My Affilorama Review, Is it worth the money?

If you are looking for a legit place to learn about affiliate marketing, then Affilorama is one them you should consider. Affilorama was set up by Mark Ling in 2005 and ever since then, they have been in business. Today, I will do a review on Affilorama to share with you the insights  before you make the decisions of whether it is the right place for you to start learning.

Name: Affiloramamark ling


Owner: Mark Ling

Price: $1(30 Days trial), $67 monthly

Rating: 75/100


My First Impression

Affilorama definitely stands out from most of their other online counterparts who claims that you can make get rich quickly. Affilorama does have good trainings and valuable contents which is great!

However, some things I didn’t like about them was that they weren’t transparent enough about themselves, they claim that you get immediate access to all their resources when you create a free membership.

But that wasn’t exactly the case, to get access to some of their more advanced products you have to actually pay quite a sum of money.

Other than that, some of the trainings being taught are actually kind of outdated and their support system is not very efficient.

I will be going into more details about them as we go on…


What is Affilorama about?

Affilorama is a training centre that teaches all aspects of affiliate marketing. It is catered for people of any experience levels, whether you are a complete newbie to online marketing or you are already successful affiliate marketer, you are all potential candidates for Affilorama.

The trainings in Affilorama covers almost everything, from the fundamentals(I.e. building website, hosting, content creation) to more sophisticated promotional techniques.

What can you look forward to?

1. Lessons & videos – There are notes and videos to learn affiliate marketing

2. Forums – You can connect with fellow Affilorama members & staffs, get help by asking questions or learning from past posts

3. Affiliate Tools – A variety of tools that will come in handy during affiliate marketing

4. Guru views – Owner Mark Ling travels around the world getting insights information from interviewing the “gurus” of affiliate marketing


Clear Breakdown of their Membership

Their membership is broken down into two, free membership and Premium membership. The price and tools they offer between both I quite varied… so I will be doing a breakdown of them for you to understand more better.

Free Membership

Basically the free membership means entirely free and you do not need to pay any more for this. Don’t worry, you can choose to stay free as long as you like and there is no catch to it.

In the free membership you will get access to over 20 hours of video trainings, notes, affiliate marketing blogs, interview with the gurus of online marketing and many more.

Actually, I must say that they offer quite a lot of valuable content for free.

However, the problem with the free membership is that it is never enough for you to completely master affiliate marketing as most of the contents provided are somewhat basic.

You will learn basic stuff like what is affiliate marketing, how to set up your websites, content creation, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Pay-per-click(PPC).

But of course if you are on a tight budget, then having something is still better than none.

Premium MembershipAffilorama gold plan

If you think that free membership doesn’t offer much, you can always upgrade to their premium membership. They have an offer of $1(30 days trial) and the month after its a payment of $67/month.

What I like about the 30 days trial is that it is actually  quite a good deal, you can learn more about their premium membership to see whether its suits you for just $1. Of course, after the 30 days you think its not right for you then you can immediately cancel.

When you sign up to the their premium membership you will get access to more trainings, tools and benefits(Look at the image on the right).

I also noticed that within their premium membership they actually have two different types of plan

  1. Gold Plan – $67/month
  2. Premium Plan – $497 for 3 years

The benefit of the taking the 3 year plan is that you save more than 70% if you work it out.

Yes, the premium plan seems to be very attractive offer, but I am not very sure if one should bank in such a high sum of money immediately. I suggest you give some thought because once you signed up for the 3 years plan, you cant back out(no refund).


What I Didn’t Like…

1. Upsells

Within Affilorama there are several upsells being promoted to us, which I didn’t really like.

What I mean by upsells?

Basically within Affilorama, thy recommend certain tools or products that one should buy to get more benefit such as make money faster or make more money.

Honestly, I was very turned down by this… As a premium member you are paying a sum of $67 monthly and it would be ideal that we get access to all their trainings and tools. But sad to say, in Affilorama it doesn’t work that way.. if you want extra benefits, YOU PAY EXTRA!

And what’s worst? Their upsells are not as cheap as you think it is… they are actually quite costly too, which I will be sharing with you very soon.

Upsell #1: Affilotheme($97)

Affilotheme are specially designed WordPress themes that claims to provide benefits to affiliate marketers in many ways. The price for the Affilotheme is $97(one time payment)

Some of the features included are,

  • Full Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Complete training videos
  • Exclusive member’s community access
  • Custom graphic creating tools
  • 1 year free web hosting

Upsell #2: AffiloBlueprint System($197)

AffiloBlueprint consists of over 90 step by step video lessons which includes the very basics from building website to marketing you product. One thing I noticed is that the some of the contents included in the AffiloBlueprint system can be found within the Affilorama premium membership.

I believe the AffiloBlueprint system caters to more of those who are not from their premium membership but wants to test of their system.

In the AffiloBlueprint system you also get lifetime access to their all their trainings and tools. However, the problem is that you are only allowed to host one website for one year within Affilorama. However, if you want to host multiple websites, you will also have to sign up to their monthly premium membership of $67/month.

In other words, all their products(Upsells) are always encouraging you to take up their monthly premium membership also. Wow, that really quite a lot of money if you ask me…

Upsell #3: AffiloJetpack 2.0($997)

The AffiloJetpack 2.0 is the most provides the most valued product within Affilorama itself. However, the price tag that comes with it is definitely shocking, you have to pay $997 to get you hands on the AffiloJetpack 2.0.

AffiloJetpack 2.0 is actually pre-build system, meaning majority of the work is actually done for you. This products is catered more for people who want to earn money online but don’t have that much of time in their hands.

Some of the things included are,

Affilojetpack 2.0

Honestly, if you ask me.. I never liked the idea where almost everything is done for you, then you do the finishing touches. This cam go wrong in many ways, especially if you don’t have the fundamentals right for affiliate marketing.. Besides its definitely too pricey.. if possible try to avoid this(my personal opinion)

2. A very “deserted” Community

One thing I didn’t want to mention initially, but I felt it was necessary that I should is regarding the community if Affilorama.

#1: Lack of Engagement

Affilorama forum


Affilorama news







Just to show you what I meant by lack of engagement is, most of their latest posts or reply are few days, few weeks or few months to go.. that’s really quite shocking to see. And the worst part? On a particular time I was logged in there were only like 13 users online?

Honestly, the vibe I felt inside the community is was totally negative. I just felt I was all alone.

#2: Delayed support

Another thing I thought I needed to mention was I noticed the replies in their forum are very slow.

Affilorama scam

If you take a close look at the time, it took approximately 4 days for one of the members to get a reply from the forum. Waiting for such a long time to get a response is certainly a let down… what if I need some answer more quickly? then my progress will be on halt till then?

Support is very important in a membership site and I noticed Affilorama lacked by far margin in that aspect.

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3. Outdated Trainings

#1: PLR Articles

I am sorry to say this but one of the methods that used to work in the past but not today is writing of PLR(Private Label Right) content. PLR articles basically means you have the rights or license to copy and edit the article and publish it as your own.

In other words, you are literally duplicating their content and claiming that it is yours. I understand it worked in the past, writing PLR content and you still can get ranked.. But not today!

Writing PLR articles will not help you build a successful long term business because your content will never get ranked. I know that one of Affilorama benefits for premium membership is getting 30 new PLR articles every month, so if you actually stick to their training you are sort of learning the wrong things which can drastically kill you online business.

Think of it as this way…

There are thousands of active members in Affilorama and everybody get the same 30 PLR articles every month. If everyone uses the same articles and duplicates it, how on earth will search engines(google) judge the content and rank them? It is not fair that everyone write the same content but are ranked differently.. therefore to be fair to all, you will never get ranked.


#2: Back links

Another wrong thing you are learning from Affilorama is leveraging on backlinks. Similarly, backlinks used to work in the past like PLR articles but after the major update in Google(Penguin & Panda).. the weight in backlinks have dropped drastically.

In fact, more and more people are being penalised for backlinks everyday. In worst cases, these people lose their entire business and rankings online.

And ironically, Affilorama has particular training section just focusing on backlinks.

I don’t know about you.. but as for myself I will never want to get my hands dirty on wrong information..

4: Pricey Membership Fees

The last thing I want to mentioned was regarding the fees you are paying for their premium membership. To be honest, $67 per month is very expensive when comparing with many other legit program out there that only cost monthly memberships of below $50.

I’m not sure what the reason for this high price, but it definitely doesn’t seem that worth to me especially with their upsells and outdated trainings.

If you ask me, Affilorama is not a ideal place to learn affiliate marketing especially if you are new to online business and you are on a tight budget.


My Final Thoughts…

Mark Ling’s Affilorama is one of the most legit affiliate marketing trainings websites out there. They have lots of good trainings and tools for one to learn about online business.

But their products and membership can easily rise up to $2000 especially if you are not careful with what you buying. All their products look tempting, but I suggest you better think twice before you actually set your foot on Affilorama.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you are disappointed and regretting purchase Affilorama products because by then actually nothing can be done.

To avoid such situation, always spend within the means of your own budget.




My No.1 Recommendation!

If you are very keen in building a long and successful online business, I will suggest you to check out my recommended training centre.

For those of you who have any questions regarding Affilorama, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, if you have tried Affilorama before, it would be great if your can share with us your personal review

Yours Truly,

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  1. I have no experiences with Affilorama but I totally agree with what your saying about WA. Besides all the features even the free membership includes, what I like most is member’s engagement. I mean it normally takes about 10 to 15 minutes until at least one member replies to a posted question. That’s what I like most, because I simply can’t get stuck.

    • I was kind of disappointed by their urgency when it comes to replying fellow members of the Affilorama community. I mean paying such a high price but not getting the value-added service is not right. Yes in Wealthy Affiliate, there are many was you can get answer to your questions.. Through the live chat, asking questions in the class room(within 15 minutes you will get response from the community) or even private message to the owners(within 24 hrs.)

  2. You have made a very honest review here. For sure people will be very cautious, though I haven’t heard of affilorama, i believe in what you said about it, though you have a positive review, I still don’t want to consider this because of the other negative like their upsells. It seems that they have captured you when you become a premium member so that they can upsellls you more of their product which should be included in the premium membership.
    I like your comparison with wealthy affiliate. I believe it is the best ever than affilorama….much much ahead.
    Thanks for this review, it will enlighten more people…keep it up!

    • Hello Leonardo, I try to help people steer to the right path. Ultimately it will be decision whether they still want to join or not, but as my duty I will continue to do reviews and sharing the insights. Affilorama’s upsells are way priced and will only be suitable for people who have lots of cash to spare. Most beginners that come online to find a way to earn, always seek the less expensive option and definitely Wealthy Affiliate can offer that, both cost effective and quality trainings and tools one need to build a successful online business.

  3. It standard opperating proceedure. They call it the value ladder. Give them something free to build trust. Collect their email in an opt in list when they ask for the gift. Use an auto-responder to make the delivery and to follow up.

    Then sell the a $25 item. Then a $100 item. The a $1000 dollar item. Empower network’s back end sale is $5000.

    This is widely used because it works, but it only works in the long run if the products you provide are worthwhile.

    This review is correct. This is not a scam, but the author points out numerous reasons why this may not be worthwhile.

    I categorize internet marketing programs as the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good I use and recommend. The ugly are outright scams. I place affilorama in the bad category. It is not a scam, but there are better ways to learn to be an affiliate marketer.

    • Hello bill, thank you for your comments. What you say its absolutely right about the value ladder and it is important that the product they promote actually works. If you give a product that doesn’t work, once people find out they will never to buy any other product from you because they lost trust. Yes Affilorama isn’t a scam, it is definitely legit but some of the downsides I mentioned make them look “ugly”.

  4. I have no experience with Affilorama but wealthy affiliate I once joined it and left it but now I have intentions to go back, but what I don’t know what I need you to tell me, does they keep your account or they disable it. Do I have to register again or I can continue with my previous account?
    I have seen many online members of wealthy affiliate which means is 99% genuine as you said it is 9/10 genuine, I will be back as soon as possible and by the way who are the owners of this site you call wealthy affiliate? and lastly how can I contact them, is it a must to be a member to contact them

    • Hello Divican thanks for your reply. No, your account wont be disabled,you can join back anytime you want. As a free member, your siteRubix websites and your account will be there as it is. But if you are a premium membership, you have to pay the monthly subscription fee of $47 then you can get full access to your account once again. In other words, everything is left where it is…so no worries.
      The owners of Wealthy affiliate are Kyle and Carson and yes you need to be a premium member to be able to contact them, this is one of the benefits of being premium, its really awesome when you are able to get advices from the owners itself because they have many years of experience in this industry and this can really be helpful for newbies.
      I hope to see you back soon inside wealthy affiliate.

  5. Affilorama sounds like a decent enough learning tool but I think I will stay where I am for now with Wealthy Affiliate! I agree with what you said about all the upsells. I absolutely hate that!! It almost makes me feel like they think I am stupid or something when they try that stuff on me! Sorry don’t mean to sound so cynical right now! 🙂

    • Hello patty! Yes Affilorama is a good place to start with but their upsells are really the killer. To be honest, you don’t really need to buy all the so called automated or pre-built systems to start making money. Monetizing your website is very straight forward, build a website, write content and finally monetize your site. It is not very confusing but as a newbie in this industry learning the fundamentals is a must, if not you are more likely to fail. And yes I highly recommend wealthy affiliate, I was once a person who entered in this industry with zero knowledge but thanks to wealthy affiliate I now am making a fulltime income for it.

  6. Affilorama is an online course that I considered, it looked a little more legit than most of the courses I saw.
    While I was searching for reviews about it, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

    And I can see exactly why you put Wealthy Affiliate as your most recommended program.
    I was wary of WA at first… it really does sound too good to be true.
    Being a proud member of WA, I have to say I love it here so much, great actionable courses, great community, support and website builder.
    I am very grateful for such a place to exist within the make money online niche, at one point I though there are just scams out there and Affilorama was my best choice.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. The internet needs more people like this… so much scams out there.. its important to have some means of reference to know who the bad guys are from the good ones in a world where they look the same

    Thank you for this review on Affilorama I learned what I needed to know

  8. Hi Kumar,

    I was actually interested in joining Affilomara so I’m glad that I found your article! You explained every element in detail and helped me to better understand this program and what to expect once I am in. Yes, I will watch out for the upsells. It is always a huge let-down for me as well…

    But since they do offer a free membership, I will give it a try. Thank you for this very comprehensive review. You made me one step ahead of other newcomers even before signing up!

    Yuko 🙂

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    😉 I’m going to return once again since i have book marked it.

    Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide
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