Madness Cash System Review, Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for ways to make money online? I believe you might have stumbled across Madness Cash System during your search venture online and wondering whether it is a scam or legit system to earn money. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place… I will be doing a review on Madness Cash System to share with you insights of them. By the end of this review you will have a better understanding of them which will be influential in you making a much wiser decision moving forward.

Madness Cash system claims that they have the “secret formula” to making $10,000 within 7 days and are willing to share with everyone for just a small fee of $10… Sounds appealing right? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to trade $10 for tens of thousands of dollars?

But the Big question is, does it live up to its claims?

You will find out soon as you read on…

Name: Madness Cash System


Owner: Unknown

Price: Advertised($10), Actual($12)

Rating: 0/100


What is Madness Cash System about?

Madness Cash system claims that it has a unique money making system in place that will teach people how to make $10,000 of profits in a week. They also mentioned that you will be able to start making money within 3 minutes of ordering their system.

So… Are you wondering what is their system exactly is about?

Unfortunately this very important piece of information has never been mentioned in their entire website… This is definitely weird, the site never explain how you will make money and what you are supposed to do.

Instead, they kept on emphasizing in details of what they are actually not.

For instance; they claimed that Madness Cash system doesn’t require you to build any website, sell any product, advertise products, recruit members, do paid surveys, gamble and so on…


The ugly truth

Are you interested in knowing why they didn’t mention anything about their system? The reason is not that they had forgotten to include… This was left out deliberately because they did not have a system that makes money in the first place.

The main reason this site was created is not to help anyone make money, this is just a scam website built to rob money from people who are interested in getting rich quickly.

Then you may ask me, how do I know that this is a scam site. Fret not, I have my reasons and I will share with you very soon.

Honestly, there is no such thing is as a get rich quick scheme and this system that claims to make $10,000 in 7 days is no different. Do you really think making money online is so easy? The answer is… it’s not!

The amount of effort you are willing to put in will determine how much money you are going to make online and there is no easy way out.

This is what’s likely going to happen when you sign up:

  1. There are lots of personal details you are required to fill up before you can order their system. For e.g. you contact number and address
  2. Once you have completed and click the order, your $12 will be deposited into the UNKNOWN person’s bank account
  3. You just “donated” $12… No this is not a joke, I’m serious there is no real system and you will not get a reply from them at all.
  4. Now you just lost $12 and also your personal details. I’m not surprised if these guys took your personal details and sell it to market research companies too.


Tell-tale signs of scam

 #1: Re-directs you to other scam programs



When I decided to leave the main page of Madness Cash System, a message popup in front of my screen(Exact image below). You canMadness-Cash-System see the message saying, “Get the exact method that banked me $15,827 in just 24 Hours! 100% Free”.

Once you decided to stay on this page, they will re-direct you to a totally different program. This program is about trading options and the owner actually claimed that he will make you a millionaire in just 3 months.

I actually wasted almost about half an hour watching that crappy video which was full of B.S. The video also mentioned that there were only limited slots left and expects you to grab that last few spots quickly.

Ask yourself, do you really think you can make 1 million in 3 months? Of course not.

This how the scenario goes, if you are not interested in their first product(Madness Cash System) they lure you into another system with all those lucrative claims so that they can get you into signing up for at least one of them.

Legit systems will never promote another scam product because that will clearly tarnish their own reputation. Hence, you can see that this is already a big hint that it is a scam system.


#2: Fake income proof

Don’t be fooled by their “income proof” because it is not real. There are two things I would like to highlight here, the income proof and the dates.

1) Take a quick glance at the income proof again. Have you ever used Microsoft Word or Excel? Doesn’t it seem familiar to you? If you Madness-Cash-System-Fake-Income-Proofstill couldn’t find out, it’s ok. It seems our dear unknown friend has use either Microsoft Word or Excel to create his income proof and make it look as if it was a screenshot from his bank account. These numbers are too good to be true, everyone knows it!

2) Now, take a look at the dates under the Month Column. There are from 2010~2011, and here we are in 2015(almost ending too). This clearly shows this is an outdated system too. If the system is really working, why not show an up-to-date legit bank account transactions which will be far more compelling than this piece of crap.


 #3: Fake Testimonials

Madness Cash System Fake Testimonials

All the testimonials you see in their website are not true, they are probably scripted by the owner himself. How hard can it be to write testimonials? Just write a few positive words, the photos you see are not real either… they are just stock photos.

Doesn’t it seem strange when the only positive remarks about the system comes from their “testimonials” itself… because majority of the remarks all over the internet are negative.


#4: Inconsistent Price



I noticed there was inconsistency in amount you have to pay for this system, on the top it advertised as $10 but when you click to order it indicates $12. I know this $2 is not really a big issue provided the system actually works, however it drops a great hint on their credibility of the system itself.

Let me ask you, would you go on to purchase a product from a shop if the owner asks a higher price than the original advertised price? I bet most of you will be left frustrated and avoid purchasing from that shop.


 My final thoughts…

Madness Cash System has a shady one page website that never mentioned even once how will one make money with their system. I strongly recommend you to stay far away from Madness Cash System because the chances of you making any money with them is ZERO.

I am never a fan of quick get rich systems because almost every single time they never live up to the hype. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you do enough research about the product/program before you eventually decide to purchase.

Whether it is $1 or $1000, it is still money… so don’t become an easy target for scammers and give them the opportunity to scam you.




So what now…?

Are you still looking for a legit opportunity to make money online?

These are some questions I would like you to ask yourself first…

  1. Are you keen in working from home?
  2. Do you hate your day job?
  3. Don’t like working for a boss, keen to work for yourself?
  4. Start your own business, but no capital?
  5. Willing to work very hard – someone who doesn’t anticipate Get rich quick schemes

If any one of these fits you… then you are a possible candidate of what I am going to recommend you

Ok, enough of the suspense… my advice to you is start online marketing.

Wait! Before you even start thinking that online marketing is not suitable for, take a moment to read first.

Online marketing is not as complex as what you might think it is. Anyone and I really mean ANYONE can start online marketing as a full time income. I think you already know that the world is transforming into more of an online platform.

Everything now is shifting online, in the past there is no such thing as online shopping but now everyone the table have definitely turned… more and more people are shopping online from the comfort of their own home and being delivered right to their doorstep. This is the best time where anyone should grab this wonderful opportunity and make full use of it.

If you are keen in handling products between you and a supplier you can start an e-commerce business or you can become like me, an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to own any product and hold responsibility for them. Basically you promote someone else product and you get a commission for it. The commission can range from 4% up to even 90% depending on the Affiliates you sign up. The best part of online marketing is that you can start an online business with something you are passionate about or a hobby.

As a newbie, going through this process all by yourself is a very difficult task… often will leave you lost if you have no proper foundation and support. I strongly recommend you to Check out Wealthy Affiliate, where you will go through the online entrepreneur certification course. This course teaches you from scratch, from building websites to making money out of it.

I understand your concerns, you may take all the time you need to think carefully. I was once in your very same situation, but luckily I decided to go with and I am happy that I have made the decision.


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I’ve come to the end of my review, hope you enjoyed it and learnt lots of useful information. Those of you who have any questions regarding anything please feel free to drop me comment in the box below. Past users of Madness Cash System are also welcomed to share your personal experience with us.

Yours Truly,

my name




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