Lets Multiply Review – Is ‘Waving’ the New Trend or Just Another Scam?

Welcome to my review on Lets Multiply. I’m sure many of you are wondering whether letsmultiply.com is a legit opportunity to earn money online or if it is a scam. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in this review I will share with you everything you need to know about this program and also conclude on whether you should join or not.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things started…


Name: Lets Multiply

Website: https://www.letsmultiply.com/

Owner: Amy??

Price: Min. $10, Max. $1935

Rating: 1/5


Lets Multiply Overview

The buzz and hype about lets multiply is real. There has been lots of talk about it in the recent months and tons of people have been posting and sharing their affiliate links with regards to this program. As a person who strives for such opportunities, it didn’t take me long before I go check them out myself. Unfortunately, I have to say, I was nothing but just disappointed.

Is this really some new money-making opportunity? If you have gone through the program, you would have heard of them mentioning the term ‘waving’. Frankly speaking, I am not sure who came up with this term but this sort of opportunity has been around for a very long time and this is no different from all of them.


About Lets Multiply Website

The site itself seems very vague. There is no information about the owner or the person running the website which is definitely crucial when considering joining programs like this. How am I to trust someone and transfer money when I don’t know any details about the company.

The only way to get in contact is by sending them a message which I feel is quite useless because its a one-way contact medium. The person who is behind lets multiply may choose to reply your message and nothing can be really done about it even if he/she didn’t. So this ‘contact us’ option isn’t really that useful in my opinion.

The domain itself has been registered on the 26th of September 2016 and will likely to expire on the 26th of September 2018. Besides this, I could not gather any more details on the person or the website because it has been registered privately.


What is Lets Multiply all about?

According to their FAQ, they call it the multi-tier affiliate program. Basically, you have to transfer money to people up your line in order to for you to start earning from your downline. There are 7 ‘waves’. For wave 1, you will have to pay $10 and have the opportunity to earn infinite amounts of $10 from your downline.

As the wave increase, the amount you have to pay increases and also the potential amount of money you can make increases.

The following is the exact breakdown of the various waves:

  • Wave 1 (3×2, positions cost $10) – $10 per position filled
  • Wave 2 (3×3, costs $25 to unlock) – $25 per position filled
  • Wave 3 (3×4, costs $50 to unlock) – $50 per position filled
  • Wave 4 (3×5, costs $100 to unlock) – $100 per position filled
  • Wave 5 (3×6, costs $250 to unlock) – $250 per position filled
  • Wave 6 (3×7, costs $500 to unlock) – $500 per position filled
  • Wave 7 (3×8, costs $1000 to unlock) – $1000 per position filled


Are there any products?

The only sort of products that you will receive for your money is ad space. In other words, you will receive some coins once you transfer money to your friends and to your upline which in turn can be used to purchase ad space.

To be honest, you can’t really call ad space as a proper product. Often nobody really uses the ad space. This so-called ad space is here to make it look like you a receiving something in return for your money. Just imagine that there is no ad space, all you will be doing is sending and receiving money. There is a term for it, and it’s called cash gifting which isn’t really a legitimate opportunity.


Red Flags

(1) Testimonials


One thing I would like to mention here is about the testimonials. Don’t get too distracted by them and in this case, they shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you to join this program. Simply put it, this testimonials can’t be really verified that they are real.

They are merely words that can be fabricated so easily by the owner of the site.

(2) Harder to earn as your open more waves

I know it seems like a no-brainer that should try to activate wave 7 as soon as possible. But one thing you should keep in mind is that as you go down it is much harder to earn from keeping in mind that you must still pay money upfront.

For instance, you may pay $1000 upfront to unlock wave 7, and many people down your line may not be willing to pay such an amount, so it will be a real struggle. It may even end up in a situation whereby you end up paying more money than you make.

(3) Lets Multiply was never Honest

If you look at the FAQ section, one of the questions there was, ” If Affiliates earn 100%, why has LetsMultiply been built?”

Their answer was ” We wanted to create the best money-making opportunity for our affiliates. The affiliates keep everything so it spreads like crazy and LetsMultiply builds a huge list of opportunity seekers at no cost (leads). When we’ll hear about other great opportunities, we’ll tell you about it. It’s win-win and smart!”.

Well, this isn’t 100% true. Lets Multiply wasn’t solely built for you or me to make money. It is for the owner himself too.Why do you think he/she spend so much time, effort and money on this program so that he/she doesn’t benefit.

In other words, the owners and admins are actually making money of those who join. How? There is a sponsor name called Ascension which is probably the one right on the top. Those of who do not have a sponsor or have issues with their current sponsor will be asked to ‘bypass’ and switch over to Ascension as their sponsor and pay them directly. Meaning, they will be making tons of money.


My Final Thoughts!

I am never a big fan of cash gifting, let alone MLM. I am not saying there is NO money to be made here. I am 100% sure you can make some money but definitely not as what is proposed to you. On paper, it does seem very easy and straightforward. Unfortunately, from my experience, I can tell you, it is nothing but that.

To get referrals is one thing, and take get them to pay money is a whole new story. It is going to take a lot of effort. Ever imagine how you are going to get people to sign up? Actually, let me tell you something. The person behind Lets Multiply is making use of you to drive traffic to his/her program.

If it was that easy, they could have been the sole sponsor and built a strong downline and keep all the commissions themselves. Yea, you don’t see those happening which should already drop you a hint of what is going on here.

Also keeping in mind that this company is anonymous in so many different aspects is not safe to invest your time and effort on such program.


My #1 Recommendation 

For those of you who are keen on making some serious money online, I would encourage you go in the direction of starting your very own online business. The potential is much greater. Yes, you do need to put in quite a bit of effort to succeed in this but trust me, it’s totally worth it and rewarding in the long run.

All it takes is a passion and hunger to succeed!

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Lets Multiply. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this website is all about. Those who have personally tried or simply want to share your thoughts are welcomed to do so by leaving a comment in the box below.

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