Is Traffic Authority a Scam? Read This Review Before Joining!

I will be doing a review on Traffic Authority to share with you the real truth behind this program. I’ve noticed lots of mixed opinions revolving around the Traffic Authority, some say it is a scam while some others say it is a legit opportunity to get quality traffic and earn big pay checks.

So what’s my take on this? Well, you’ll have to read my review to find out. Alright, without further ado I will move on to the more “important stuffs”.


Name: Traffic AuthorityIs-Traffic-Authority-A-Scam


Owner: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey

Price: Free sign up, $20 – $8,397(Membership/Packages)

Rating: 30/100


Traffic Authority Overview

I’m not going to deny about the fact that traffic is one of the most important aspect in obtaining a successful online business. Whether we like it or not, traffic is the one that is eventually going to put food in some of our rice bowls. The most common ways to get traffic is through content marketing(writing quality content), Advertisings and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. And there are also some other ways to get traffic, and this is where Traffic Authority comes in.

So what is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is a company that claims to supply high quality traffic for business opportunities, affiliate marketing offers, network marketing and other home-based business opportunities. The also mentioned that they have been providing premium traffic to their private clients for the past 18 years.(Not sure if its true)

Traffic Authority is Free to join, but there is literally no benefit for this. When you sign up and get access into their members area, you will be thrown with lots of videos discussing about the different trainings, tools, memberships and packages offered.

Other than joining their memberships and buying their traffic packages, you are also given the opportunity to sell their products and earn commissions from it. I will go into further details about all of these later on before that I want to just take a minute to discuss about the quality of traffic.


Is it worth buying “Traffic” From Traffic Authority?

Earlier why I categorised traffic authority as other because I got no idea what method are they adopting or where on earth are their traffic coming from. All they told us was their traffic is of high quality.

Generally, there are two kinds of traffic:

  • Low Quality Traffic
  • High Quality Traffic

Depending on what our initial goal is, to capture leads, or make conversions(sales) traffic is necessary. To be more specific “action-taking” traffic. If you are getting thousands of traffic to your website but not even a sale/lead means you traffic is from low quality, and this is the kind of traffic nobody wants because it doesn’t benefit us in any ways.

All of us wants high quality traffic, in other words traffic that is highly targeted to our business. This are the traffic that are more likely to convert in leads or sales.

So lets go back to Traffic authority,


So basically there are two steps in buying traffic from traffic authority. You select the desired package you want, than choose where you want your traffic to be sent to.

So what’s the problem here? You are only giving details of where you want your traffic to be sent to. You never give any details of what type of traffic that you are looking for. In other words, your are getting traffic but these traffic is not specifically targeted/catered to your needs… hence, it’s low quality traffic.

So, there you go! The quality of traffic that comes to you is poor. Think about this, if their system really works they can use their own traffic to by their products/packages instead of you spending thousands of dollars.

If you ask me I would suggest you to stay away from their type of traffic sources. The best way to get traffic is through content marketing and PPC campaigns which I mentioned earlier. If you are unsure about those, you can check out this program here that offers in-depth step-by-step training on those.


Price of different packages & memberships

(1) Traffic Packages



(2) Memberships

  • Traffic Optimizer(Some tools, trainings, software) –  $27/month
  • Traffic Academy(Live trainings from expert, certification course and etc.) – $97/month
  • Reseller license(Earn commissions selling TA products) $20/month*

The above are the different packages and memberships offered in Traffic Authority. Right after this, I will be focusing more on becoming a TA seller.


Traffic Authority Seller

To be honest with you, Traffic Authority is more of a MLM type of company rather than a company that simply sells traffic. The problem with MLM companies are most of their products are overly hyped(in reality average/below par) and overly priced and Traffic Authority is no exception to that.

Holding the reseller license allows you to promote and sell products from Traffic Authority.

But hold on, paying $20/month is only for the licensing meaning it will not allow you to earn any commissions yet.

To start earning commissions you have to BUY the Package/membership yourself. This is just like other typical MLM’s out there, that asks you to buy first before you can sell.


Traffic Optimizer – You will get $20 recurring commission as long as your downline remains a members

Traffic Academy – $50 recurring commissions ”  as above  ”

For monthly membership products, you need to monthly pay for that particular memberships too in order to qualify and receive commissions.

Traffic Packages

This one looks more lucrative because you can earn up to $4,000 per sale.

For instance,

  • selling the basic package(worth $220) earns you a commission of $100
  • selling the diamond package(worth $8,397) earns you a commission of $4,000

Wondering what’s the catch? – You need to purchase this product in order qualify and earn commissions

Yes that’s right. You need to spend money upfront! Lets say, you bought the basic package… so you only can earn commissions from the basic package, you cant earn from the diamond package.

There are two ways to earn commissions from the diamond package,

  • Either you spend $8,397 yourself
  • Or you pass the commission from diamond package to your upline three times(worth $12,000)

Obviously the second option is not preferable, because you are losing close to $4000 of profits. These are all part of their marketing tactics, in other words they indirectly are encouraging you to buy the product and promote yourself.


Summary of Pros Vs Cons


  • Potential to earn high commissions
  • Decent trainings and tools
  • Free to join(but no benefits at all)
  • Average support


  • The traffic source seems unreliable
  • Some of the products/memberships are quite costly, not affordable for the an average joe
  • Feels more like, “put money to make money” – even then no guaranteed success
  • You still need to create your own website to promote Traffic Authority
  • Tough competition since there are much better sources of traffic – PPC/content marketing/Facebook ads
  • Not suitable for beginners/newbies in the “online industry”


My Final thoughts

Well, frankly speaking I am never a BIG fan of MLM companies nor I ever will. The idea of purchasing the product in order to promote disgusts me. The only people earning real money with these are the people behind Traffic Authority and those on the top of the chart.traffic authority not recommended

To become successful with Traffic Authority, you need to build a very strong downline which is regularly giving you sales. The one advice I have for you here is, If you are not going to give your 101% in promoting these products than don’t even bother signing up. Because the chances of you seeing successful in the early days are very slim and you getting de-motivated is very high. When this happens, you are probably going to give up not only in promoting but in the money you spent initially.

So… if you don’t one to break your bank then avoid these at all cost.

This is going to be a tough call, but i am slightly going to lean towards a scam because all the above signs(mentioned above)are pointing into one.


My #1 Recommendation

Whether you want to bring traffic to your site or looking for a legit business opportunity to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to be with.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to build a proper online business and the best part is it can be a passion of yours. Unlike, Traffic Authority you don’t have to pay money to get access to the trainings, tools and earn money. The traffic method that they encourage  here is free and they will teach you step-by-step on how to achieve that.

Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free to join, with no credit card details required at all.




Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Traffic Authority. I hope this review has benefited you and might have saved you hundreds of thousands of bucks. Past, Present, Future users of Traffic Authority are all welcomed to share with us your opinions. Please simply drop a comment in the box below.

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you. 🙂



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