Is Survey Junkie a Scam? My Honest Review

If you are searching for ways to earn money online, chances of you coming across online surveys are on top of the list. Today I am going to be talking about something similar to that. Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions from some of you guys asking me whether Survey Junkie is a scam or legit place to make money.

Because of the overwhelming response I decided to do a review on it myself. To be frank with you, I am never a fan of these paid surveys sites because you can never make dime with them.

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Name: Survey JunkieSurvey junkie review


Price: Free to join

Rating: 35/100


What is Survey Junkie about?

Of course you would have already known that survey junkie has something to do with surveys, but the question is how does their site exactly work.

First of all, I want to clarify with all of you before I more on… Survey junkie isn’t a website that produces the surveys and pays you from their own pocket. Honestly, they have nothing to do with your payments and such because you are not working for them.

Survey junkie is acts something like a “middle man” between you and the companies or organizations looking for people to share their opinions. In other words, once you sign up with survey junkie they will bring you to a page where they have listed down the closest matches of market research companies to the data you’ve provided.

Once you are there, you can choose to select any of these companies and join them. However survey junkie recommends you to register with at least five of the companies.

The idea is simple the more companies you join, the more opportunities you will get to do survey. They also claim that most companies will send one or two surveys per week.


The real motive behind Survey Junkie

I am now going unveil with you several things about Survey Junkie that you will never would of guessed off. The truth will definitely hurt.. honestly I was quite disappointed myself after I found out the true colour of them.

You know what? Even their name Survey Junkie says it all, to fact is all their site is a piece of junk. Wondering why I start bad mouthing them? You will find out very soon… after that I think even you might join me in badmouthing them.

Ever wondered why Survey Junkie is a free website? The truth is there is a big catch behind it and its ugly.

Firstly, when you sign up to Survey Junkie they require you to give out some of your personal information such as your e-mail address and zip code and etc. I know they claim that the more information you provide, the better matches of companies they can tie you up with.

However the truth is some sort of a lead capture system that actually grabs you information and sells these information to companies out there.

One thing is you will lose your privacy which I personally don’t like, how does it feel when some random stranger knows where you live and some information about your personal life.. it really sucks.

The other thing is get prepared to get more spam messages and advertisements in your email because these companies who bought those leads will spam you will also the useless and crappy advertisements to attempt you to buy them where they will make money from your purchases.

Wait it doesn’t end here… there is still something else I want you to know about survey junkie.

It seems that Survey Junkie is actually an affiliate of all the so called market research companies. All the companies they provided are embedded with affiliate links, so when you sign up and join those companies survey junkie actually gets a commission from it.

Do you know the reason why they recommended you to join at least 5 companies? Not so you can earn more money but they can earn more. When you sign up for more companies they have a higher potential of earning huge commissions, just imagine if one person join five companies, this money is going to snowball as more a more people join.

Ok, Survey Junkie claims “the world leading brands and service providers want to hear your thoughts in order to shape the products and services of tomorrow”.

This is pure bullshit, their survey companies list are a full of crappy websites and some of the links to these companies websites are broken. How worst can it get? Hear this… some of the survey sites they listed are actually pure scam sites which I have reviewed before. I was really stunned when I saw those scams sites.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.. some of these ” market research companies” will actually ask you to pay money upfront before they allow you to do survey which is totally fake.

So now you know why they claim their website is free? The truth is behind, the scenes they are many things going on…


Can you make money with these surveys?

First of all, most of the paid surveys only pay very little money and are often in the form of rewards and gift cards.

How much you will be paid has nothing to do with survey junkie, individual companies will pay different prices. In average you will get about $0.50 ~$ 3.00 per survey but I may be wrong.

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Do you really want to sell your personal information and spend lots of time to do these surveys that pays pennies? Like I mentioned earlier, I will never do it because its not worth it.


Pros & Cons of Survey Junkie


  • Free to join,unlike many other sites that requires you to pay money upfront
  • Potential to “earn” some cash


  • Only available in limited countries – United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom
  • Some of the companies listed are actually scams that require you to pay money to do surveys
  • You will never make lots of money
  • It’s a total waste of time
  • Your personal information are sold, spam messages and advertisement in your email
  • Several complaints from past users – not being paid or very little surveys

My final thoughts…

So the answer for the question you’ve all been waiting for, is Survey Junkie a scam?

Honestly, I am not in the right situation to tell you whether it is a scam because I don’t dare try it myself. But some of the things are mentioned above such as they have scam sites included in their list and such are true…

Judging by all of these I will never recommend you to join Survey junkie because the chances of you making money with them is very slim instead you are probably going to waste your precious time and money.


thumbs down

So what Now?

Don’t be disappointed that you have lost a potential way to make money online, be thankful that you have known the truth before hand.

Anyway, if you are still looking for ways to make money online I suggest you to do Affiliate marketing. Personally, I have been doing affiliate marketing myself which is my main source of income. More about me, I am been working from home for quite sometime now and I am happy to have made that one decision that given me financial freedom.

You can never achieve a fulltime income online doing small tasks or surveys, you need to commit to something bigger like Affiliate marketing. Basically, the idea is that you promote someone else products and earn commission from it? How much you can earn? Obviously more than an 9-5 job, getting thousands of dollars while working from home is an awesome feeling.

Affiliate marketing is something like an online business, and the best part is you can create a business that your are passionate about or is your hobby.

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Ok… I have come to the end of my review, hope you guys enjoyed it and learn lots of useful stuff. For those of you who are not convinced with my review, you can always choose to go against my words and try it out for yourself. But I believe I have done my best to share with your everything you needed to know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Past users are also welcomed to come and share with us your experience.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Surveyjunkie is a scam. They watit till you get to payout and fix it where you cannot get your money. Check out other reviews.

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