Is TiDom Inc. a Scam? My Honest Review

I will be doing a review on TiDom Inc. to share with you the real truth behind the system. Don’t worry, I’m not their sales person trying to promote to you their products so you can expect an unbiased review from me. I’ve noticed that there are mixed opinions all around the internet about TiDom Inc. Some says its a scam while others says its the best opportunity to make money working from home.

If you are unsure who is telling to truth, no worries. I will be covering in further details below so please bare with me as I walk you through this entire process.


Name: TiDom Inc.Is-Tidom-Inc-A-Scam


Owner: Scott Miller

Price: $2,000 – $22,000 (excluding admin fee)

Rating: 25/100


What is TiDom Inc. all about?

TiDom Inc. which is also known as “Time Freedom” is a program introduced by Scott Miller for those people who are looking for opportunity to make money from home. This program is suitable for everyone regardless of your level of expertise in owning a business. .

According to their website, the TiDom Inc. claims that their business model is proven and will pull in large incomes(Five or Six Figures) every month. Wow, sounds awesome right? Five or six figure income every month!

Wait, hold on a minute… don’t get too excited yet, BECAUSE there’s a catch which I will go on into details later on.



How exactly will you make money with TiDom Inc.?

For those of you who are unsure how TiDom Inc. works, allow me to explain. Basically you will promote their products and earn commissions from it.

There are five different types of packages that you will be promoting,



  • Basic package ($2,000)
  • Builder Package($3,500)
  • Advanced Package($6,500)
  • Pro Package($12,500)
  • VIP Package ($22,000)

As you can see above are the 5 different packages of products you will be required to sell. To be more specific this are known as high ticket sales business model, meaning you sell expensive products to earn big commissions.

Quick summary of how you will promote:

  1. Basically you will get a specific affiliate link which will have your user name embedded to it(to recognise where the sales came from)
  2. Using the trainings which will be provided in the members area they will teach you how to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Most probably either by creating a website or a landing page. Your traffic can be either paid(PPC) or Free(organic), this will depend on yourself.
  3. The traffic that clicks on your affiliate link and comes through the TiDom Inc. webpage will be known as “leads”, in other term your potential customers. Within the membership area they have the call centre automation option which you could choose. Basically it means that you leads will automatically be handled by the sales team therefore you don’t have to manually handle anything yourself.
  4. Lastly if the leads purchases any of the offered products, you will get the commissions accordingly to the package the person bought.

I will not go into details of the four ways your will earn commissions because it was already covered in the sales video.

If you are wondering, “hey what’s wrong with the business model? seems legit to me”… Yes, you are right! It does seem legit but the truth is there are too many flaws which I will explain right below.


The Pros Vs Cons Of TiDom Inc.


  • Some good training( lots of it directed at promoting TiDom Inc.)
  • Potential to earn high commissions



  • You are not building a REAL business (more towards promoting TiDom Inc.)
  • You need to buy the products in order to sell them
  • The products are VERY expensive
  • Not going to be easy to get refunds
  • Very little focus on creating a business based on your passion
  • You need to have a active downline to in order to make good commissions


Big Problem 1: You need to dig deeper into your pockets first (the catch)

Yes, in order for you to become a member of TiDom Inc. you have to purchase one of their packages. In other words, you have to pay $2,195 upfront if you decided to take the basic(cheapest) membership. Taking up the basic package only allows you to earn $2,000 commissions, if you want to earn higher you are expected to purchase the more expensive packages such as the VIP Package which costs you $22,000.

Whether it’s $2000 or $22,000, it is still a huge sum of money. I believe most of you might have heard of this saying ” you have to put money, to make money” … yes I only agree to it up to a certain extent but in this case NO. The problem here is there is no guarantee that you will make money with this program, they may turn out to be scammers(You may never know?) and you will lose all your initial investments.

You could end up going into debt instead of actually making money, its better to be safe than sorry. I would consider trying out this program if they had a free trial or something like that which allows you to enter their membership area to see first hand what it offers. But in this case there is nothing like that, so it’s kind of difficult for anyone to gauge how this is going to turn out.


Big Problem 2: Will anyone buy this products?

The good thing about selling high ticket products is you only need to sell a few to make the cut. But the problem is are people willing to buy these products? Well, don’t go too far… look at yourself first are you willing to spend $10,000 – $20,000 to buy this products in the first place? If you are hesitating, you should also realise that people on the other side are feeling the exact same too.

It’s going to be an uphill tasks to find people to buy this products. One of the issues is, you are not really shown what are the products you are paying for. All we know is that there are different packages(no details about each individual package). One thing you should know that you are not selling these products to robots, you are selling to real people like you and me… we all will want to know what are we paying for before buying.

Lets say you are interested in buying a TV, obviously you will find out more about the features(whether it’s HD/3D, their brand, etc) and compare prices with different shops before you eventually purchase.

Have you thought about this, “Why are these guys willing to pay me full commissions for the value of the product.” For instance, if you take the basic package of $2,000 and if one of your leads purchases the product, the full $2,000 commission goes to you. TiDom Inc. earns only from the administration fee.

Want to know why? It’s simply because getting the leads is the hardest job, and that’s what they have assigned you with that.

If nobody is going to buy your product, simply means you wont make a dime. I know while watching the sales video, it may seem making five or six digit income is easy but in reality its never. To succeed in online business, you need to build a trust with your visitors and this bond cant be created overnight so don’t expect your visitors to swipe their credit card on a such costly product instantly.


Other things worth mentioning

(1) Most of the reviews are fake

If you search for “TiDom Inc. reviews”, you would notice lots of positive reviews about them. Well, these reviews aren’t legit at all, those people are actually promoting TiDom Inc. therefore they will spit out lots of positive things about their product to make you join so that they can earn big commissions from you. In reality, its not true at all… All they want is YOUR money!!

(2) No guarantee


I took this snippet from the income disclaimer page in their website. Take a minute to read it yourself, as you can see TiDom Inc. has already indicated that there is no guarantee you will make money using the mentioned techniques.

So think about it again, are you willing to lose up to $22,000 to a program that offers you ZERO guarantee? Even buying a $50 worth electronic gadget comes with a guaranty(or warranty) but a $22,000 worth product comes with nothing?


My Final thoughts…

Though TiDom Inc. may not necessarily be a scam, but to play it safe I will still strongly advice you to stay far away from it. Because this business model seems workable on paper but in reality its not that simple. TiDom Inc. leans more towards promoting their products instead of helping you establish your very own online business.

If you are keen to really make money online, I suggest you to try Wealthy Affiliate. Here you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to set up an online business. There are two different memberships in Wealthy affiliate, the starter membership which is absolutely free while the premium membership is $47 per month.

In Wealthy Affiliate you don’t have to worry about becoming a member and paying upfront in order to access to see what the program has to offers. You will have a 7 days full trial to see what the premium membership offers, even after the 7 days you can still choose to be a free member and have complete access to the platform and trainings. You will also get to build two websites for FREE!

I ‘ve come to the end of my review on TiDom Inc., I hope you guys benefited from this and thus will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward. Are you a past member of TiDom or thinking about joining? Please feel free to share with us your opinion by leaving us a comment below. Thank you 🙂



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  1. is your evaluation of TiDom Inc. unbiased or you are part of a business that competes directly or indirectly with TiDom Inc.?

    • Well, of course it’s unbiased as I stated that “I’m not their sales person, trying to promote their product to you”. If I were to be biased I would be saying, TiDom Inc. is the best program to join and make money quickly and I would coop up with all sort of things to try and sell to you?
      But I didn’t do that because… I’m not biased. From a neutral point of view, this is what you should expect.
      They boldly claim you can make 5 to 6 figure income monthly(so… misleading), but before you think about, just take some time to see how much money you have to spend in the first place before can think about making any decent income – even than, there is no guarantee? People who have sufficient money to try this product, can easily get away with it even if they did lose some money.
      But think about those people who are desperate to make income online and think that this is the best opportunity. What if they went on to invest their savings on it? Only to get disappointed?

      If you have been successful with TiDom Inc. I would love to hear your story.
      I’m not directly or indirectly competing against anyone here.
      What I am doing is sharing with you a better opportunity that you should consider taking that is of LOWER cost and teach you how to build a business the right way.
      Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you or anyone else but NOT me. If you feel that TiDom Inc. is better by all means, go ahead. No one’s stopping you.

  2. Well, I must say after watching the introductory video, the red flag went up very fast and brought back many memories of a dishonest crook that pushed the MTTB system a couple years ago.This particular “opportunity” is a dangerous thing to even consider, even if someone has money to just throw away, it presents a very unstable investment at any price. Most people looking to make a living, even smaller in most cases does not have the kind of money to play around with in this type of “high ticket” investment. In my case, I was approached by a text message that gave the impression that it require the use of text message advertising…that is far from the truth in this money pit. I own a Marketing company that does all sorts of income opportunities, that do not require this type of investment, far from it and some are even free to start and work well. I will do the normal investigation of this one, which normally takes 14 days to complete by observing and checking every move they make, but I think this one will fail before 3 days are completed. The high ticket sales do not and will never generate a steady income that lasts, sooner or later it will dry up and very fast in most cases. The percentage of people that have this kind of money to throw away, will not bother with this at all, they will do a more wise thing and invest in multiple opportunities that won’t kill them before they start…there are hundreds out there that will work better than this one. Beware, is my only last word on this and I wish you good luck in your choice, just be smarter than they are.

  3. model eventually fails, it’s not a real business, it’s base on people joining in. what happen when people stop joining? then that’s when the money stops flowing in. I joined the other program a while back but didn’t do anything with it because i was looking for a quick strike. I think i’ll give wealthy another shot.

  4. They Robo Dail for leads 5-10K people at a time cell phones and individuals my sponsor said.
    This now illegal per FCC ruling, must have permission from each person called or big fine.
    Also, new ruling on MLM says cant sell products to just disributors or it is illegal pyramid. How this gonna work.
    Sponsor said he made 30k first month, he been in network marketing 25 years has big list I am sure.

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