My Income at Home System Review, Legit or just another Scam?

Honestly, I’ve come across many scam products claiming you can get rich quickly. But I have to say, My Income at Home System just took scamming to a whole new different level. Why? Read my review on My Income at Home system to find out more…

Product: My Income At Home SystemIncomeathomesystem review


Owner: Marc Elrich

Price: $97

Rating: 0/100


What is My Income at Home system about?

Marc Elrich claims that his money making system earns him ten of thousands of dollars every week and he says anyone can duplicate his success by just having a computer and a bit of spare time.

Is it really so simple? Hmm…

Basically when you purchase his product for $97, you will get instant access to his entire system. Within the system there are 10 different money making opportunities that you can leverage on. In other words, out of these 10 you can choose to use one of these methods or select a few an run them simultaneously.

Ideally you would want to run a few methods at the same time, because the more the merrier.

Marc also claims his system is suitable for anyone who want to make money online, regardless of your level of expertise in internet marketing because exclusive in-depth trainings & tools are provided.


How do you exactly make money with them?

I will go a bit in-depth in a few of his so called proven methods and provide you with reasons why all of these methods will never make you rich.

1. Exclusive Money-making email



This money-making email is created and used by Marc itself. Basically, you have to just send out emails to people and when they respond to your email you will at least get $245(per mail).

To get a rough idea of how much money you will be able to make, check the screen shot above.

Scam Alert 1: I’m sorry to break your happiness if you actually fall for this. Honestly, do you really think you can make so much money by just sending out emails? The answer is No.!

Email marketing is actually a legit way to make money. You send emails to your email list and if anyone purchases a product you will money from it, how much you earn depends on whether you are the product owner or an affiliate.

But I don’t trust Marc exclusive money making email… there are many things unexplained and he claims he cannot share with you until you purchase his system. Who will you send the email to? Why will you make at least $245 for every response?

The more I read, the more I feel it is a scam. What’s worst? Marc is giving out a limited time offer, he will personally send 200 emails for you. All these things he mentioned are all too good to be true. Not only me but anyone who has been active in online marketing will be easily able to spot this type of fraud.

2. Get Paid to take simple online surveys

my income at home system


Marc claims you can earn up to $75 from completing each online survey. All you have to do is become a registered member of My Income At Home system and you will get access to all the different companies surveys.

All the surveys are free to sign up and takes about 10 minutes to complete each survey.

Scam Alert 2: I have personally done reviews on online surveys and almost all of them out there a scams. I don’t see what the difference between them and this.

I agree, there are some sites online that pay you incentives for completing surveys. However, those legit ones only pay pennies… don’t expect to get $75 for complete a survey. Things that sound really too good to be true are probably not true.

” I will provide you with an automatic survey filler software”, claiming to fill up parts of the survey for you. – Allows you to complete your surveys 2x faster

The level of B.S. here is too damn high…

Check Out my No.1 Recommendation to Make Money the Legit way Here!

3. Get Paid to Watch Television from your couch

Earn money watching television

Marc claims you have the potential to make thousands of dollars every month by just filliping through your favourite channels and writing comments/suggestions.

Scam Alert 3: Most of the opportunities that marc claims can make you money can actually be found on the internet for free. But the only difference is, Marc system allows you to multiple the money earn by several times. Is marc a God or something? How come when someone purchase his product they can instantly become rich.

Watching TV and earn some money is a legit way and Netflix is one of the companies who are currently doing that. But it would be a lie if I sad that Netflix is paying thousands of dollars every month to people watch television.

Earning some extra cash through this method is possible but never a full time income. 

Sometimes people should use a bit of their own common sense when coming across such things. Just take a second to think, if one person can just earn a full time income by just sitting and watching television than why do others have to put in so much effort to work, some times life risking jobs.

Because it isn’t true!!!

4. 12 Automated Money-making Websites

my income at home system legit

Basically you will get 12 pre-made websites with everything done, from designing to content creation. And Marc claims you can easily make $3000 – $5000 every month without putting in much effort.

You are not required to make a sale, as long if someone clicks on link on your website you will earn money from it.

The only task for you is to get traffic to your website and Marc claims that he will teach you how to get thousands of people to your website every month.

Scam Alert 4: First of all I want to say, his B.S. level for this particular opportunity is at the highest level. I am really frustrated when I read such things, you do not need to sell any product but you earn $3000-$5000 per month by just getting clicks on your links.

The problem with automated websites is that there are duplicated content. Just imagine, everyone who purchases this product will get the entire same websites. And there is no space for duplicate content in eyes of Google, you will never get ranked or even be indexed by Google.

When you don’t get ranked, no traffic will comes to your websites and you probably wont make a single penny out of this.

I have never come across something that promises pays you so much money for just getting your links clicked.

Looks like Marc invented his own system, and he will pay you money out from his own pocket. Because no one out there will pay you such money.

5. Earn $6,500 using Fiverr

Fiverr is actually a legit place where you can earn money online. Not everyone can earn money using Fiverr, you must have a certain expertise or qualification. For e.g. if you are good in English you can offer proofreading and editing services, articles writing. Or you are good at WordPress you can help design WordPress sites and so on..

But in order to make lots of money with Fiverr you need to have lots of orders and there are hundreds of people who are actually providing the exact same service.

And Marc claims his proven method can help you get over hundreds of orders every month…

Scam Alert 5: Firstly, I would like to clear the doubt that there is such thing as a proven method to drive people to get services from you. If you are talented, people will automatically find you… but in order to do that you will have to start from scratch.

For a start you might need to work for free or even provided more services than others to capture the attention of buyers. It will takes several months before you get consistent amount of buyers.

Don’t expect to make $6,500 like what Marc claims because its never going to happen if you are just starting out. There are many people out there finding it hard to even make hundreds of dollars a month.

I can keep on going, sharing with you all of this 10 different money making opportunities.

But there is no reason for me to do so because ultimately his entire program is a scam and I believe by highlighting a few of his so called money making opportunities should be good enough to justify the credibility of his system.


What I liked

Sorry to say, but there is nothing I liked about this product. I am very disappointed will all the hype and fake promises from the owner.


What I didn’t like

#1: Outdated Bank Accounts + Mysterious

my income at home system money





What’s with spamming screen shots of a bank account when everything is outdated. If you notice carefully, all of the screen shots of bank accounts are from year 2010. Come on man! We are year 2015, and you dare show bank accounts of 5 years ago to prove that your system actually works?

Another thing is that, how can someone actually determine from this, that you money is actually made from the 10 opportunities that were mentioned in the system.

My guess is, these are the money he made from scamming everyone who bought his product that claims to make everyone rich. But guess what? Nobody became rich through this product, but Marc himself…

#2: No money back guarantee

My income at home system refund

There are many products out there that offer at least a 30-day money back guarantee, but ironically this system doesn’t even offer that.

To pay such a high price of $97, with no exact evidence that his system works(+ no refund) just increases my suspicion of his product. This seems more like a hit and run case… I guess once you buy his product, you will never be able to have contact with him again.

#3: The entire system

I bet you have come across this term before, jack of all trades, master of none. This exactly suits this My income at Home system. Basically what Marc has done is, compile 10 different possible ways you can make online has exaggerated it greatly.

Almost of all the money making opportunities he mentioned in his system are actually legit, you can make money with them. But not as what Marc says… thousands of dollars every month, it is never possible especially without putting in any effort.

#4: Marc Entire Speech


How funny is it? Marc trying to tell people that he is tired of scammers, cheating innocent people money but he himself is a fraud.

I just wasted so much time reading through all his B.S., from his sad life story to becoming a millionaire. Seems to be quite a coincidence, marc didn’t have much knowledge but managed to create some many money making system out of nothing.

Every time I see someone trying very hard to prove that they are not scammers.. ironically they are the ones scamming people and Marc is no different from the rest.


My final thoughts…

My income at Home system is no different from other scam products, I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this. The entire webpage seems to be scripted, there is no honest from the top to the bottom of the page including the testimonials.



So what’s Next? 

There are many ways you can actually make money online and get rich schemes are not one of them. To make real money through the internet you need to put in lots of effort and the results(in terms of revenue) you will get is definitely far more than you can expect.

If you have the time, take a look at my No. 1 Recommendation training centre. Here you will learn to start your own online business and learn to make money the legit way. It is free to join, you will get to build your very own two websites for free and learn everything about making money online.

For those of you who have any questions regarding My Income At Home System, please feel free to drop a message in the comments below. I would also love to hear personal reviews of people who have actually tried out this program.

Yours Truly,

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