Lucrative Business Blueprint Review – Scam or Legit?

This review is going to be about on a program called Lucrative Business Blueprint. What is Lucrative Business Blueprint? A scam or legitimate opportunity for you to make money? Is it worth spending money on this program? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this review.

Alright, without further ado. Let’s get things rolling…


Name: Lucrative Business Blueprint or LBBLucrative-Business-Blueprint-Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: $49

Rating: 1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended


What is Lucrative Business Blueprint all about?

Basically, Lucrative Business Blueprint is a blueprint to help you create a business program and ultimately help you make money. The claims seem to be too overboard if you ask me.

“Making $100,000 per month plan”

Seems to be more misleading than helpful. So does it really mean that after getting your hands on this blueprint you are going to make $100,000 a month or become a millionaire in a year? Obviously not. If you purchase this program with expectations like that, I can strongly assure you that you are going to regret it sooner rather than later.

I have bought similar kind of products in the past from ClickBank and all of them turn off to be nothing but a useless piece of information that you can already get access to for FREE on the internet. If it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I probably would still have been trying my luck and purchasing random money making products to make money online. Thankfully I won’t have to go through that hassle and spend unnecessary money anymore.


What you will be learning inside LBB

Since this program is catered for people who wants to start a business, you will find all sorts of business related information here. How good is the information? I don’t know. But from personal experience ClickBank products are always below par. Basically, it’s created by some random person trying to make himself/herself rich. – Creating your own products and selling online is a great way to generate income online.

Provided your product is good and have value. Most of the product owners, take free information from other sites and compile into a file and sell it as a product. This is why I wouldn’t recommend people buying products from ClickBank, particularly from the Make Money Online Niche.

According to their website, these are the following you are going to get out of LBB:

#1: Understanding the Challenges

There are always several challenges one will face when trying to start a business. So this section will highlight most of these issues and teach you how to tackle it.

#2: The Solution

This portion here is probably related to the earlier part. For the earlier challenges, solutions are provided now.

#3: Old/New Fashion

This module here will highlight the difference between the way of starting and running a business in the past to the present. According to them, old techniques aren’t as effective as before and in order to succeed in Today’s generation, you have to take a different approach.

#4: Your Mission

Basically, this section will help you discover who you truly are and what kind of business suits you.

#5: Modalities of Learning

Not too sure what is modalities all about but it seems every business can be introduced in 5 different modalities.

#6: The 12 Products

12 different products will be introduced to you and also taught on how to use these products and start a business.

#7: Build Your Brand

This is the core of the entire program. Here you will learn step by step to create a business. You will also learn how to make a brand for yourself.

#8: Marketing

In any business, marketing is definitely important. Even if you have good products to sell but without proper marketing, you will not be able to reach the right audience thus not making good profits. This module will teach you different marketing technique to approach.

#9: $1 Million Formula

This section here is the specialty of this entire program. Basically, it includes different strategies millionaires are using to generate good income. The idea is if you can replicate and follow these, you too can become a millionaire.


Issues with Lucrative Business Model

Although $49 is quite an affordable amount to pay for, I still wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase this product. Simply because you are not going to go anywhere with it. It’s only a blueprint that may or may not work. Everything in business is about taking actions if you are not going to take actions you are not going to make money. Simply reading a “blueprint” isn’t going to help you become successful.

Personally, I find lots of issues with this product. A lot of misleading information here that I want to highlight with you.

#1: Fake Testimonials



The testimonials you see on the video aren’t even real feedback from people who personally used it. Basically, the owner bought these testimonials from Fiverr to give a fake review. It’s kinda disappointing but hey, that’s the truth. Not only this, but I noticed most of them were actually from Fiverr. I’m not going to personally hunt every one of them down and list them here because I feel it’s not necessary.

I hope this one evidence is enough to prove that their testimonials are not real.

#2: Fake Claims


Don’t get fooled by what you see here. I’m sure none of these people here has even heard of this product. The owner just randomly took those and claim them as their top users. I’m not too familiar with the rest, my focus is only on Patric Chan. I have come to know Patric Chan for quite a long time, not personally but because of his bad reputation for his products.

Patric Chan owns several ClickBank products on different ways to make money online. His products always under delivers and are full of upsells. Remember I mentioned earlier that I used to buy ClickBank products? Yea, Patric Chan’s products were one of them. This is probably why I hate him so much. I never made a dime out of every method he suggested.

#3: Another lie about the copies remaining


While on the website you will come across the following. “367 people are on the queue to download the LBB! Only 10 copies are put for download.”

This is a lie. It’s just a very LAME marketing technique used to try to lure people into buying the product quickly. In reality, it is not even in real time. It’s just mere words. You can refresh, come back a day or month later and you will see the same figures.

So don’t hastily jump into buying this product after coming across this.

#4: The video doesn’t seem to be related to the product at all.

Seriously, this is one of the worst videos that I have come across. All it showed in the video is, full of fake video testimonials and screenshots of edited bank accounts. The owner is trying to mesmerize you with all these fake earning claims. I expected the video to explain more about the product, but it didn’t.

Actually, I am still kinda confused. What is this product really all about? Starting a business? An online business? Work from home business? I really don’t know. Reading through the page, it seemed like a starting a local business. But watching the video, of his “earnings” through Paypal it makes me think otherwise.


My Final thoughts.

I’m not going to be wasting too much time here. All I can tell you that this program/product is one you should avoid.Is it a scam? Maybe. It definitely has some value in it. But I personally feel that you will not get anything out of it. I don’t think that you are going to even make $100 dollars using this so forget about becoming a millionaire.

There is just too many lies regarding this program. Can you imagine, how many times he lied on his website. Think about it, what else are you going to expect once you spent your money.

Anyway, for those of you who are serious about making money online or starting your own home based business, I recommend that you start Affiliate Marketing. Basically, it means you promote someone else’s products/services and earn commissions for it.

I have been involved in Affiliate Marketing for just over a year now and have seen great success with it. If you are looking to get started, I highly recommend that you join Wealth Affiliate. It teaches you from scratch how to build an online business and how to monetize it.

Just keep in mind that whatever business you want to do, whether online or offline, everything requires effort and time. You can’t instantly expect to make money. You need to work hard and only then will you able to see success.

Stop wasting time and money on ClickBank products because these are products mostly created by people who wants to make money for themselves. If they have the formula to make them rich, why must they waste time creating a product on it? Why not he replicate his own blueprint and make millions of dollars. Obviously, he won’t do that because he can’t. His information found inside is too generic and will never help you succeed in any business and even himself.



I have come to the end of my review on Lucrative Business Blueprint. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is really all about and thus able to make a much better decision going forward. If you have tried this program please feel free to share your experience below in the comment section. Any questions are also welcomed.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you success 🙂



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