PaidRocket Review – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

This review is going to be about a new site called PaidRocket. What is PaidRocket? Is it a scam or legit opportunity for you to make money? Is it worth investing your money and time into this site? These are some questions that this review will focus on.

Without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Paid RocketPaidRocket-Review


Owner: “Richard Stevenson”

Price: $2 (starting)

Rating: 2/5


What is PaidRocket all about?

PaidRocket is a fairly new site that was only registered on the 21st of March 2016. Normally I try not include red flags in my introduction section but I felt that since it’s related to the latter, why not. So I want you to scroll down to the bottom of their website where it shows you “copyright © 2016 – 2020 PaidRocket”.

Basically, what it tells us is the site is introduced in 2016 and will be around till 2020. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when I did some digging. According to Whois, their website will be expired on 21 March 2017. So the question is why will they want to claim that their website is in for the long haul when it is not?

The answer is actually kinda simple. It’s simply because they want to make YOU think that their website is going to be around for a long time, hence, you can fully trust them and invest your money into this opportunity.

So according to their website, PaidRocket claims to be a business opportunity for those new to internet marketing. Make a small deposit of $2 and have the chance to earn up to $111.328. Seems like easy money right?

Yes, it does seem like easy money but there is a hidden agenda behind all this which I will go into deeper later on.


How it Works?

Personally, I don’t like the fact of how someone can claim this as a business opportunity. Honestly, this is a very poor form of internet marketing. It’s not wrong to categorise this as the lowest “class” of internet marketing. Internet Marketing can mean many things, including promoting someone else’s products to selling your own products online.

What PaidRocket is doing is making use of you to promote their own site. So what’s going to happen is when you promote your referral link, let’s say on Facebook, someone who clicks on your link will be introduced to this site and this opportunity of theirs. So that “someone” will do the same and try to bring in more people so that he/she could earn too.

Yes, because of the 4×4 Matrix business model you will benefit too when your referrals start to bring in their own referrals. But this will actually be  MORE beneficial to the owner than you. The more people who come to his sites and invests in this opportunity, the more money he will likely make.

Before I go on to explain it myself, I have a question for you. Ever wondered how does it benefit the founder of this website if all the payments are handled between you and your referrals?

If there isn’t any benefit for the owner himself, why must he waste his time and money and create such opportunity? Is it because he is a nice guy trying to help everyone make money? Nope.. obviously not. There is a hidden agenda behind it that is what I am going to explain to you now.


Scenario: Benefit through the “forced” matric


The above is a snippet I took from the sites FAQ section. So the question is “Can I refer more than 4 members?”

The answer they gave was YES and the extra amount of you referrals will spill over to the next level. This is actually a LIE. What’s likely to happen is that your extra referrals will no longer be sponsored under you. These referrals will be directly sponsored by the owner himself so he would be able to make money off them. The reason because is there is simply no way for a 4X4 matrix to have a spill over.

You bring in 4 referrals, your 4 referrals bring in 16 referrals and so on…

So how will it spill over? The owner is obviously trying to make you think that it will spill over so that he can benefit from it. Yes, you could probably be making some money, BUT the owner is making more money.

The best part of this is YOU wouldn’t even know that the owner has “stolen” your referrals. So you will be blindly bringing in money for him instead.

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How much does it Cost?


Getting started with PaidRocket only cost $2. However, if you want to get paid for the next levels, you will need to re-invest again and again. They have already hinted how much you are going to be likely paying every time(the image above).

Level 1 – $2

Level 2 – $5

Level 3 – $10

Level 4 – $20

Level 5 – $50

Level 6 – $100

Level 7 – $180

Level 8 – $350

The reason I just included it as 8 levels and not 4 levels each because they actually mean the same thing. They just separate into 2 stages to make it more “promising”.


My Final Thoughts.

This website provides you with a “too good to be true” opportunity that claims to help you become rich almost immediately. So basically what they are trying to say is that with just $2 you will be able to make over $100,000. If making money was so easy, then NOBODY in this world probably needs to go to work. Everyone can stay at home or travel around the world and depend on free money like this.

Obviously, I think you are smart enough to know that this is nothing but a potential scam. You could probably make some money, make hundreds at most. Don’t even think about making thousands because this entire system is controlled by the owner. That’s right, although in the front he mentioned that it works like this, doesn’t mean it will work like that.

The other thing I didn’t like is the owner. Can’t believe how unethical this guy can be. So on the website, it claims that the founder is Richard Stevenson and instead of putting a real human image a cartoon image was there instead. This just shows me how much of a JOKE this site is and the credibility of it. If a website is never honest about who owns or runs it, it is very likely to be a scam.

Final Verdict: Scam and Not Recommended

Don’t waste time on this site because you are not going to get anything positive out of it on the long run. Websites like these are only around for a couple of months at most. Once there are lots of complaints on this site or when the owner feels that he have made some good returns, he will probably close down the site and create a similar website like this in a different identity.

It’s very difficult to catch these scammers because they are operating everything behind screens. The only suggestion I can give you is, stay away from such opportunities that claims to allow you to make money without putting in much efforts. Honestly, nothing in this world is easy to come by. You have to work for it. You have to accept the fact that making money online is actually no different than working in the corporate world. Do you think your boss will pay you for not coming to work? Obviously not. You will eventually get fired if you have are on medical leave frequently. So… it’s the same!

If you are looking for a legit business opportunity, I highly recommend that you check out the following program. I have been doing this for just over a year and have seen good results with it. Unlike PaidRocket, this program doesn’t promise you results in like 15 minutes. It’s an opportunity that will require you to work hard and give yourself enough time in order to succeed.



I have come to the end of my review on PaidRocket. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what is it all about and whether it is the right opportunity for you or not. Those of have tried PaidRocket, are welcomed to share your personal experience with us by simply leaving a comment in the box below. Questions are welcomed too, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading.

And I wish you success 🙂



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    • Since when is it auto renew? You are trying to tell me as if I have never bought domains before? You will have the opportunity to select how many years you want to have your domain for if not you will also be able to extend it after purchasing the domain. There is no excuse for the site if it claims its going to be around till 2020. If the domain hasn’t been extended, then why must they put upfront that it will be around till 2020.

      I have seen hundreds of sites like this. So this is NOT new to me. A recent site, Atlant Investments, registered their domain from 2014 – 2020. However, in April 2016, they closed the site down and got away with over $5millions of hard earned money. The reason they gave was, their site was hacked from someone in China. Obviously that’s a lie.

      If you are so attached with PaidRocket, then good for you. Once you make $100,000, you can come back to this exact post and prove to me your earning then I will edit my post accordingly. But I doubt this site will even stay around for a YEAR… so good luck to you

  1. Hi I registered on paidrocket under my cousin.
    They are ripping off people .
    I used her link, on my dashboard it does appear that she is my Sponsor but on the payment part a totally different user appears there, in her payment section I do appear that she is awaiting for my payment.
    She is new I’m am the only one she gave the link to, she gave it to me few minutes after her registration.

    So be careful guys.

    • Seems like these guys are up to something no good. As expected, instead of going under your cousin as your sponsor it seems to go directly to the owners. So they are the ones continue to make money. Just imagine if you didn’t know this, and continued to promote PaidRocket thinking that nobody joined but actually people joined under you but the sponsorer is a different person.

      Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I’m in the U.S. and I’m getting inquiries about PaidRocket from halfway around the world. Thanks for your post… It was very informative!

    PaidRocket would be completely illegal here because it’s a raw ponzi scheme. Even if not illegal, such “businesses” don’t last very long simply due to it’s nature. PaidRocket is following the course.

    It appears that PaidRocket is imploding. Some of the members who inquired on my site are having problems accessing their accounts and no one from PaidRocket is returning customer support inquiries.

    Those of you in South Africa should heed Kumar’s advice and stay away from PaidRocket.

  3. Thank you Mr Kumar for this piece of information. Am from Nigeria; and i recently signed up with PaidRocket. Some stuffs said here by you might be correct but I found one some how misleading. You said “these referrals will be directly sponsored by the owner himself so he would be able to make money off them”. How true is that? What actually happen is that once the first 4 is achieved, every other will be spilled under each of the 4. Like I said every other info here might be correct.

  4. Hi Dan, I recently registered on paid rocket too. What’s your assessment of the platform so far? It’s level of acceptance around you too. Finally? Do you think it’s worth giving a try? It sure might pay now but I think it’ll be around for just a short time. Thank you.

  5. Thanks mr Kumar. I’m about to sign up. So I decide to do some research about paid rocket. When I came across your right up. Thank you once again.
    Pls I’m looking for a genuine online business(work from home) please can you recommend some for. Hope yo hear from you soon

    • helo sodiq. have u heard of helping hands international. if no whatsap me on +2347030388207 so that u can know more about it

  6. I registered under my brother but saw another username and email address as my sponsor. Thanks for the info…the site is not even secured. Paid rocket is not genuine its SCAM

    • its possible if your brother already has his own direct four referrals. you will spill over to one of your brothers downline. so your sponsor will change automatically.. Be properly guided. it is not a scam.. afterall what do you have to lose? nothing, just #1000 or 2$ so why are you scared.. you wont even lose it though.. It is not a scam

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