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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Doing keyword research is one of the basis for building a successful blog or website. “Free traffic” is always the best traffic because majority of the time these traffic that comes to your site are well targeted and there is higher chances of making a sales through them. Unlike advertising where you are required to spend some money to promote, “free traffic” requires you to spend no additional money and thus allowing you to earn full profits.

To get this “free traffic” to come to your site, doing keyword research is very important and you can perform researching using a keyword research tool. There are many keyword research tools out there, some are free(Google Planner) while other require you to purchase them.

Personally, I have been using Jaaxy keyword research tool ever since I came across it. In the past I have tried to Google Planner and some other free software but it wasn’t as good as this.Jaaxy Sign UP

So today I will be doing a review on Jaaxy, so that you guys can see the potentials and benefits of using it.

Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy

Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Price: Starter(Free), Pro($19.00/month), Enterprise($49.00/month)

Rating: 96/100


How Jaaxy Works…

Jaaxy keyword research tool captures the data from Search engines(Google, Yahoo & Bing) and comes up with all the necessary metrics than one needs. In other words, there are many things going on behind the scenes but you will get your results to the specific keyword phrase in an instant.

With Jaaxy you can easily pick on low competition keywords by looking at the data given. When you target your articles with low competition keywords, you can easily rank in the top pages in a faster amount of time.

Ask yourself this, how do you think everyday users will find your article on any search engines with so many similar websites and articles. The only way is through properly targeted keyword research! When someone types a keyword on the search box, search engines filter and gives you the top pages/post with that specific keyword(quality content and other factors all maybe required)

If you are looking to build an online business or grow it to a bigger scale, keywords are the backbone for it. Trying to cut costs on keyword research, will cost your business more harm than good.


A simple Walkthrough on how Jaaxy Works…

jaaxy Keyword research tool

It is very to easy to use Jaaxy and it’s idiot proof!

Step 1: Just type in the particular keyword you want to search – In this case I used “build websites”

Step 2: Just click on the “Find Keywords” button and Jaaxy will start loading, then you have a list of keywords(as above)

Step 3: Look at different metrics and decide on which keyword you want to use


1. AVG – Average number of searches the particular keyword receives per month. The higher the value the better because it indicates that a lot of people are actually searching this particular keyword.

2. Traffic – This tab tells you how many visitors will come to your website if your obtain page 1 ranking in the search engines. This is just an estimate, there are 10 spots in page one and not necessarily everyone will receive the same number of visitors because it also depends on how attractive your headline is.

3. QSR(Quoted Search Results) – The number of websites in Google competing for this exact phrase. Any value below 400 is good to help you rank better but below 300 is ideal. In other words the lower the QSR value the better, easier to rank.

4. KQI(Keyword Quality Index) – This will indicate the quality of the keyword for marketing campaigns such as PPC or SEO. Green colour indicates it’s a great keyword to use, yellow indicates it is average and red indicates it’s poor. If possible look for keywords that are green, yellow and red will have harder time to rank.

5. SEO Power – A lots of factors are taken into consideration including, the amount of traffic and competition and the quality of keyword. Basically it tells you that what are your chances of getting SEO rankings.  A scale of 1~100 and the higher the number the better.

6. Domains – As the name says, it shows you the availability of the domain for that particular keyword. For e.g. in the first keyword “how to build website”, the only domain left for you to choose is .org. This will be very useful for those of you purchase domains on a large basis.


Some of the other features in Jaaxy

1. Site Rank – With this feature, you can instantly check where you website is ranJaaxy-Keyword-Tool-SiteRankked by just entering your keyword and domain name. This is one of the features I frequently use to track where my pages/post are currently standing in Google. Not only you can check your own, but you can use this feature to check on your competitors who are in front of you in the rankings.

The image on the right is a snip of one of the searches of my particular keyword. My keyword was ” 1K commission system review” and the result shown is it is in the first page of google, position 6.

Notice the green 1 up arrow? basically every search you do will automatically be stored in your system. So the next time you search the exact keyword they will indicate how many positions has it increased or decreased. In this case it has increased by 1 position since my last search.

2. Website SERPs – Jaaxy also allow allows you to “spy” on your competitors… How? Jaaxy provides you with information from the top ranking sites for the particular keyword you select. Some of the data included is meta description, links on site, keyword density, backlinks and websites page ranking. This will be useful to gauge yourself to see where you stand between them, try to improve on some of the things you lack off and you can squeeze yourself through the top rankings.

3. Search History – Don’t worry if you have missed on some of the good Keywords you have found. You can always go back to the search history to retrieve them.


Benefits of using Jaaxy

  • Very accurate data pulled of from searches engines instantly
  • Don’t require to purchase or install a software, everything is online
  • Excellent support
  • Lots of features, very useful for those very interested in long term success in online marketing/business
  • Excellent for domain flipping – Click here to read case study
  • Very clear and concise information provided
  • No graphs – Make things more confusing

Disadvantages of using Jaaxy

  • For some it may not be cost effective to spend on keyword research tool
    • But with properly targeted keywords you could be earning multiples of initial overhead cost

Test Jaaxy For Free!

Just simply enter any keyword that comes to your mind to see how Jaaxy works. This will give you some first hand experience!

But take note, there are only 30 free searches in Jaaxy starter membership.

If you ever decide that you want to upgrade and unsure of what you will benefit from each individual membership, I suggest you to take a look a this page – Click Here


My Final Say…

As for myself I have been using Jaaxy Pro($19/month) because I think the features are more than enough for me at the moment. If you just new to online business/marketing I would suggest you to get the Pro version too and for those of you “time is money” obviously you can go for the enterprise because you can get results in seconds.

I’m a huge fan of Jaaxy myself, every time before I write articles I would do my keyword research first. I will never recommend that anyone should skip the keyword research portion and jump straight into article writing. I know it may be time consuming but the outcome of doing keyword research can benefit in terms of your revenue.




For those of you who have any questions regarding Jaaxy KW research tool, please feel free to leave a comment below and I can help you out.

Also, Jaaxy users are welcomed to have their personal say of what they feel about using Jaaxy, this would be beneficial to fellow users who are still considering Jaaxy as their keyword research tool


Yours Truly,

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  1. Indeed a great post about keyword research tools.

    Keyword research is the best way to find the right opportunity to work on and earn some decent amount of income.

    It is true that without targetting the right keyword, We can’t achieve success because we don’t know that which keyword has great potential so to know this, keyword research comes into action.

    I am using Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research work. Thanks for sharing such a nice list of keyword research tools. 😀

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