understand. Basically, these guys are using SFM as their platform to find people to sell their high ticket product which is DEA. In other words, you are paying a high sum of money to actually learn to promote their earn product.

This means that their main focus is not to help you make money or grow your business online but to teach you to promote their products to fill their pockets with more money.


What I Liked…

 #1: Experienced Owners

I couldn’t disagree, these guys know what they are doing and definitely has lots of experience in this industry. So you can be rest assured that you are in the good hands and learning the right stuff.

#2: Their support

They have personal coaches who provided 1 to 1 support to every individual. This is great and not every program or product provides such service. To me, support is the backbone of a membership website to help one move forward in building a successful online business. What is the point where you join program paying monthly fees and you got stuck and no assistance, most of the time those are scam sites.

It is good to know that we are backed by professionals in this industry which makes them stand of from other products/programs.

#3: Trainings

The quality of training provided here is very good, step by step for anyone to build a website from scratch. Their unique approach to making one learn 100% of their trainings which I mentioned earlier, the bite-sized videos with Q&A sessions.


 What I didn’t like…

#1: Misleading sales page

The six figure mentors

Hmm… I was kind of disappointed when I came across this, “follow the program and you can easily and effort transform your life and income in the next 6-12 weeks

Ok there is a reason why I bold and changed the colour of next 6-12 weeks. What they are trying to say that you can be making lots of money within 3 months which I think is entirely bullshit. If you say that you can increase income for some who is currently in this trade by trying to scale their business to earn more revenue then I may agree.

But simply putting this, misleads most of the newbies who want to make money online… thinking that they can be rich and start enjoying their life in 3 months which is absolutely not possible.

It takes time to build a website, generate content and start driving traffic to your website. This process will be very slow especially if your website is very new and search engines have not really built and trust with your website.

#2: High Pricey Program

One of my greatest concern was the price of their program. Man… this is one of the most priciest product I have ever come across. Not everybody is able to afford paying such a big price which definitely de-values the entire product in my point of view.

There is no point having a program that has all the best features and trainings, but there is very few people to use.

There are many other programs that provide similar or even better tools and trainings to learn everything about affiliate marketing.

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#3: What about the Additional Fee?

Honestly, I am not sure why you have to pay an additional fee on top of your monthly subscription fee. I understand that the first time you join their program they have a application processing fee which I think is still quite reasonable plus it can be refunded ,$29.95.

But I have no idea what’s with this one time fee for the basic membership($297) and yearly fee of $2500 for the elite membership.

It is really unreasonable, and there wasn’t much details provided on why this fee is needed on top of monthly subscription. Either way, these additional fees are way too costly and come on… you are paying almost $3700 a year and that has no guarantee you will make money with it.

I will think more than twice, if I want to even get my hands on such a program.

#4: Indirectly being “forced” to get their Elite membership

I know this may sound ridiculous, but from what I seen they are using their experience in this area and try to convince more people to actually purchase their elite membership.

For e.g., take a look at their intro membership. You are paying a monthly fees that has literally no value in it. Setting up Google Analytics and Facebook Ads for instance can be easily available for free online. You also wont be able to build a website with this intro membership, literally this intro membership is just an introduction to online marketing.

If you want to build websites, you have to purchase their basic membership and if you want to be able to make more money you need to upgrade. In other words, there is a catch in their system… making you to upgrade till you finally become an elite member.

If you are not careful, you will be sucked into it yourself without really noticing it. Most of the time newbies will be “blinded” by all these benefits and feature but by the time they realise it’s actually too late.

#5: You need to be an elite member to become an affiliate

Of course this is quite shocking too, I have never come across much programs that claims you have to pay money to become an affiliate of theirs. The understanding of affiliate is, we the affiliates are actually helping them to promote their product and we will get a commission for it.

Weirdly here, you have to pay a huge sum of money to promote their program. Paying money to become an affiliate, hmm…

I know that these are considered high ticket items, but by no means we are required to actually pay so much money to actually promote their program(which benefits the owners more)


What others have to say about SFM?

I’ve noticed that there are many complaints about SFM but most of them are gone unnoticed or voiced out. 

Sfm complaints

Sfm views

My Final thoughts…

Six Figure Mentors looks like a legit affiliate marketing training platform(not a scam) but these is easily overshadowed by some of their negative points especially the cost.

SFM is not suitable for any beginner who wants to learn how to make money online, you are going to end up losing more money instead of actually making. There are many better platforms you can learn how to make money.

If you ask me, I will totally stay far away from such programs because the more closer we get into it the chances of getting sucked into their marketing strategy is very high

At the end of the day, those people joined SFM is not going to make six figure income but probably to owners itself.


thumbs down

 So what now…?

Don’t be disappointed that you realised SFM is not the right place for you. There are many legit programs out there and be happy that you didn’t fall for their tricks.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing and other ways to making money using websites I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need to know to start making money online is start from scratch, from building your own website to monetizing your website. Unlike SFM, Wealthy Affiliate is much affordable and has no form of upsells with lots of quality and useful content.

There is a 7 days trial here at Wealthy Affiliate, where you will get access to some of the premium benefits and have an insights of all the trainings. There is no obligations for you to be a premium member, you can always stay as a free member as long as you like.

I’ve come to the end of my review, hope you enjoyed the insight information and now have a clearer vision in terms of selecting SFM. If you have any questions regarding SFM please drop me a comment below and I will be glad to help you out. Would be great if past users of Six Figure Mentors can share their personal experience here with us.

Yours Truly,

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  1. At first it seems like a reasonable programme. But when you mention the costs involved, it quickly becomes very expensive – and I am sure that I would end out of pocket with another programme that doesn’t deliver. Which is what really concerns me!

    You mention another programme that you recommend more and that you say has no upselling unlike this programme. Could you explain why the Wealthy Affiliate programme is so different to Six Figure Mentors and what you pay for a Wealthy Affiliate programme?

    It is so hard to know which programmes (if any) to trust!
    Why do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate?


  2. The main downfall of programs like this is the price for just about everything!!!!
    Even the most basic level is costly and you probably won’t make any money at that entrance fee. I cam across this lot about a month back and they did absolutely nothing to convince me that this was the marketing route to take!
    Good article

  3. Great post Kumar! I’ve always wondered about a lot of sites like this. I appreciate the honest review. It is nice to see that six figure mentors isn’t a scam in the sense that some ‘get rich quick’ sites are but that there are definitely some downsides. I can’t believe the capital you have to put up in order to really get all of the benefits!

  4. Wow….great review Kumar. I never heard of this company, but it sounds like the same BS that any other companies gives.

    Just want to line their pockets. I understand you set up a business to make money, but the deceive people in thinking that everything is going to be easily done.

    Also the upsells drive me crazy now. Just be forth coming in the beginning.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. Hi Kumar,

    I’m not quite sure if this program is worth 50 points. As you have mentioned in your review the price is unbelievably high and especially for the basic and elite membership. Just because of the price I would rate it as a scam. I see no reason why anybody would offer training and support for such a high price as there are many others on the market who are cheaper and offer better quality in support and training.

    What kind of program would you recommend to anybody who wants to build up an online business?


    • Hi Don, thank you for you opinion. The reason why I give 50 points is because these program still had some decent trainings and support. I wouldn’t totally call this a scam.. I have come across other programs far worst than this.. which doesn’t even have proper trainings and charge hefty money.
      That’s right there are several other training platforms that offer much better trainings at a much lower price. I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate… it is the best training platform where you can learn and earn at the same time. Cheers

  6. Hey, thanks for the solid review! I hope that it helps some people save a lot of money! Also, thanks for admitting the good as well as the bad, and for adding other people’s feedback. It might be okay training but it’s extremely over priced and forces people to sell for them.Yuck! Lastly], you may want to have someone proofread it so that people don’t accidentally misjudge the merits of it’s content based on the quality of it’s writing.

    • Hi Brandon, glad you enjoyed the review. Yes.. Six Figure Mentors is certainly way too pricey and the trainings are just average only. If you are looking for more affordable and first class trainings I suggest you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate

  7. Hi, I fully agree with you about this Six Figure Mentors stuff. This all looks so spammy, starting with the name of the business. It may be 6 figures indeed but only for themselves when you see all these numbers for membership. I think you were too generous in the rate you gave them. Thank you, useful text indeed, first to hear about this and frankly I only wish to forget about their existence.

  8. Hey this is jay kubasseks son you all are jerks he works realy hard to help people he is a nice man and he didnt do any thing to you for you guys to call his company a scam

    -Milo Kubassek???

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