Mingle Cash Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Welcome to my review on Mingle Cash. I’m sure many of you are wondering whether Mingle Cash is a scam or legit opportunity to earn money online. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in this review I will share with you everything you need to know about this program.

Alright, without further ado let’s get started.


Name: Mingle CashMingle-Cash-Review

Website: www.minglecash.com

Price: Free to join

Rating: 2/5


Mingle Cash Overview

Mingle Cash is a program that claims users can make huge passive, recurring online income simply by referring friends and surfing the way. There are quite a number of people actually promoting this on social media platforms which is how I came to know about it.

Seeing those huge claims, I immediately decided to check it out. After learning and understanding how it works, I soon realized that this is no different from many other online programs. Yes, it slightly differs in terms of their name, idea and so on… but their concept is more or less the same.

It’s a referral system based opportunity that I’m sure many of you are not new to. I will be going into further details about this right below.


So How Does Mingle Cash Work?

Initially, I had the impression that it was a paid to surf website, well that’s at least how I think they portrayed themselves. Their tagline is Surf-Refer-Earn. You can sort of actually ignore the ‘surf’ portion because that isn’t going to make you any money but it’s part of the routine in order for you to make anything out of it.

So how exactly it works?

In simple, you will be required to view advertisements and refer people. In order to do so, you first have to register an account using your email address and then download the Mingle Cash browser extension. The browser extension will then allow you to view ‘pop-under’ ads, which means the ads will appear below your browser window instead of the usual popup where it distracts you from surfing the net.

The ads will only refresh every 3-10 minutes only if you are constantly surfing the net. If you are static for a long period of time, i.e. watching a movie or playing games, the ads will not refresh.

Coming back to the important point, you will NOT make any money from viewing the ads. All the income is based on the number of referrals you refer and how active they are. However, as I mentioned earlier, in order to earn money from your referrals, you will still need to view the ads.

You will be eligible to earn anywhere between 1.25% to 5% of the money generated in your downline, mainly depending on how many ads you view per day. A minimum of 10 ads will allow you to get 1.25% of the share and viewing a minimum of 40 ads per day will allow you to be eligible for the entire 5% cut.


Can You Make Millions With Mingle Cash?

I’m sure many of you are wondering whether you really can make six-figure income with Mingle Cash. In my honest opinion, the answer is NO. Although I am not going to rule out the possibilities, let’s be practical here. Do you really think you can make hundreds of thousands, let alone millions from an online program that requires you to only surf and refer friends? Obviously not!

If you join Mingle Cash with the impression of becoming a millionaire, I am sorry to say this but you are in for a big disappointment. The chances of you making any good money out of this program are very slim because the way this program is designed.

How much money you make is highly dependent on the number of referrals you bring in, and more importantly, provided that your referrals are very much interested in the opportunity as you and diligently view the ads and refer friends on their side.

On paper, it seems very easy, but let me tell you its never. I have been involved in many kinds of referral based earning opportunities in the past, and the money I made is never near a six-figure income.

I’m sure many of you probably were persuaded to sign up, because of these two girls in the video.


Well, if you didn’t know, these two girls have not tried this program nor are they making six figures. They are simply paid actors from Fiverr that are hired by the owner of Mingle Cash to promote their program. Don’t get fooled by this pretty girls, believing everything they say and thinking that finally, you have found a breakthrough program to get rich.


The above image is a screenshot from Fiverr, where the girls are selling their services.


My Final Thoughts!

I don’t think Mingle Cash is a scam, but the ridiculous claim of users being able to make six-figure income is a big put off. There is definitely some money to be made here but I am very confident that is it nowhere near the million the claimed. But the final call is up to you to make.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother too much about this program because they were not honest right from the beginning which is a big disappointment. They could have taken a more honest approach rather than trying to brainwash everyone with their unethical tactics of getting users to sign up for their program.

If you are interested, you still can register and try but as mentioned its really a waste of time. You aren’t going to get much out of it. Furthermore, getting active referrals isn’t going to be an easy task. Yes, they do have some brief training on how and where to get your referrals which is probably enough to help you get started.

Anyway, for those of you who are still keen on making money online, I would suggest you start your own online business. The potential is much greater and you don’t have to rely on anybody but yourself.

All it takes is a passion and hunger to succeed!

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Mingle Cash. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is all about. Those who have personally tried or simply want to share your thoughts are welcomed to do so by leaving a comment in the box below.

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