Mass Income Multiplier, My Honest Review

I must say I am quite disappointed with the Mass Income Multiplier. It definitely hasn’t lived up to it’s expectation and there were lots of false claims. This product was introduced quite sometime ago, strangely their sales page is still running today, but not to help people make money but to rob their hard earned money. I will be doing a review on them to give you more insights of why I actually deemed them as nothing but a scam.

Name: Mass Income MultiplierIs mass income multiplier a scam


Price: $39.95

Owners: Tony Perr & Tom Geller

Rating: 10/100

How Mass Income Multiplier works?

Basically, the Mass Income Multiplier is a software designed by Tony Perr’s Team that claims to do 95% of the tasks for you which includes creating auto money pages, generate traffic and build lists.

Mass Income Multiplier has adopted affiliate marketing as their main money making strategy.

Basically, the idea of affiliate marketing is putting up your affiliate links and when someone purchases a product from any of your links you will get commission for it.

So you only tasks are to put your affiliate links on the page and share it on social media.

However, do you really think it is so simple? With just a few clicks and you can start generating revenue? I will be explaining in more details later in my review.


Who is this product catered for?

According to their author, the Mass income multiplier is for anyone who wants to make money online regardless of your level of expertise(beginner or professional)

You are not required to have any past knowledge or experience with internet marketing or website designing to use this system.

Since almost everything is automated, you can set up your money making page within minutes. This is also catered for people whom already have their own websites and products and want to increase their traffic.


What I liked

#1: Money Making Concept

Of course, I have to give credits for coming up with such a system, automated that claims to help you earn money. But everything looks nice on paper(or when you read their sales page), it seems like a legit way that can easily make you money but in reality this type of automated concept system doesn’t really work.

#2: Their Short video

Unlike the long winded and boring videos with lots of B.S, the video presentation at Mass Income Multiplier was short and straight to the point. I got a glimpse of how exactly their system is working, however there are many things not covered in their video.

What I didn’t like

#1: Outdated screenshots of bank accounts

One thing really pisses me off, is showing screenshots of bank accounts that are outdated. All of the snapshots that were displayed were from year 2011. Come on, now we are here mid way through 2015 and you show us snapshot of your bank account four years ago? Weekly snapshot

I understand this is a product that was released few year back, but if you are still willing to display your sales page in year 2015, the least you could do is to provide with the latest updates too see whether this system is still currently working.

Honestly, judging by this… I bet the system don’t even work. They purposely leave the page available so that they can continue to scam people from time to time.

#2: The idea of automated programs

It may sound a bit contradicting because I mentioned earlier than actually like their money making concept. However, there are many flaws in the automated program that makes it one of the worst system to have in your hands.

Of course, majority of you will be happy because almost 95% of the jobs is done for you.

But just take sometime to think, what if suddenly you cant access their website or you cant get the support you need.

Everything regarding the entire automated system is under their control, and why would you even want to buy a program that doesn’t belong to you.

I know they said with their system you do not need your own domain and hosting.

However you should know that without a domain nothing actually belongs to you, and having your own domain is the basis of making money in the long run.

#3: Pre-made pages

The problem with pre-made pages is that they don’t really have any valuable content within them. A page with just affiliate links, videos and banners is similar to an empty page in the eyes of Google. You will never get ranked in the search engine for this kind of crap pages.

The best traffic is always organic traffic(free), which comes from people searching specific keywords in the search engines. If your pages are not ranked or even indexed by search engines, nobody will ever know that your page exist and you will not get a single traffic.

To get ranked in search engines, you need quality content and this aspect is obviously lacking in these automated pages.

#4: The idea of Viral Marketing

The main channel MIM is trying to generate traffic is from social media. Throughout their sales page, they keep mentioning social media such as Facebook and Twitter. However, if you really think that you can make lots of money through social media than it’s your stupidity.

I’m not saying you cant make money through social media but Mass income multiplier is greatly leveraging on social networks to help you generate traffic.

Firstly, if you want to generate decent amount of traffic, you need to have your very own fan page(a large group of followers). The idea of spamming links of your websites to your family and friends in Facebook or Twitter will never work out. If you are looking to generate revenue in the long run, spamming links within your own family and friends and expect them to by your products is not going to work.

Also if you noticed properly, the type of website created by Mass Income Multiplier is not even attractive and doesn’t have any interesting content. Don’t expect people to share something around that they themselves don’t find it interesting.

Another thing I wanted to mention is this system seems a bit too one sided, leaning towards people who are active in social media. So what if a person has no social media accounts or very little contact, will he/she not be able to make money through this system?

Using social media to generate traffic is a good way but never use social media to generate your entire traffic. Though the traffic from social media is free, it might not always target the right people that you want. When you don’t target specific people, the likelihood of you making a conversion is very slim.

The best way to get target traffic for free is through organic traffic, which I mentioned that earlier you cant achieve with automated systems.

#5: Deceiving Video

I was actually quite disgusted when I saw how Tony Perr actually presented his walkthrough process, does he think that all of us here are actually stupid or something to immediately believe everything he says?

If you watch his video, you would have noticed he created two money pages Forex tutorial and diet stories “in front of us”. Basically, he just added two YouTube videos on both of his pages respectively. So the following day, he showed that he already made money from his pages.

So by just looking at his walkthrough, I should get the understanding that he just made money by posting videos. This entire walkthrough has been scripted. Looks like Tony actually done most of the important stuff behind the scenes and just shows us the easy part – Making you think that you can make money just as simple as posting video(which is actually not)

#6: Full of B.S

Mass income multiplierAfter reading one of his FAQs, I literally laughed.. So he says that his system is different than the others and he has undeniable proofs on his website?

I’m not sure what proof he is talking about… Outdated bank account snapshots? or his “revolutionary concept” Honestly, this concept is nothing new to me. I have seen many products claims similar types of concept and fails to deliver, and Tony’s system is no different from the others.

And he also mentioned that since there is 60-day money back guarantee there is actually no excuses not to try?

This brings me to my next point to share with you all..


What past users think?

#1: 60- days money back guarantee

Mass incone multiplier refund

Don’t expect to have a smooth ride when trying to get a refund. Most of the time people actually purchase this products is because of the 60-days money back guarantee. However, not everybody will get their refund that easily.

#2: Support

Customer support

They claim that you their support team will answer questions promptly but in actual fact it is not that case. As you can see from the above screen shot, she didn’t get a reply from the for more than a week. This is the problem with automated system, everything is under their control and if you don’t get the right support you can never move forward.


My Final thoughts…

If you are finding legit ways to make money online, than I suggest you to stay far away from Mass Income Multiplier or any other systems that claim to be automated.

The real money makers are the ones who is selling this products, not you. The irony is Tony Perr claims he has been scammed many times and he understands all your situation but the fact that his product is also a scam wants to make me laugh more.


thumbs down

So what now…

Making money online is possible, but it is necessary you know the fundamentals first. Most of the times, people who get scammed are those who are looking to get rich quickly and are lazy to work hard.

Honestly, if you put in effort you can make a full time income through online marketing. I can’t agree more that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest way to make money but it requires you to have the knowledge.

I started out like you, with zero knowledge about online business or affiliate marketing but now I have created several of my own websites which are generating consistent income for me every month.

If you are looking for a good learning platform to build up your knowledge and skills about online business and marketing I suggest you to take a look at my No.1 Recommendation.

There you will learn to build your own website from scratch, step by step training from website creation to monetizing your website.

If you guys have any question regarding Mass Income Multiplier please drop me a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Yours Truly,

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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. Hi, Kumar

    I remember back in the days when I used MySpace, Traffic Excahanges and other ways to promote online, making money online seemed fairly easy 🙂

    However, today the process of earning money online takes real hard work and time, and programs just like Mass Income Multiplier that promise wealth for easy work, just doesn’t cut it today because Get Rich Quick doesn’t exist!

    I hate fake scammy systems like this!!

    Thanks for a great review, and another one for my scam list!


  2. From the title of the product is sounded a little bit like an xbox game! I’m with you on the screenshots of bank payments and bank accounts – this sort of thing has been outdated in the scam world for quite some time ( along with the timer that runs down etc ). Great review – thanks for highlighting a dodgy product!

  3. Hi Kumar,

    In reading through your review and the information presented, I can certainly understand why you gave thiis Mass Income Multiplier “opportunity” the thiunbs down!

    In looking at the “proof” it seems to me that the author is continuing to suck people’s money be providing information that may or may not have worked a couple of years ago…

    I have seen so many of such scams that I rarely get as far as you have with this review to mark it as such in my mind and move on to something else. There are just too many of these.

    Your referral at the end to an educational site Wealthy Affiliate, I also find myself in agreement as to your recommendation. I am a member and can attest to its efficacy, it has been everything it promised and more!


  4. I came across your site while searching for information on the Mass Income Multiplier. Since reading your article I have come to the conclusion that I would be wasting my time and money investing in this program.

    I am going to check out your recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thank you.

  5. Well don for reviewing this scam! I love it when these people try to pull off a scam like this one and then think that people wont notice the crappy outdated screenshots of clickbank that they have probably just downloaded from Google images!

    I remember seeing a similar system to this a while ago and like you said in this review, the system produced automated webpages that looked terrible and then relied on social media traffic to generate sales!

    Mass income multiplier, more like mass income deductor!

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