Is Two Dollar Click a Scam? My Honest Review

I noticed that most of the people who tried actually ended up being frustrated instead of being happy. Personally, I have tried Two Dollar Click myself and one thing I can tell you that I was disappointed like the majority. So is Two Dollar Click a Scam? Yes, absolutely and I have no doubt about it.

The number of people trying to make money working from home is rising day by day. However, most of these people do not have a smooth sail because the internet is flooded with more scam than legit sites where they are bound to lose money instead of actually making money.

In my review today, I will be covering why two dollar click is a scam and I will also recommend my No.1 legit way to make money online.

Name: Two Dollar Click


Owner: Unknown

Price: Starter Membership(Free), Golden($19.95), Ultimately($39.95)

Rating: 1/100


What is Two Dollar Click about?

Two Dollar Click is an online advertising Pay to click(PTC) website that pays users for clicking and viewing on Advertisements.

Two dollar click acts as a “middle man” for the advertisers and members. In other words, the Advertisers will pay a sum of money(according to their website, starts from $5) to promote their product and when we click on that particular Ad we will get paid for it.

So a small portion of the money goes to the members while the remaining money will taken by Two dollar click.

Doesn’t it seem cool? Earn money while sitting at home and clicking Advertisements.


A simple Walk-through of how Two Dollar Click works…

Firstly in order to get access to their database you need to become a member of Two dollar click which is free. The signing up process is very fast, it takes less than a minute.

Two dollar click

Once you have done that, click on the “View Ads” tab on the top of the website which will immediately bring you to the page where you can view all the advertisements(the image above)

After you are at here, now your only task is to click on all the Ads.

So lets say I click on an Ad paying $2 which has a 30 seconds waiting time, I will be redirected to a new page where the timer will count for 30 seconds.

Two dollar click scam

After the 30 seconds, four number will be shown and they will indicate which number I should click. For e.g. in this case, they asked me to click the number “4”. Immediately after clicking on that number, $2 was credited into my account.

The process of Ads clicking is very straight forward and so you do not need any sort of qualification to do this.

How much money can I make?

First are foremost you should know that you immediately cannot cash out the money. In order to cash out you have to reach a minimum of $1000. Since being a free member limits you to only $2 click Ads, you will be required to click 500 times before you can cash out… it will probably take a few months to clog that much money.

According to their website you can cash out your money using PayPal or Payza depending on your personal preference.

You would have noticed that before you sign up, you will be able to see Ads worth $4~$8 also. But this is only Twodollarclickaccessible for premium accounts.

So if you want to reach the 1000 cash out quickly, you are encouraged to sign up to their premium membership to have access to the more  number of Ads and higher paid Ads.


Another way you can make money is by referring someone to join Two Dollar Click. Basically, you have an affiliate link that you can share and promote around. If anybody join through your link you will get a commission for it.

Types of Membership

There are two types of membership, the starter membership and the premium membership. The starter membership is free and you can remain free as long as you like, there is no obligations.


twodollarclick membership


Within the premium membership they actually have two different categories

Golden Monthly – They have 6 different options of membership ranging from 1 month all the way to 6 months. The price for 1 month is $19.95 and 6 months is $119.70. I’m not exactly sure why they put it in such a way because there is no cheaper offer if you purchase a longer period.

Ultimate Monthly – I assume the Ultimate monthly has more benefits than the Golden monthly because the price you have to pay is almost doubled… $39.95 for 1 month and $239.70 for 6 months.

I tried clicking the “info” button to get a more detailed explanation of the difference between both. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work because when I click on it, it directs me back to the same page.

If you noticed, you can actually buy referrals too which is kind of strange to me as I have never came of such thing before. They also didn’t explain how it works, which is kind of disappointing.

What I Liked…

#1: The Fact it is free

The only reason that made me try this site was because that it was free to try and you can earn $2 per click. Of course, who doesn’t want to just earn money by just clicking Ads? I am just a typical human who wants to make money easily too..


What I didn’t like

#1: Unclear Instructions

I have to say this is a very poorly constructed website, there are many important details and information missing. For instance they do not have a FAQ page, privacy policy, earning disclaimer and so on. But what really pissed me off was they encourage someone to purchase their membership but didn’t bother to explain the benefits and difference between them. Of course, its not fair for anyone to just subscribe to their membership without knowing what they are getting themselves into…


#2: Payment Proof???

TwodollarclickpaymentproofOk when I saw the payment proofs page at thee bottom of their page, I was quite excited to see how the were going to represent it. But when I reached there I was utterly disappointed when I looked at how to presented their proof. It was just a list with a bunch of user names and details..

To be honest, this kind of information can be easily made up and how on earth you expect users to believe this.. If you ask me, I rather you don’t have a payment proofs page at the first place if you want to show us this kind of useless list of data.

Two dollar click review

Look what I just found in their payment proofs, a username of “ninashow” paid $9999999.99 on 17 Feb 2015. What am I to assume after seeing this? “Wow, that guy really made so much money?” or “this is definitely B.S.”. I leave it to you to decide…


#3:  Earning reset if inactive for a period

Ok to be more exact, if your account is inactive for more than 2 months all the earning within the account will be cleared. I don’t think this is really fair, some people might have spend a lot time trying to clog money..

Unfortunately due to certain circumstances they may not be able to be active for quite sometime, than all their hard work they put in jut gone like that?


#4: Expensive membership

The cost of their premium memberships are definitely quite expensive especially the “Ultimate monthly”. Why on earth must someone spend so much money when they is no information or guarantee that their site actually pays people…

There are much better ways you can spend your money that will provide you with more success.

Check out my No.1 Recommendation for Making Money Online Here…

#5: High money threshold & 60 day payment processing

The fact that you can only cash out your money after you reach $1000 is very disappointing because it will take quite some time to reach that.

And also after you reached the $1000 mark, you still have to wait another two months before the money is paid to you. For those people who needs money urgently have to wait for such a long time before they receive the money.

The main reason why people are doing this small odd online tasks are because they want to earn extra cash quickly. But in this case it doesn’t make sense, you have to wait a minimum of 3 to 4 months.

Some user complains…

#1: Don’t display Ads when nearing $1000

Some of them mentioned that when they are around the $900 range, there are no Ads displayed for them to click on. It seems as if the system actually knows who is going to reach the $1000 mark and they are purposely not given Ads. Basically, they do not want them to reach the minimum widrawal amount.

#2: No support or response

There are also complains that there is no reply from the support team about their pending payments. In other words, there is no means of getting contact we them, so the members are the ones losing out.

My Final thoughts…

Two dollar Click is a scam, and I urge everyone of you to stay far away from it. Honestly, it is too good to be true… Who on earth will pay $2 or more just to view their Ads.

At the end of the day, the “middle man” Two dollar Click, collects all the money from both the Advertiser and those who signed up for the membership and continue to fill his pockets

Unfortunately because of the high minimum cash out many people do not know that Two dollar click is a scam till they reach closer to the cash out. It is very disappointing that you put so much effort, time and some even spend money and at the end you don’t get paid.




So what now??

Don’t be disheartened that you found out is a scam..

There are actually many legit ways which you can make money online and I suggest you to check out My No.1 Recommendation if you are keen in building a successful fulltime income while working from home.

Long story, short… I am working fulltime online through affiliate marketing and I am very happy with the financial freedom and the fact that I am not working under anyone. If you are interested in replicating what I am doing, I can help you with that.

I have come to the end of my review, hope everyone have benefited from it.

For those of you who have any questions please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Past users of Two Dollar Click are also welcomed to share their personal experience with us.

Yours Truly,

my name



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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for the detailed review on 2 Dollar Click. I’m always wary of such schemes so whenever I see something like that I will research online to find out more. Your review saves me a lot of time and I will definitely not try Two Dollar Click! I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great way for people who want to learn how to start their own business from home.

    • Hi Yvonne, Glad I able to help. Not only 2 Dollar click, but I will never recommend any other Pay to click(PTC) sites because they all are very similar and you will not be able to make much money at all.

  2. To be honest there are a lot of bogus and vague ways to make money online. I haven’t tried Two Dollar Click but thanks for writing a great review on it, atleast its one of those site I will not be visiting. Sites like inbox dollar, ibotta still remains the best for me.

  3. Hello Kumar, glad to read this very detailed review of two dollar click. Through this you can open the eyes of your readers who wanted to pursue the online world. Yes it offers a lot of opportunities but if you don’t know how to determine a fact from a fad you will absolutely get lost and fall on some prey. Thank you for leading this people in the right path.

    • Hi Jezza,
      The number of scams online are just rising by the days. These scammers are very daring because they know that we will not be able to track them down. It really not worth trying two-dollar-click or any other PTC sites because the earning potential is already very little and most times there is no guarantee that will you even get paid after all the efforts and time you contributed.


  4. Hey Kumar,

    Man at first I thought two dollar click was going to be just a low paying make money online gig. The kind where you end up making pennies for all your hours of work. Once I read on I realized it is just a strait up scam. How shady can you be as a company if you just stop displaying ads to click on right before the cash out thresh hold. Thanks for the warning I will take note.


    • Hello Anthony,
      Yes, it’s definitely a no brainer.. its a scam. These are dirty tricks two dollar clicks uses to gain maximum profit. Honestly, I don’t understand why because Two dollar click isn’t forking out any money in the first place. Since they are the middle man, they are in a Win-Win situation… the advertisers are the ones paying the money. Glad I was able to help you my friend.


  5. I agree with you totally that this must be a scam. How come they are apparently paying $2 per click when other websites like Clixsense pay around $0.002 per click?
    It doesn’t make sense, also you need to look not just at what they are paying per click. Who would pay a company more than $2 per click for visitors to their website? Well certainly not me, especially when PTC traffic is notorious for being low quality traffic.
    I probably wouldn’t even pay that amount for high quality traffic with a very high chance of subscribers and conversions but PTC traffic? Never, not a chance! Definite scam in my eyes.

    • Hello Lynne,
      You are definitely right. Most PTC sites only pay a very small sum per click usually $0.001 or $0.002 per Ad, but strangely Two dollar click is willing to pay minimum of $2 for every click and if you are member you can earn up to $8 per click. This doesn’t seem realistic at all, it seems more like that did it only for marketing purposes so that more people will use this system. It is quite sad that one have to spend so much time and effort before he/she realises that they are actually being scammed.


  6. Hello Kumar,

    Great review about two dollar click, & I agree with your opinion this program is total scam, it’s clear in the image you used in the article (Ninashow earns 99999999!!!) that’s so silly! Thanks for sharing your honest review & helping people to avoid scams, keep up the good work

    • Hi Ehab, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes! its so clear that this site is absolute fake. Think about it, if the site really pays $2 for each click they should already have been broke by now.


  7. Hello, Kumar.

    Great detailed review of another scam that we have to watch out for. As you said, the fact that they’re offering a free membership is very tempting. Cash out only after reaching $1000? What? No, thanks. This is the biggest red flag I’ve ever seen.

    And that “ninshow” made so much money, good for her lol. Frankly, I don’t understand how they can be this ignorant, and they could, at least, hide their game and monitor things.

    Good job on this review. Keep up the good work.


  8. Hi there,

    Fantastic review of what really seems to be a shoddy product. I see a lot of those PTC Paid to Click sites out there on the internet. My only explination for those sites is that there must be a heck of a lot of clueless or inteperienced marketers to buy the product offered. I mean the advertising.

    I mean the package sucks, “advertise with us and we will provide you with extremely low quality clicks, in fact we will pay people to click”


    extremely lower than low quality traffic that are not interested in your product or service – they clicked because of financial incentive to do so, no other reason.

  9. I am quite aggravated to say that yes it screams scam, but I see absolutely no definitive proof that it is or is not a scam. I did see a you tube video showing someone reach the thousand dollar mark and cashing out. However: it did not show them ever receiving the money in their account. It only showed request pending. So basically I am saying it is possible for someone to reach 1000$, but do they actually ever see the money? I have no idea. I am willing to dedicate some click time just to find out. If I ever receive money I will come back, and post. I believe as a review writer it is your duty to give it a try too before you can definitely point your finger at them… But I agree it is fishy I am just an optimist.

    I have optimistically plowed through several sites Here are my number one picks that are definitely paying. Here are my referrals:

    1:Survey savvy (paid surveys bbb trusted by paper check, or other) Complete surveys or get referrals..Downside it takes awhile to get the ball rolling and for money to go through but it actually does:

    2. Slice the pie another legit money maker. Downside must have a 10$ minimum in balance. Make short reviews for products, and music pays paypal bbb trusted, also a referral program:

    3. My favorite but for cellphone app users only. Download the Cashpirate app you earn by downloading apps and signing up to contests and that. They are really cool like a mom and pop app will answer any questions, use pirate picks for most money. Downside some of their affiliate companies like sponsor pay don’t always accredit you. But the pay is completely instant to paypal. my referral code gets you a sign up bonus:


    And I am 100% real email me at if you have questions.

    • What else proof do I need when I have known people and seen people gotten scammed and have personally emailed me. On top of everything, someone with brain and common sense will already be able to tell that this site is nothing but a SCAM. Seriously, who pays you over $2 just to click 1 ad? Is the owner of two dollar click printing money? Obviously… not. Most sites only pay pennies and so how come this site is so special.

      Simply because it’s a scam!!

  10. When i read the name ‘two dollar click’, my first thought was just the name creates an uneasy feeling of something not being right.

    As I read your review I learned more about the type of scam it is. At least I know what to stay away from now. I have a lot to learn, now another site has been checked off.

    • Sorry to hear about your disappointment sagaevans. I highly encourage that you don’t waste too much time on sites like this because you will never really benefit from them.

  11. Thank you very much for that review Kumar. I was also involved in and made over 2,000 dollars with them but when I wanted to withdraw they kept me on pending for ages. Please avoid them is the warning for everyone.

    However in my quest to make money from home, I finally found an organisation that really pays and gives out laptops and cars after reaching certain stages.

    When you get there, site is under maintenance will pop up, just close that and get to the main site. It is so because they are working on adding the option for us to be giving iraisers debit cards where your earnings will be loaded unto and you can take your cash from any ATM in the world.

    • Hi seth, Just checked the site you sent me. Sorry to say but that is an investment scam site and thus I have removed your link. I would suggest that you avoid it too. Honestly, nobody is going to give you cars or laptops in this online space. You don’t even know them. Those claims are ridiculous.

    • Probably not many complaints against it. This site has been around for quite some time, it doesn’t have that much visitors as it used to be. I suggest you just ignore it.

  12. Well anything that offers two dollars for a simple click has got to be a bit dodgy somewhere along the line….right?
    I suppose they tot up your account total day after day until you finally reach that cashout threshold…but wait….nothing happens! Yep, I doubt if anybody has ever been paid by this bunch!

  13. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for highlighting two-dollar-click as a scam. Can you imagine spending all that time only to lose all your hard earned cash? That would enrage me.

    I almost laughed when I was the payment proof report. Do people really believe this nonsense?

    Is there a different PTC site that you could recommend?

  14. When i read the name ‘two dollar click’, my first thought was just the name creates an uneasy feeling of something not being right.

    As I read your review I learned more about the type of scam it is. At least I know what to stay away from now. I have a lot to learn, now another site has been checked off.

  15. There is another outfit, calling themselves “Copyright © 2017, All rights reserved.” not .com.

    Is this the same scam

    Because the .com seems to have taken down

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