Is Stark Trading System a Scam? Read This Review Before You Join!

Is Stark Trading System a Scam or legit opportunity to make money online? I will give you answers to all your queries within this review. Don’t worry, I am not their shady sales person trying to sell you their product, so you can expect an unbiased review from me. I noticed that there are lots of websites actually giving 5 stars for this product, all I can tell you is the rating is not genuine as they are simply promoting them.

So what’s my take on this? I have done my research and I can strongly conclude that Start Trading System is nothing but a scam. Yes, that’s right! I will go into further details below, so do read this review thoroughly because it could eventually save you a couple hundreds of dollars. 🙂


Name: Stark Trading SystemIs-Stark-Trading-System-A-Scam


Owner(s): Antonio Stark & Richard Paul

Price: Free, but minimum $250 deposit

Rating: 1/5 (Probably deserves much lower)


Stark Trading System Overview

Stark Trading System is a binary options trading software that claims to pull in thousands of dollar in profits on auto-pilot every single day. The person we saw in the sales video who goes by the name of “Richard Paul” mentioned in the sales video that members have a potential to make 2.9 million dollars in just a year using their software.

So is it really true, can you become a millionaire using this software?

The answer is very simple… NO!

Think about this, will anyone want to share with some random people their secret to becoming a millionaire?

I know, I won’t! That’s right, if I got a loophole that makes me millions I will rather keep it to myself to make sure nobody finds out. But here, he seems so strange… why must these guys want to help you or me, they are not our family members or our relatives.

If you really give some thought(with common sense) you will realise for yourself that this “magic” software doesn’t exist at all. Keep that in mind and we shall now move on to the next part of the review.


How Much Does it Cost?

Stark Trading System is absolutely free to join, so you don’t have to pay a penny.

“Omg, am I getting a software that is going to make me millions for Free?”

Hold on a minute, don’t get too excited yet. You are only getting the software(that doesn’t work) for free but you are still required to deposit $250 to “activate the account”. I have seen over hundreds of binary options software, and all of them have ONE thing in common.

“Please deposit a minimum amount of $250 into the brokers in order to activate the account”

So you like it or not, you still have to provide these guys you credit card details. Yes, what is $250 if you are going to become a millionaire… but I’m sorry to say because you probably wont even make a dime with this BOGUS software.

These guys have well organised their site because they are totally tight-lipped about depositing the funds until you sign up and give them your contact number. Since you gave them your contact number, you can expect to receive a call from the brokers company within a couple of minutes. Basically these guys will try and persuade you to deposit the funds.

I have fallen for a similar binary option scam in the past. I just gave my contacts details for “fun” but I didn’t expect them to call me once in awhile and sweet-talk me to sign up. It took me awhile to realise that I have been scammed. After that incident I have totally given up on these “get rich quick” schemes because they are too good to be true.


Why BigOption?

Are you wondering why I put my heading as “Why BigOption?” Well, allow me to explain…

The broker that Stark Trading is connected with is BigOption. I am not really sure what made them choose BigOption, but these guys here have a very bad reputation in this industry. Yes, there are tons of complaints about them like not funding the account once money is deposit, not answering emails and etc.

Lets now take a look at some complaints:

BigOptions- Complaints












I just listed two of their “don’t know how many” complaints.. If you want to do more research, you can simply do a Google search on them.



(1) Poor Sales Tactics

You are told that there are only 50 spots open to the public, and once they are taken up these page will disappear forever. The truth is there is no limit to the number of people who can join, they are just lying to you. This is a form of marketing tactics used to induce urgency in you. Like hey, “Only 50 spots is left, if I never sign up now I might lose the chance to become a millionaire”.

Get what I mean?

Don’t worry about those, because they really mean nothing. This website has been up for several days… don’t tell me that not even 50 people sign up so far? Come on, who doesn’t want to make millions? I guess probably thousands of people have already registered(and get scammed)

You can come back 1 week, 1 month or even a year later and I can assure you that this page will be still here!


(2) Member chat Feature


This is something quite interesting to talk about here. Almost all of the binary options software I have reviewed didn’t have this feature in their members area.

When I first entered my email address, I was taken to this members area where I noticed this live chat at the bottom right hand corner. I decided to check it out and see what other people are saying.

To be honest, I almost believed that the people in the chat were REAL and legit till I actually re-login.

When I re-logged in, I saw the same chat from the first time. That is when I confirmed that this is just a programming and those people are not real. Basically, they try to trick you into “making use” of members to tell other members that the website is legit.

Great tactic, I almost fall for that. So… hat’s of to you.. If you don’t believe me, you can enter your email address and do follow what I did and you will know the truth for yourself.


(3) Earning Disclaimer


Take a minute or so to read the above income disclaimer which I grabbed from their site. As you can see for yourself, Stark Trading System has already indicated that there is no guarantee you will make money with their software and there is possibility of you losing all your investments.

Now, lets recall back on what he saw and heard in the sales video. Our dear friend Richard Paul said you can earn $1000, $5000, $8000 in one day and will become a millionaire within a year. If that’s the case, they why is it totally contradicting with their disclaimer.


(4) Misleading Sales Video



Their sales video is full of misleading information. The sales video started with some testimonials and a news presentation. Does it mean Start Trading System was mentioned in the news? No… it just means someone has good video editing skills. You can go to and get this kind of news presentation video for as cheap as $5. It may seem real, but when you take a look at it closely everything is mismatched and are not linked with the software at all.

Same for the testimonials, you see a bunch of people saying that they made great money using this system. Those guys are nothing but actors who are paid to say a few positives about the software that they never tried. This software was only open to the public very recently, so how on earth did this guys even try the software and get their testimonial included in the sales video.


My Final thoughts…

Stark Trading System is a scam that one should definitely avoid. The chances of you losing money is much higher than you even making a penny. Trust me, save that $250 and buy something useful or spend it on a Lunch/Dinner date with your family. Don’t throw your hard earn cash on something that isn’t worthwhile at all. The only person that is getting rich are those who are promoting Stark Trading system, not you.

To succeed in making money online, you need to put in lots of effort and give yourself time. There is no such thing as overnight success!

If you are really serious about succeeding online, I highly encourage that you take a look at my 1 Recommended program that makes me over $4,000 a month. This program is only for hardworking people, if you are not ready than I suggest you come back when you are…



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Stark Trading System. I really hope this review has been beneficial for you and thus you now will be able to make a much clearer decision going forward. Please feel free to share your opinions with us by leaving a comment in the box below. I’m looking forward to reading all your personal opinions. 🙂



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