Is Zija International a Scam? Read This Review to Find Out More!

This review is going to be about a company called Zija International. What is Zija International? Is it a scam or legitimate opportunity? Is it worth to invest your time, money and effort into this opportunity or who is this really for? These are some of the questions that this review will be focused on.

Alright, with further ado, let’s dive into the review itself…


Name: Zija InternationalIs-Zija-International-A-Scam


Owner: Kenneth Brailsford

Price: $41++ (starting)

Rating: 3/5

Who is this for: People who wants to do Network Marketing/MLM


Zija International Company Overview

Before I go on, I just wanted to mention that my review will be slightly different than most of the reviews you come across online. Simple because I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Zija International and thus, you can expect a totally unbiased review from my side in regards to Zija International products and more importantly, the Zija International business program.

Zija International develops natural health, wellness, nutrition and fitness products. It was founded in 2005 by Kenneth Brailsford. Prior to Zija, Ken was  also co-founder of Nature’s Sunshine products and Enrich international. He definitely has tons of direct sales experience under his belt which is probably the main reason why Zija is still seeing success after  so many years in this industry. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries worldwide.

There have been several articles suggesting that Zija has made over $100 million(per year) in revenue in recent years. I also came across an article of one of Zija international’s top distributor, David Moses, earning over $13 million in revenue for himself through sales and commissions.

Hmm.. it definitely seems possible to make a good amount of money with Zija. But WAIT! I want you to keep in mind that the results are not typical hence, it’s not advisable to assume that you will see similar success too.

It good to see that Zija is very open about who owns and runs the company and even shares with us some of their important team members. This is a good sign that these guys are legit and is the REAL DEAL. I have come across several MLM companies who even fail to disclose information like who is the owner of the company which is definitely disappointing in the perspectives of both a consumer and business opportunity seeker.

The company looks solid… in awhile we will be looking at the products and compensation plan to see how it fairs.


Who is Zija International for?

I believe some of you might be pumped up after hearing about one of Zija’s distributor earning over $13 million in revenue. You may start wondering, how good could it be if I can even make a small fraction of his earnings. Yes, who wouldn’t be ecstatic if he/she can earn a million dollar from doing this.

But hey, let’s cut the chase… stop dreaming for a second…

Before David Moses joined Zija, he was already holding senior executive positions for several large Network Marketing companies so he already knows inside/out how MLM works and how to successful operate it. So my point is, he already has a vast amount of knowledge, experience and probably good contacts which is why he saw great success in this.

If you are just an average stay home mom or dad looking for a work from home business, then you are going to face a great difficulty trying to succeed in this. I’m not trying to scare you by any means. I just want to warn you to let you know what you are getting yourself into.

To be successful in most type of Network Marketing or MLM type business model, you need to do TWO things really well in.

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Recruiting people to join your team

Basically, direct sales mean buying the products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. The difference between the retail price and the wholesale price is yours to keep. By simple comparison, you would already know that you need to make a huge number of retail sales if you want to make a good monthly income.

So solely relying on direct sales is not an option for you. You need to recruit people and build a team, this is where you will start to see more commissions and income coming in. But this isn’t easy as A,B or C. You can’t expect to be successful by simply trying to promote and persuade your family and friends to buy your products or join your team. You need to branch out and get people that you have never met before, in other word, strangers.

If you are not comfortable moving around or talking to people, you are going to have a hard to recruiting people. This is where MOST people fail.

In other words, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and work hard in order to really succeed in this.


Zija International Products

There are four different types of products in Zija

  1. Weight Management System
  2. Liquid Nutritionals
  3. Energy & Performance
  4. Skin Care


Weight Management System


  • XMProtein – Moringa + Whey Protein Supplement Shake
  •  XMburn – Advanced Thermogenic Caps (Dietary Supplement)
  • XMam – Morning Weight Management Supplement
  • XMpm – Dietary Supplement to Curb Evening Cravings
  • SmartMix – Contains Dose of Moringa Nutrients & Probiotic Benefits
  • SuperMix – Similar to SmartMix, but Contains More Moringa
  • XM+Energy Mix – Energy Drink with Moringa
  • Daily Tea – Tea with Moringa
  • Premium Tea – Includes Traditional Eastern and Western Herbs for cleansing body


Liquid Nutritionals


The products are SmartMix and SuperMix, same as the ones mentioned above.


Energy & Performance


Again, these products are same as the ones mentioned in the Weight Management system category.

  1. XMProtein – Moringa + Whey Protein Supplement Shake
  2. XM+Energy Mix – Energy Drink with Moringa

These products are for both athletes trying to improve themselves and for ordinary people who are looking to have more energy throughout the day. They mentioned that their products don’t have any artificial ingredients, stimulants, flavours, preservatives, stabilizers or sweeteners.


Skin Care


  • Creamy Face Cleanser
  • Daily Moisturiser
  • Eye Serum
  • Spa Masque
  • Moringa Silk Hand Crème
  • Rehydrating Mist
  • Anti-Aging Night Repair
  • Zija Oil
  • Body OilExample-Zija-Product-Details
  • Lip Balms

What I liked about them

#1: Using of more natural and less artificial ingredients

#2: Clearly listed the benefits, product details, how to use and etc. This helps people to understand more about the product.

For e.g. Daily Tea product nutrition facts(image on the right)

Not many MLM companies in the health and Wellness Industry do such things.


Cost to Join As Zija Distributor

In order to join and start earning with Zija International, you will be required to pay a fee.

#1: The IR Enrolment

  • The IR Enrolment Fee is $41.90 which includes shipping and handling.
  • This includes a distributor kit that contains order forms,  new representative forms, various marketing tools(e.g. brochure)
  • And you will also receive a book called “the Miracle Tree” by Monica Marcu.

#2: Z3 Pack

  • Automatically qualifies you for 260 PSV (Personal Volume Sales)
  • This is going to cost you $299.95
  • Includes 4 cases of Zija
  • 1 Distributor Kit(as mentioned in the IR Enrolment)
  • Free 10 Trial Cartons (worth $15.90)
  •  Free 50 pocket facts brochures (worth $6.95)

#3: Z5 Pack

  • Automatically qualifies you for 500 PSV
  • Is going to cost you $499.95
  • Includes, 8 cases of Zija
  • 1 Distributor kit
  • Free 25 trial cartons (worth $31.95)
  • Free 100 pocket facts brochures (worth $11.95)
  • Free Zija soft sided carrying case (worth $34.95)

#4: Z10 Pack

  • Automatically qualifies you for 1000 PSV
  • Includes, 16 cases of Zija
  • 1 Distributor kit
  • Free 50 trial cartons (worth $60.95)
  • Free 200 pocket facts brochures (worth $23.90)
  • Free Zija soft sided carrying case (worth $34.95)


 Zija International Compensation Plan

Like every MLM company out there, Zija International also has a compensation plan on how to get started and what you should do to start earning with them. Their website didn’t provide a detailed compensation plan. I had to search outside of their website and I actually found a few good PDF file that explains it well.

Zija International Compensation Plan

Personally, reading from the PDF can be a bit difficult to understand… so I have found a decent video that has the latest compensation plan for Zija International.

Here it is:


Summary of Pros Vs Cons


  • There is a potential to make some money with this business program
  • Zija International have been around for over 10 years and has built a good reputation among people. Both customers and distributors
  • Decent Compensation Plan
  • A have good variety of products to promote
  • Not too costly to get started with
  • Provides good amount of  information on their website


  • This opportunity is not for everybody.
  • Only a handful number of people really sees success in MLM type opportunity
  • Never include the prices for each product


My Final thoughts

So is Zija International a scam?

No, definitely NOT!

However, like I mentioned earlier, this opportunity is not for everyone.

You should keep in mind that this is not like an ordinary 9-5 job. This is a business, and to be a successful business person you need to work hard, move around and build contacts. If you have very little marketing experience you are going to face an uphill task trying to market yourself and your products.

So, before you think about joining Zija, I suggest you take some time to actually think it through because if you are not ready to commit long term and change yourself(if you are not comfortable moving around and talking to people), you are going to eventually fail. I’m not trying to scare you, just stating the fact and reason why most people fail in this.

It is always nice to hear success stories but whether you are going to be the NEXT success story is a totally different thing.

I have been involved in Herbalife a couple of years ago. Back then I didn’t have any knowledge or experience. Basically, I just signed up when someone approached me and shared with me the benefits and potential of this opportunity. I blindly jumped with both feet and purchased some of their products. Once the money was transferred to them and the products came to my hand, it was when I get back to reality.

Thinking to myself, what am I going to do next? Who am I going to sell my products to?

Long story short, I sold a fair amount of products to my close relatives and friends, and that’s about it. The remaining products I had to consume myself because I didn’t know who to approach next. So in conclusion, I went in a loss instead of making profits.

So what I am trying to say is, if you have no clue on how to approach this business model, then you are not going to succeed.

There are two things you could do. One, if you know people who are successful in Network Marketing then seek advice and learn how they do it. Two is to quit this MLM type business opportunities and do something else.

Verdict: Legit, but Not Recommended

I can’t help you with option 1 but I can help you with option 2. I got an alternative business opportunity that you might be interested to get involved it. It doesn’t require you to recruit not even ONE person and you can do this from the comfort of your own home(you don’t need to move around and meet new people).

It’s called Affiliate Marketing. You built a Niche based website based on your passion and promote products through Affiliate programs and earn commissions. So let’s say you like dogs, you can create a dog-related website and promote dog related products like food, collars or safety equipment.

To find out more, check out this program here.

Personally, I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing for just over a year and have seen great success in it. I have quit my day job and work full time from home with this. But do keep in mind that, this is not something that gives you instant result. Similar to any businesses, you need to learn, put in the effort and most importantly give yourself enough TIME to succeed.


I hope you found this review on Zija International to be helpful and now you got a better understanding about what is it all about and whether it is something for you or not. Please feel free to share your personal thoughts/experience with us by simply leaving a comment in the box below. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. I will be more than happy to help you out.

I wish you success!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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