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Does it actually seem strange to you? Paid surveys are suppose to mean, you get a small incentive or reward(mostly in the form of money) for helping the companies fill up survey forms. However, Paid Survey Online( is rather different I should say. We have to pay them a sum of money upfront before we get access to their members area to do their surveys.

Name: Paid Surveys


Price: $34.95

Rating: 0/100


My First Impression…

To be honest when I first entered their website, I can see that the entire site was screaming out “SCAM”, “SCAM”. Everything from top to bottom I read sounds too good to be true, you can make $X,XXX monthly by just doing surveys from home.

WOW! if really it was legit, I would definitely be one of the first few to try that but sadly it was just a complete sham.

What made it worst?

paid surveys onlineAs I scrolled down the page, I Saw this… Register now!

When it said $34.95 and you can start making money right away, made me confirm my doubt- This so called survey site was a total scam. There are many people who are new to this “making money online”, easily falls for them because of their lucrative offer.

I would suggest that you think twice and do some research before you bank you money into these. Almost 90% of the products here that claims that you can earn big money easily are all bullshit!


How to make money with it?

Like most of the other paid survey sites online, Paid surveys online claims they will provide you with monetary incentive once you completed the survey.

But before you have access to all these surveys, you’ve got to register by paying a fee of $34.95(Today’s special) which they claim is a discounted price – normal price is $59.95

What funny? You come back tomorrow, one week later or even one month later that offer is still going to appear as $34.95. This is a dirty trick to making people into quickly registering before the offer is already over.

As I was saying… after registration you can access all surveys in their members area,

This are some of the following you can earn from doing(According to their website)

  1. Online companies will pay you anything between $5~$125 for each survey you complete
  2. You get paid between $50~$150 per hour for participating in online focus groups
  3. Get paid to test their new products – Also can keep the products for free
  4. You get paid from $4~$25 just for watching movie trailers

To be honest, the more I look at these the more I want to laugh… really, I didn’t know that doing a simple survey has some much value. But all these four you have seen at least has something to do with “online”.. but the following, I’m not so sure.

  1. Get paid between $5~$95 per hour to take surveys offline
  2. Get paid for travelling, also earn hundreds per month just to travel
  3. Lastly, you also get paid between $1000~$3000 per month to drive your car + (they) pay for your gas

As you can see, the above three here has totally nothing to do with doing online surveys? The first two is still somewhat acceptable, but the last is no go!

How weird can it get? I still cant get the link between doing online surveys and driving your car. The funny part, the pay you for driving and also for your gas.

There is no evidence to prove that all of these above are actually true. At least they should have highlighted how the individual schemes work, by reading this only no one cant get any idea of what’s going on.

The real money makers..


real money makers

Just look at this, by just doing 8 surveys per day you can make $2240 per month. The actual fact is you won’t earn a single penny from this entire survey site. The person who get most of the money is the one who came up with these whole scam site.

Never trust someone that says Paid surveys online is legit. Why?

Basically, this is a ClickBank product that anyone can promote through affiliate marketing. There are many people out there promoting this particular product, they will give you fake review because they want you to sign up for this. When you sign up for this, they will get a commission for referring you.

So.. those people who blindly register for the Paid surveys online will definitely benefit nothing. End of the day, all the money is banked in to the owner of this website – The real money maker!


Tell-tale signs that the Paid surveys online is a total scam!

#1: Has been updated for a very long time

At the bottom of their website( there is this copy right section which says 2002-2009. This indicates that since 2009 this page has never been really updated. This clearly says that this is a outdated survey site which probably might have had contacts with companies in the past but now, I doubt so…

#2: Overselling their site

One thing I keep mentioning again and again is how they present their site to us, the potential users. The entire site was just about trying to sell, all I see is how attractive their so called rewards are for doing survey. And what’s worst? Most of them don’t even make sense, like getting paid for driving your car and so on.

I also notice they said, you will get bonuses,$74.85 worth of programs for free if you sign up today. They claim you can generate four times more income with these free bonus programs. To my irony, their advertisement also claims that you can even get a free car.

#3: Unprofessional and old designed web page

When I enter their website, the vibe I am getting it’s so negative. Look at their website, I assuming the reason behind this very blend and old look is because this site hasn’t really been updated for more than five years.

#4: Pay money to do surveys

This is one of the easiest giveaway from the site. Those who do the survey are suppose to receive incentive but here, its the other way round. You have to pay money to access to their member’s area before you can do the surveys. Clearly it shows that something fraudulent is going on.

Lets hear what other have to say…

Throughout the web, Paid surveys online has a very negative impression on everybody because it doesn’t deliver anything it claims at its homepage.

full Scam


full Scam 2

As you can see these are just a few people venting their sorrow online, but there are many untold stories out there.


My final thoughts…

If you do not want to be the next one to lose your money, avoid Paid Surveys Online. There are many websites that doesn’t require to pay anything upfront before you do a survey.

Do lots of research and check reviews and rating of the particular survey site before you actually sign up to them.

Some survey sites don’t ask for registration fee, but they might take you personal information and give out to others in return for their monetary benefits… So be careful!




My Recommendation

If you are interested in making money online, paid surveys is not the only way. The money you get in return for your time is unjustifiable.

If you are looking for a better way that can make you money online, I would recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Those of you who have any questions regarding Paid Surveys Online or regarding about anything else can always drop me a comment below and I will more than happy to help you out. People who have used Paid Surveys Online can also share with us your personal experience.

Yours Sincerely,

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  1. Excellent review you’ve got here Kumar!
    I’ve joined a lot of surveys but most of the time, I got cheated out of money and other times, I don’t get as much as money as how it was promoted. Totally agree with you that Paidsuveysonline is a scam and honestly, it would make me feel much better if more people were to avoid any forms of paid surveys such as this because they are all not worth your time. Thanks for sharing this with us, keep up the good work!

    • Hello Riaz, thank you so much. That is the sad truth my friend, they always claim it can pay you lots of money but in actual fact they pay you pennies. Yes instead of spending so much time doing paid surveys that has little or no benefit, it better to find better alternative. There are many better opportunities online you can leverage on to make money.

  2. Who in the world would pay money each month to try and make money on the back end? It’s sad how many people fall prey to such traps. What are some of the key things that scammy fraudulent website do in common that we can watch for in order to know right away to avoid them?

    • Yes sarah, that is actually quite sad. I’m here trying my best to steer these people to the right paths, hopefully they are able to make the right decision. Actually I have written an article on this, the tale-tell signs of money making online scams.. if you are interested you can check out this link

  3. It seems like the majority of today’s scams focus on helping individuals make money with surveys, which is something I don’t get. They take up so much time and rarely ever work. To see something like Paid Surveys Online try and scam you is even worse! Thanks for showing the proof that this site is a scam. Very trustworthy and informative review!

  4. Kumar, you are so correct in your analysis. It is extremely difficult to make any significant money from completing surveys for legit sites never mind having to pay up front before you even start.
    The amounts supposedly given by this company for surveys are so unrealistic,it is laughable but despite this,as you show, people still get sucked in.
    How sad.
    Good page.

  5. I’ve seen this site circulating around the net. I wouldn’t pay anything to do surveys. Surveys are free to join and you don’t make the money like these sites claim. Like you said, it’s obvious it’s a ClickBank product and people who are promoting it is making money off people who buy into this scam. Thanks for sharing and warning people about this service.

  6. Paid online surveys totally scam take for assisting me, I have been receiving e-mails from this company now and then and I was around the corner to join. Lo my dollars you have saved them for. $34 to go away for nothing totally nothing. Take you for this wonderful review.

  7. I totally agree with your review. I have gone through the paid surveys and joined the extra sites and never got a survey to complete. They say it is global but, as I am in Australia, there weren’t many on their list that had surveys for Australia.

    If anyone wants to earn some extra money, find another way to do it.

  8. Hi Kumar

    I feel disgusted every time I stumble across those scam reviews! These people are criminals and should be behind the bars. It is so sad the internet is used for these kind of activities making people lose a great deal of their hard earned money. You know what makes me even more perplexed? The website is on for so many years and nothing happens!
    Thank for sharing this, I hope people start searching more for reviews like yours before making wrong decisions!

  9. Only a fast look at the website alone is sufficient to persuade anybody that Paid Surveys Online is a finished sham. The site appears as though it left the late 90s, web 1.0 period it looks amateurish and inadequately sorted out.

    The content resembles each other scammy website on the Internet who hawks dreams and the chance to profit without doing much work. Paid Surveys Online markets itself as having the response to the vast majority’s money related hardships at the cost of $34.95.

    In any case, we should get to the pursuit, Paid Surveys Online is not, at all, a typically paid study website. Overview locales frequently go about as a broker between organizations needing to get customers for their statistical surveying studies, and individuals who need to invest energy chipping away at said concentrates on and studies.

    These sort of locales, for the most part, do pay up, but at low rates at that. Be that as it may, Paid Surveys Online is not one of those locales. What individuals will get for their $34.95 is an insignificant rundown of OTHER study taking locales where they can agree to.

    This data can be a hunt on Google down FREE. Nobody will gain anything from Paid Surveys Online. The “additional items” and the guarantees of enormous cash are there just to bait individuals in.

    What the site is genuinely depending on is its offshoot program, which smells emphatically of the stench of an unlawful fraudulent business model.

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