Is Walter Green’s Millionaire Blueprint Legit or Just Another Scam?

As I was watching the sales video of Millionaire Blueprint, I told myself…”Man! Can making millions online get any easier?” I bet most of you would have felt the same too. So now back to the question, is Millionaire Blueprint a legit opportunity to make money or is it just another scam? Well, you will find out soon enough as you read my review.

Name: Millionaire BlueprintIs-Millionaire-Blueprint-A-Scam


Owner: Walter Green AKA “Green Machine”

Price: Free(minimum $250 deposit)

Rating: 9/100



What is Millionaire Blueprint about?



Is it true, the Millionaire Blueprint is different from anything else we have ever seen? Nope that’s definitely not true… To be honest, it is one of the most common money making opportunity I am seeing online today.

Yes! I’m talking about Binary options trading software. I have seen over hundreds of websites promoting binary options software, so I don’t see why is this any different. The only difference I see is all these binary options software has different names, nothing else.

The owner Mr Walter Green claims to have made over 48 million dollars from this system and has also helped another 152 people to become millionaire in 90 days.

Sounds good right? Well… We shall see…


How the system exactly works…

What you are told


  • This software will help you make millions
  • No need experience at all, even a child can do it
  • Automated
  • It is free, but $250 deposit
  • 82% Average winning rate


What you didn’t know – but you need to know

Unfortunately, what they mention in their sales video and on their website has nothing to do with the how their actual system works. They just covered up and added some false information to make their system look good in the eyes of others.

Firstly, forget about making millions because you wont even be making a single penny. This system is not designed to make you millions but make you poorer. Yes, you are eventually going to become $250 poorer once you deposit the money into the system.

What actually happens:

  1. This software doesn’t have a average winning rate of 82%. It’s winning rate is far lower than that, probably around 30~45%.
  2. The system is scripted in such a way that you will end up losing all your money sooner or later.
  3. You may win a few trades, but since the losing rate is high than the winning rate… you are bound to lose everything
  4. That is if you are lucky you will still be able to try out the system. In worst cases, once you deposit your money into the broker’s account..”Puussssh” your money is gone.. that’s it.. Trying contacting anybody will be no point because they will never respond. I know they mentioned that you can withdraw your deposit anytime but definitely not true. It’s a one-way route… once it goes, it’s not coming back.


Dream team Mentor? B.S!



Don’t get fooled by this term “Dream Team mentor” because there is no such thing. I strongly suggest that you don’t even bother trying to register and put down your phone number. You will not get a call from the dream team mentor.. but a call from the brokers teams.

These guys are professionals, they will try to sweet-talk you into depositing the funds. Even if you say don’t want the first time, they will keep on calling you and ask you to deposit from time to time.

Once you deposit, that’s it.. you will never hear from this guys again. You can say GOODBYE to your $250 deposit!

If you don’t want unnecessary spam call, then never put down your contact number. I’m telling you by experience because I have been through a similar situation myself.


Some tell-tale signs of scam

#1: Re-used video!?


The real person behind these system thinks people are either too stupid or just too ignorant to find out the difference between “Millionaire Blueprint” and “Free Money System“. Clearly this sales video was not even meant to be for the Millionaire Blueprint in the first place, throughout the whole video and even the testimonials were all talking about how good is the free money system.

The person has used this video from his previous scam product known as “Free Money System” and re-created a new brand which is now called “Millionaire Blueprint”. How talented is this guy? Give this guy an Oscars!

Well, like they always say.. how perfectly you plan and execute a crime, you will always bound to leave some sort of evidence behind. Seems that what has happened here, our dear friend has just proved us what type of scam artist he is by reusing his same video over again.

This is definitely one of the greatest hint that the Millionaire Blueprint is a scam!


#2: Misleading with “Free” Bonus




Don’t get fooled by this $500 free bonus you see in the registration page. They want you to have the impression that after you sign up and deposit $250, you will be credited $500 bonus into your account.

No way!! They are just trying to lure people into signing up, thinking they will get free money. They have certain terms and conditions that you are required to meet before you are eligible for this bonus. However, they wont reveal those conditions here because if you see those, you most likely will get fed up and not sign up. Most likely they will ask you deposit like maybe another $5000 or $10,000 into the system before they give you that free bonus.

Even then, you will not get any bonus.. you will just end up losing more money from your own pocket… so beware!


#3: There is no guarantee you will make money




These disclaimers are found on their website, just take some time to read those… especially the ones highlighted. As you can see for yourself, Millionaire Blueprint claims they do not guarantee income or success and also mentioned binary options trading involved high level of risk and can result in you losing all your investment.

Now, let’s recap on what did we watch in the sales video? Walter Green said that he will make you a millionaire in 3 months… then now you see that you might end of losing all your money..

Very contradicting right? Told ya… the sales video are just to manipulate you.. the actual fact is you wont make any money.


#4: Fake time limit



“For security reasons, you have exactly 10 minutes to complete the registration process”… well that’s not exactly true. This timer is fake, even once you reach ZERO you will still have access. You can also close the entire page and come back again, the timing will reset back to 10 minutes.

So don’t get trick by this time limit and immediately register. This type of typical time counting down is found in almost all scam sites. Basically, they try to impart urgency by making you think that this is an one-off opportunity to become rich and if you never do that quickly you might lose that chance.


Millionaire Blueprint Affiliates



Ever wondered why there are so many positive reviews about Millionaire Blueprint online? Well, these positive reviews are not because they are legit or can make anyone a millionaire. It’s because these guys want to earn commissions from it.

Basically, these guys are promoting Millionaire Blueprint… so obviously they would want to write positive review, this reviews are not genuine at all.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to promote something that can earn them $250 for every person they refer?


My Final thoughts…

Forget about the software, but generally Binary options trading is a legit way to make money online. However like I mentioned earlier, these form of trading possesses high level of risk so if you don’t want to end up losing any of your money… don’t even bother trying.

Verdict: <<<$CAM>>>

Instead of wasting time and money on quick get rich schemes, why not use it to create a consistent and sustainable fulltime income for yourself every month.

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Just to share with you some statistics, there are over 3 billion internet users and these numbers are just getting bigger everyday. Just imagine, if you can just target a small fraction of these people you will be already able to easily surpass your current jobs monthly income.

However, take note: This is note a quick get rich scheme… it requires you to put in effort and time. If you think you are up for that, than why not give it a go.

Having said that, learning about online marketing is something that cannot be done through reading library books or from the internet. It requires proper education, but that doesn’t mean you have to take up private classes and learn about online marketing.

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I have come to the end of my review on Millionaire Blueprint, I hope you guys have enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. People who have used the software before are welcomed to share with us your personal experience by simply leaving a comment below, I would love to know your stories.


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