Is Vibrant Cash System a Scam? My Unbiased Review

I will be doing a review on vibrant cash system to share with you whether is it legit or just another scam. To be honest, I was quite stunned to see lots of positive reviews about this system. So does that mean it is legit? You will find out soon enough…

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Name: Vibrant Cash SystemIs-Vibrant-Cash-System-A-Scam


Owner: Julie McDaniel’s

Price: $9.95 + hidden upsells

Rating: 5/100


What is Vibrant Cash System all about?

Vibrant Cash System is a product owned by Julie McDaniel’s. According to their website, this system claims to help people make over $3,000 a week. Wow, that’s like $12,000 a month! most average people barely earn $3,000 a month but with system one can easily hit a five figure income?

Hold on a minute, don’t get too carried away yet… There is lots of things I have yet to reveal. I’d bet after you find out the truth, you will never look back at this system again.

First and foremost, you are NOT going to make anywhere near $12,000 with this system… in fact you wont even make a single penny.

Why am I so confident about that? Because I have come across many similar products sites that offers lots of promises with very little value and the vibrant cash system is no different.


How does the system work?

To be honest with you, I got kinda frustrated when I was reading through their entire sales page. I was eagerly waiting to know what is this system all about… unfortunately, all I read was testimonials, money claims and worst what the system wasn’t about.

Almost 2/3 of their sales page was actually about them telling me what their system is not. Well, we come here to find out more about how exactly are we going to make money and not what methods are we not using to make money… I believe most of you will agree on this statement with me.

In the end, I finally managed to get a glimpse of what this system is about and it was from their FAQ(Frequently asked Questions).

Take a look at what you will be doing using this system:

Vibrant Cash system works

Snippet of their FAQ


Basically, you will be promoting other people’s products and services. Okaaaay…. Then take a look below!

VCS review

So Julie Daniel’s says she will bet her mortgage payment if you did, at least one of the following..

You knows what’s the funny thing? I don’t see what is her system so special about. In fact her system is actually about promoting products as an affiliate as well. Does she even know what is her product about in the first place?


Tell-tale signs of a Scam

(1) Fake Member testimonials

Vibrant-Cash-System-Fake-TestimonialsThe testimonials you see on their sales pages are 100% fake. The images are definitely stock photos and the write up is probably self-written by Julie Daniels itself.

” We’re happy to report that after 2 weeks we started pulling in over $2,000 a week using Vibrant Cash System”.

B.S., She is a liar!!

There is no way that anyone can start making over $2,000 a week that quickly by simply promoting products. Even experienced marketers take several weeks or months to start making a decent income. I am an online marketer myself and I promote products and services for a fulltime living and I know how exactly the process works. So don’t try to play your punk on me!


(2) Fake Money Claims


Website registered date


Fake money claims – Click to enlarge











I went to do some additional research and I found out that this website was registered on 12 October 2015. The image on the right which is a snippet I took for their sales page shows money made from January 2015. Don’t it seem surprising to you? This money was made before even the website existed.

So obviously, you can see that this screenshot is FAKE!


(3) Not Really $9.95…

So Julie Daniels claims her system is worth more than $200 but she is only giving it away at a one time fee of $9.95.

Sound like a good bargain right? Nope it isn’t…













Take a look at this:


Payment Disclaimer

The truth is she is not giving away this system at a one time fee of $9.95, it’s a lie. Take a look at the payment disclaimer at the bottom of their page, basically the $9.95 is for the initial membership set up fee. And if you never cancel your 5 day trial, you will be charged $29.95 every month. When you try to close their page, a pop-up will display saying you are given a 50% discount hence you only need to pay $4.95… don’t fall these trick too.

In other words, if your are not careful enough you could be paying hundreds even thousands of dollars for this useless scam product. This is a dirty marketing strategy normally used by scam artists. They deliberately gave you a low price to lure you into their trap.


My Final thoughts…

The sole purpose of vibrant cash system is not to help you make money, but the owner herself. If you are not careful you could end up losing money instead of actually making. I strongly advice you to stay far away from this scam product.

Promoting products and services is actually a legit way to make money online. They have a more specific term to it, it’s called affiliate marketing. In fact I am actually going to recommend you to try affiliate marketing for yourself… but don’t worry this has got nothing to do with vibrant cash system. I am going to be very open with you, how exactly you go about being an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer:

  • You promote products and earn commissions from it
  • There are over millions of products you can promote
  • Your target audience is throughout the entire world, not only in the country you live in
  • Hence, more opportunities = more sales = more commissions = more revenue
  • The potential to earn money from online marketing is very high – however, earning depends on your personal attitude and commitment
  • Just to give you a heads up, there are over 3 billion internet users. More and more users are buying stuffs online instead of physically shopping which make the future for affiliate marketers bright.

One common problem I notice is, people are afraid that because of their school or work commitment they will not have time to do affiliate marketing. That’s not exactly true, you can work on affiliate marketing whenever you got spare or free time. Not necessary you have to spend over 12 hours a day. Just build your marketing business slowly, and eventually you’ll start making money.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, I suggest you to take a look a my top affiliate marketing program.

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I have come to the end of my review on vibrant cash system. I believe you guys have well benefited from this and thus will be able to make a much wiser decision moving forward. If you guys have any doubts or have anything interesting to share us, please drop a comment in the box below.

Also, don’t mind sharing this post if you found it useful. Thank You.



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