Is War of Clicks a Scam? A Review Based on Experience

Is War of Clicks a great opportunity to make money online? I’ve been noticing that there are mixed opinions about them, some say its a scam while others say its legit.

So who is telling the truth? Well, I am going to share with you my personal experience because I was once a user of War of Clicks too.

One of my main concerns about War of Clicks is that the amount of money you can make is very limited. Honestly, I can strongly assure you that you would definitely be better off doing something else.

I hope by the end of this review you will have a much better understanding of War of Clicks and would be able to make a wiser decision of whether its the right platform for you to make money. And I also will be sharing with you how I make a fulltime income while working from home.

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Name: War of Clicks


Owner: Unknown

Price: Free to join

Rating: 40/100


What is War of Clicks about?

War of Click(WOC) is a Pay-to-click (PTC) advertising website which was launched last year(2014) and they just recently celebrate finish their one year anniversary. Among all the PTC that I’ve came across, WOC is definitely one of the more unique ones. They have introduced some sort of gaming theme so that everyone can enjoy and earn at the same time.

Just like any other PTC sites you earn money by completing simple tasks, mainly to click and view.

Tasks include:

View PPC Ads(Green) – Your job is to just click and view these ads for 5 seconds, once it’s validated they will credit the money immediately. Once that particular Ads is viewed you will need to wait for 1 day(24hrs) before you can click and earn from it again.

Complete Offers – Click “offerwall” under earn money tab and you will be directed to a page with lots of mobile games and other Apps. Depending on the requirements either download only or download and play, you will be paid in terms of warcoins. These warcoins can be in turn converted into cash. However, you need to have a minimum of 6000 warcoins before you are allowed too convert them.

View Rush Hour(RH) Ads + Wargrid Ads Clicking & Viewing RH Ads earns you warcoins and also a chance to find cash rewards. Unlike RH ads, in Wargrid ads you only can earn from cash rewards. The chances of getting cash rewards is very slim, so you are required to click on lots of Ads.( Which I think is not worth your time)

Promoting  WOC – You can promote your personalised referral links at blogs or social medias. When someone clicks on the referral link and joins War Of Clicks, they are known as your direct referrals. You will earn from your referrals clicks and also 10% commission 0f completed purchases and offers.


How much money can you make with War Of Clicks ?

Honestly, this is a very difficult question to answer. The amount of money you can make really depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Nevertheless, I will do a breakdown to show you the potential amount that can be made…

I’ve come up with two different scenario’s for you to compare


Scenario B


 Scenario A







The snips above are from the earning calculator in their website. Each PPC Ad(Green) is only worth $0.002.

Scenario A: Let’s say you only managed to click 50 Ad per day and you do not have any referrals… You will only make about $3 per month.

Scenario B: Now you clicked 50 Ads per day but you have 10 referrals that has an average of activity level of 5. You will make approximately $13 per month. This $13 is only if you referrals are very active in clicking. If you referrals aren’t active(level 1) you will only earn $5 per month.

Conclusion from the scenarios: As you can see for yourself, the earning potential is really very limited. If you do not bother to find active referrals for yourself you can end up making less than $5 per month. Given the amount of time you are required to spend just to earn something below $5 is really not worth anything.

I know you may question me, this is not the entire story. You can still earn some warcoins and still convert them to cash. Yes you can, but seriously how much more can you add… $1, $2 or $5? Whatever it is you will not even close to reaching a three digit value.

I also have to mention that finding referrals is never easy. You may spam forums and social media or blogs on your links, but in reality only very few people will even bother to read. Even if the decided the sign up and give it a try, I can guarantee you that will sooner or later quit. Inactive referrals = $0 earned.



As you can see from above there are approximately 666,000 registered members and they have paid out over $260,000. On average each member earned about $0.39. Obviously this is not the right way to judge because there are definitely people who earned more than others.

But what I am trying to prove here is that, the amount of money to be made here is very limited.


What I Liked

#1: Free to join

One of the plus points of War of Clicks is the fact that is free to join. There are not many platforms out there that allows you to earn money for free. Most of them ask you to pay first before allowing you to join which normally turns out to be a scam. So yes… War of Clicks seems to be a legit place to earn some cash.


#2: Mobile Friendly

The other good thing about WOC is that Ads can be clicked from a mobile phone or tablet which I think is great, people traveling can clicks these Ads as a past time(and earn some cash). Most of the PTC sites I have come across requires you to use a computer to click the Ads, so in this case WOC definitely stands out from the rest.


What I didn’t like

#1: Very confusing concept

Though  I like the idea that they try to make it into a game concept for users to enjoy more, I’m still not satisfied with the entire flow of their website.

It feels like there is an overload of information thus making it very difficult most users to understand. For e.g. within the referrals there are stock referrals, rent referrals, extend referrals, recycle referrals and so on.. till now I still don’t get most of them.

Personally, I didn’t have a great time with War of Clicks. I had a hard time understanding how their system works and had difficulty in navigating around.


#2: The “reputation system” feature



As you can see, if you didn’t purchase anything from War of Clicks than you only can withdraw $2 on the 1st cashout, $5 from the 2nd and $10 from the 3rd and onwards. Once you reach the 3rd cash out, you need to wait 30 days before you can request for the next one.

As a free user you can see that you are on a disadvantage. Frankly speaking, War of Clicks is encouraging people to spend money and purchase their products… which I am quite disappointed about. For instance, if you want to cash out unlimited amount your are required to spend $500.

I will not suggest you to spend any money unless you are actually willing to put in lots of effort in clicking and finding active referrals.


#3: Payment issues

The worst thing that I cant stand is when you don’t get paid for all you work. Lots of people have been complaining that they have not been paid even after their cashout request. Some people say that they get paid while lots of other complaining that their account froze for no reason after they request for cashout.

From what it seems, War of Click is very selective in their payment… paying a few and ignoring the others. Why bother wasting time on something that pays so little money and the worst part is that you are also not guaranteed that you will get paid.


My final thoughts…

War of Clicks is supposedly a legit website but because of several complaints regarding payment issues I suggest that its not worth the time and effort.

If you are looking for a legit opportunity to make a fulltime or passive income from home I recommend you to do online marketing. Instead of spending so much time earning pennies, put your energy, desire and time and dedicate it to online marketing and I can tell you… the benefits will be awesome.

Lots of people ask me how much money can you make as an online marketer. Again it depends on how much time and effort are you will to contribute. What I can tell you is, you can easily earn four digits and even above that… only the sky is the limit.

Your job as an online marketer is to promote products and earn commission from them. The best part is you do not need to own any other this products, you just have to choose an existing product and promote.

Once everything is in place, you will start making sales in automation… you not necessarily must be online all the time. Even when you are working, sleeping or on a holiday… you still can be making money.


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That’s all for me… hope you guys had learnt lots of useful information and will be able to make a much wiser decision. Those of you with any question or would like to share you personal experience of WOC with us, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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  1. Well I had not even heard of this system until now, so thanks for sharing this with me. In the past I have seen websites that are very similar. From the front page they look quite good and always talk the talk, so to speak.
    But in reality, these systems never really pay a lot of money because they are selling really cheap, bad quality traffic.

  2. Over the past few months I’ve come across many different paid to click websites. Some of them were legit while most of them were time wasters. I think the main problem with all PTC sites is that the amount of money you can make with this type of program is very limited and the only way to make some money is through getting hundreds of referrals. Since there are complaints about war of clicks, I think staying away from this program would be the best decision.

    • Hello rufat,
      thank you for sharing your opinion. You are right most PTC sites are time wasters and encourages one to have hundreds over of referrals. Building a list of active referrals is never an easy task. Most people will initially try out, but soon after they realise they it is not good they will avoid it. In order to make thousands of dollars with War of clicks you are required to have at least 1 thousand active referrals. If you don’t think you can get that amount than I suggest don’t bother to even try.

  3. Hi Kumar

    I agree that War of Clicks is just not worth it. I do not know why some people would want to click on ads the whole day to earn money.

    I also cannot believe that people would want to buy traffic from this website. I just does not make sense to me to ever do something like this.

    I can get far better traffic from Bing and Facebook ads.

    • Hello, You are spot on! War of Clicks isn’t just worth it besides I cant believe how people can sit down for so many hours and just click on ads that pays pennies. I have tried myself but the max I can click is about 5-10 minutes, anything longer will just irritate me. LOL

      I have to agree with you, the traffic you get from them is very poor. Most of them in just clicking for the money. Majority of the people(like myself) wont even bother looking at the sites. Definitely PPC campaigns and Facebook ads are much better because they are well targeted but it is slightly more costly. But hey, you pay for what you get.


  4. Hi Kumar

    What an interesting review. I have looked at similar programs to War Of Clicks. Once you however break the program’s earning structure down, the most you can and actually do earn is pennies per hour.

    $13 per month would be a huge ask given your referrals would have to be extremely active. To make matters worse what if you don’t get paid for your efforts?

    Frustration to the highest level I would imagine! I do however agree that being mobile friendly is an advantage. Again if you don’t get paid then clearly this is a wasted advantage. Great reading.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Michelle, thank you for your reply.
      That’s right, it doesn’t really matter if the site is mobile friendly or not. It all boils down to whether the site actually pays their members.

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