Paid Survey Authority Review, Scam or Legit?

The internet is flooded with both scam and legit paid survey sites. Recently, I came across a website called Paid Survey Authority in which the owner, Michelle McAllister claims she has help over thousands of people since 2006 make money online through paid surveys.

Is she really telling the truth? We’ll find out soon enough.. I will be doing a review on Paid survey Authority to share with you the insights, I suggest you take some time to read before you decide on whether you want be part of the membership program.

Name: Paid Survey AuthorityPaid survey authority legit


Owner: Michelle McAllister

Price: $97 + Upsells & Downsells

Rating: 5/100


Paid Survey Authority Overview…

Paid Survey Authority is a paid survey site that claims to provide you with various companies surveys within their VIP members area. However, here’s the catch… You have to pay a price of $37 to access to their VIP member’s area.

According to Michelle McAllister, there are two ways you can actually benefit from it.

1. You get paid to complete surveys

2. You will test and review products in which you can keep them

Sounds good right? Doing their surveys can earn up to $3500 every month and some of them even mentioned in the video that they got to keep iPhone 5s and IPad after reviewing them.

Sorry to break your happiness, if you got excited by them. The truth is this entire website has been scripted and none of these you are seeing is actually true.

How I know? I have been in this industry for quite some time, not only me but anyone else with experience online will easily able to tell that Paid Survey Authority is a scam.

Below, I will be sharing with you some of the warning signs that indicate paid survey authority is a scam…


Tell-tale signs of a Scam…

#1: Unrealistic Money claims

Paid survey authority

Ok… in the sales video, Michelle McAllister mentions that you will get access to surveys worth $20~$45 and even up to $75. She even said there is no limit to how many surveys you want to do… this whole thing is absolute B.S.

This calculator was found in her website, so I decided to play around with it.. It seems I will be able to make $10,920 a month just for doing a few surveys everyday.

Right below it was mentioned ” the calculator above is for demonstration purposes only, the income examples are not typical or guaranteed”.

Then I ask you.. why on earth was this even there on the first place.

Honestly, you can never get rich or anywhere near a fulltime income with paid surveys. Almost all the surveys I did paid only close to a dollar and at some extreme rare cases up to $5. But that’s it, not $75.. ask yourself do you think that by answering some simple questions companies want to pay you such a high amount of money? Common sense will tell us of cause this is not true.

Also doing surveys is not that straight forward as you think, your demographics are personal details plays a very important role. Personally, I have done many online surveys myself, and I will get only 1 or 2 surveys every month. Our Dear friend here, Michelle McAllister claims you can do as many surveys as you like per day which is certainly not true.


#2: Fake Owner

There is no such a person of Michelle McAllister… I went to do some research online and I was shocked by the outcome.

Paid survey authority fake owner

The photo that was found in Paid Survey Authority website and some of the stock photos websites exactly matched. The above image was taken from This exact photo are found in several other stock photos sites. If you don’t believe me you can use this link and submit a photo of “Michelle McAllister” and see what happens.

For those of you who don’t know what is stock photos.. basically, they are photos that you have to pay for and you will immediately get the rights to use them.


#3: Downsells & Upsells

Paid survey authority sales funnel

This was a screenshot taken from their Affiliates page. Basically, affiliates are somebody who promote this website and gets a commission when someone purchases the product through their affiliate link.

So this is how it works…

Since they now offer a price of $37 for their product, if you decide to cancel.. a “pop up” will come out indicating that they have now offered you a lower price of $27 and this will continue. However, it doesn’t end there. Once you entered their membership be prepared for more sales.

This is roughly how it goes.. Within their VIP membership area, they are likely to mention that “if you want to make more money/or access to more high pay surveys”, you have to get this”… so be careful.

The idea of this entire website is not to help people make money online, but to fill their own pockets using this Downsells and upsells technique.

So.. don’t be fooled by their so called “discount”…


#4: Fake Logos and Trademarks

Paid survey authority scam

This above trademarks and Logos were found at the bottom of their website. “Advertised In & On” doesn’t mean that this website has been advertised on Television or news. This is very common across scam sites, I have noticed many other sites that put similar trademarks.

Paid survey authority review

I suggest you take some time to read this, as you can see it mentions that the trademarks and logos displayed might or might not be registered. If they are registered they would have been more clear cut with their words, instead they tried to beat around the bush, chances are these aren’t registered.

They purposely put this up to lure people into thinking that, this must be legit because it appeared in news and so on…

I also wanted to mention that the shorts clips of “new” that you saw in their sales video is also not real. This can be easily done with some video skills to make it look like it was taken from a news.

#5: Facebook likes…Paidsurveyauthority

If you noticed carefully their website shows that they have around 13,000 Facebook likes. Honestly, I was quite shocked.. a shady website like this can get so many likes?

I tried liking their page to get access to their Facebook page itself. However they didn’t show anything about their Facebook page, instead they expect me to share this around which I obviously didn’t.

I manually went to Facebook to look for their page and I literally laughed..



They only 38 members in their Facebook page, with a link directing to their sales page. I tried to search again just to double confirm but this is the only page under this term.

As you can see, Paid survey authority(PSA) seems to be very desperate about trying to lure people into their trap till they gone into the extent of even trying to fake their Facebook likes.


My Final thoughts…

Like I mentioned earlier, Paid Survey Authority is scam and I would recommend you stay away from it at all cost. Everything in this site is unreal, from the owner to the testimonials. You are probably not going to make a single cent with them and it is not really worth the gamble.

 They are legit paid surveys sites like ClixSense but they only pay pennies and it is no where near a fulltime income.

There is no such thing as easy money and get rich quick schemes, if you still believe in those you are only going to end up losing money instead of making.



So what Now?

If you really want to make money online and work from home, I can help you with that. But before that I just want to mention to you that this is no a get rich quick scheme or you wont make money over night.

I’m talking about starting an online marketing, to be more specific affiliate marketing.. What is affiliate marketing? Basically, you promote someone else products and you get a commission for it. I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite sometime now and earning a fulltime income from it.

Of course, awhile back I didn’t know anything about online business but I came across Wealthy Affiliate which thought me everything from scratch, building websites to monetizing it.

You can try the beginner course for FREE with no obligations( remain free as long as you like), but once you think you are ready to go to the advance level, you are required to become a premium member.

Don’t worry there are no upsells or Downsells like Paid Survey Authority(PSA).. I’m am a premium members myself and I have benefited lots from it.

Ok, that’s all for me… I am looking forward to working with you at Wealthy Affiliate where I will assist you in building your first online money making website.

For those of you who have any questions, you are more than welcomed to drop me a comment in the box below. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I also would love to hear past user’s experience of PSA.

Yours Truly,

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