Is WordLinx a Scam? My Honest Review

Are you looking for ways to make money online? Chances are you are reading this now because you might have stumbled across WordLinx and wondering whether is WordLinx a scam or legit site to make money. I understand more people are seeking opportunities online to make money whether as a full time job or as an extra side income. Personally, I have tried WordLinx myself and one of my main concerns were there is not much money to be made here.

I believe you will be better off doing something else…Honestly, there are much better options out there which provides more value for your time. I suggest you take a look at the exact platform I use to make me over $3000 every month.

Anyway, I hope by the end of this review you will be able to have more clearer picture of what WordLinx is about and will be able to make a much better decision moving forward.

Name: WordLinxWordlinx review


Owner: Richard Sturdy

Price: Basic(free), Verified($17/year), Pro($25/month)

Rating: 51/100


What is WordLinx about?

WordLinx is a Pay-to-click (PTC) online advertising program launched in year 2003 by Richard Sturdy. Basically, you earn money by completing simple tasks that mainly requires you to only click and view.

Tasks include:

View Ads – Click on the “Browse Ads” tab which will bring you to a page where all the advertisers Ads are displayed. So you get paid by simply viewing each of the Ads. You have to view each Ad for a specific timing before you can close the page. If you close before the timer ends, you will not be credited money for that particular Ad.

Complete Surveys – WordLinx offer paid surveys from time to time. Simply by sharing your opinion with companies will earn you some money. However, these surveys are very limited.

Download Apps –  Download the apps which are listed on your mobile phone and use them. Most of these apps are actually games.

Promote WordLinx – Every member will have his/her own affiliate(referral) ID. Use this ID and promote it in places like social media or your website. When someone clicks through your link and becomes a member, you get some monetary benefits.

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Types of Memberships

There are three types of membership within WordLinx – Free, Verified & Pro

5 level referral : You can earn up to 5 levels of commissions from your referrals

  • Level 1: If you refer person A, you get commissions
  • Level 2: If person A refer person B, you get commissions
  • Level 3: If person B refers person C, you will also get commissions

In other words, this commission will go up to 5 levels.

Free Membership

  • Definitely a plus point of WordLinx because you have the potential to earn money without spending any
  • Pre-view Ads(Unpaid Ads shown before the paying Ads)
  • Limited number of Ads + lower paid Ads
  • Earn $0.001 per referral signup (5 level)
  • Earn $0.20 when referral upgrades (5 level)
  • Earn $2.00 when referral upgrades to Verified Life
  • Earn $2.00 when referral upgrades to Pro Yearly

Verified Membership

  • $17 per year or $79 for lifetime
  • No Pre-view Ads
  • More Ads + higher paid Ads – up to $0.02 per Ad
  • Earn $0.005 per referral signup (5 level)
  • Earn $1.00 when referral upgrades (5 level)
  • Earn $10.00 when referral upgrades to Verified Life
  • Earn $10.00 when referral upgrades to Pro Yearly

Pro membership

  • $25 per month or $99 per year
  • No Pre-view Ads
  • More Ads + higher paid Ads – up to $0.02 per Ad
  • Earn $0.01 per referral signup (5 level)
  • Earn $2.00 when referral upgrades (5 level)
  • Earn $20.00 when referral upgrades to Verified Life
  • Earn $20.00 when referral upgrades to Pro Yearly


 How much money can you make with WordLinx?

Honestly, this really depends on how much of effort you are willing to put in…

As a free member you will have access to two different types of Ads. The most common Ads are worth $0.001 while the other type requires you to also share around in social media hence, they pay you $0.01 which is quite rare. In other words, you can see that you are not going to make much money clicking these low valued Ads… it really a waste of your time.

The key in making money with WordLinx is through the referrals. Let me tell you before hand, if you are not willing to scout and find referrals than I suggest you to avoid this website.

As I mentioned above, the five level referral system is the one that is really going to bring in money to you. Because you get commissions for people you referred and from other who were referred by your referrals.

Having said this, as a free member you would have noticed the monetary benefits are very little. For instance you only get $0.005 per referral(5 level) which is very less compared to $0.01 for pro membership.

In other words, you are really encouraged to upgrade your membership if you are to step up your game and earn more money.

I will do a small comparison for you…

Free membership,

You refer 10 members that refer another 10 members each = 100 x 0.001 = $0.10

You refer 20 members that refer another 20 members each = 400 x 0.001 = $0.40

Pro membership,

You refer 10 members that refer another 10 members each = 100 x 0.01 = $1.00

You refer 20 members that refer another 20 members each = 400 x 0.01= $4

As you can see for yourself, the earning potential for pro membership is far higher than free membership. However, as a pro member you are required to spend $25 per month and is not cost effective if your are not bringing in lots of referrals every month.

I should also warn you that referring people is not as easy as you may think. You cant be just spamming links of social media and expect lots of people to sign up because it doesn’t work that way. You need to have your own website where you promote WordLinx, and driving traffic to your website is actually the hardest part.

Having a website with your affiliate link but no traffic is as good as nothing.

Don’t forget you are not the only member is WordLinx… there are several thousands of members here too. So it is very competitive to find referrals.

Lastly, the people you referred must be actively participating and referring others too. If you referrals deemed this as a waste of time and stopped using WordLinx then you will not make anything out of this.

Earning Proof

Ok, WordLinx shows the evidence that people are making money using their program. The only concern about the Wordlinx earning proofearning proof is that its tabulated in table form and it is difficult to tell whether it is legit.

According to their earning proof I actually noticed a trend revolving around their memberships. The free members earns the least, while the verified members earn slightly above the free members(average about$15) while you can see the pro members are earning quite a lot.

In other words, there is potential you can earn money but you have to upgrade to pro member if you want to make some decent money.



What I liked

#1: Free to join

There are not too many programs out there that allows you to earn money for free. Most of them actually sucks you into paying for their program before you can enter their site and they often turn of to be scams. In this case, WordLinx is a legit place you can make money.

#2: Support

I have to say that the support the provide at WordLinx is much better than many other sites. The first level of support is the Frequently Asked Questions(F&Q), which is very detailed and well explained. If you still need to contact them, you can get through them in the forum, Facebook or twitter.

#3: Great reputation

Personally, I have never really experienced it myself. But having heard among other that WordLinx has a very good reputation in this industry. They actually pay real money and always on time which I think are the most important factors when considering one’s reputation.


What I didn’t like

#1: Very little Ads to click

One of the major concerns of WordLinx is that they actually have very few Ads to click. When I first signed up only three Ads very displayed, both were worth $0.001 and the other was $0.01. After completing them, I had to wait a very almost one whole day to see a new batch of Ads. This greatly limits the potential to earn money.

Just image, if you are for those people who are trying to earn extra cash by just clicking on these Ads… it will take ages before you can hit the $10 cash out mark.

#2: Very little earning potential

I guess you would have already known this coming. The main reason why I immediately stopped using WordLinx is because it is really not worth the time and effort spent. You are actually earning pennies for referrals and clicks on Ads, there are much better opportunities elsewhere. PTC programs are generally similar, they pay very little by nature… so it’s no point in accusing them, just avoid them like me if you think it’s not worth it.

#3: High cash out requirement

I know $10 is not really that high when compared to other sites. Just think about it, if you have no referrals and you solely depend on clicks Ads it will take you several months or a year even to get that money. Honestly, I still think $5(for free members) is a decent amount because most of the people actually give up near the halfway mark.

#4: Pre-view Adverts

This is one of the features in WordLinx, you a “forced” to actually view an unpaid Ad before you will eventually be able to view the paid Ad.  Viewing this additional Ad is time wasting and is only shown to the free members, in other words WordLinx is sort of encouraging users to upgrade your membership to avoid seeing those.


My Final thoughts…

WordLinx is a legit site that you can earn money online but because of the very limited earning potentials I will never recommend it to anyone.

Just think about it, the amount time and effort you need to sacrifice just to earn few pennies… totally not worth it. If you ask me stay away from all Pay-to-click sites because they are almost very similar in the amount they pay.


thumbs down

What now…? 

Don’t feel down if you think you lost an legit opportunity to make money online. Honestly, I think you should feel happy that after reading this you found out how much of time waster is WordLinx.

If you are still looking for legit ways to earn money online, fret not… There are actually many ways that you can make money online.

Personally, I have been working from home full time for quite sometime now… my main source of revenue is Affiliate marketing. Not sure what’s affiliate marketing? Basically you promote other people’s products and earn commission from it.

If you are interested to find out more, I suggest you to check out my No.1 Recommendation.

For those of you who have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Pasts users of WordLinx are also welcomed to share your personal experience with us.

I have come to the end of the review, hope that you enjoyed it and understood lots of information about it.

Yours Truly,

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  1. I totally agree with review and it certainly not worth the effort. In fact the recent bad move is towards rented referrals(RR), I know it cost $30 renting 100 per month, so far only pro member earn same amount plus click RR does (if any), and the rest membership standard and verifies loses $15 per month! For program yearly cost, I find earning toward offers extremely low which hardly cover year cost! Yes, neobux might cost $90 for bering as premium but the profit is higher than wordlinx. I don’t recommend quiting PTC yet until you’ve tried clixsense. I know membership is $17/year but profit is very high. In fact I earned my member back within two since Apr 2015!

  2. Wordlinx scam is yes,
    I became a member checked 17 $ / year
    I bought 50 referrals cost $ 24 / month
    the result: my balance does not move at all, very disappointed wordlinx
    ads there only rarely or not at all.
    I wrote on their forum and I said my situation, then admin wiped my complaint.
    I invested $ 41 alms, do not think I’ll recover the investment.

  3. Another thing I don’t like is their payout policy!
    In fact, we have to have have one of following to request payout:
    Share Points (10,000 for cashout)
    PTC Advert Views ($0.50 or $5 for cashout)
    Surveys & Offers ($5 for cashout)

    Well, we know value per PTC is way to low , surveys since ,most of there are on other programs, it would impossible completing those here!

    To sum up as explained on my first post: Since free and verified members pay $30/mth to rent ref and losses $15 a month. What does admin doing wqith the rest?

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