PayGet Review – Scam Or Legit Investment Opportunity?

Today’s review is going to be about a website called PayGet. What is PayGet? Is it a scam or legitimate opportunity? Is it possible to make lots of money? Is it safe? Are there any better options? These are some of the questions that this review will be focused on.

Alright, without further ado let’s dive into it…


Name: PayGetPayGet-Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: Minimum $1

Rating: 1/5 (Would give a big fat ZERO if I could)

Who is it for: People who want to earn money through investing


What is PayGet all about?

PayGet is a new site that was only launched in March 2016. This is just another one of those investment websites that claims to help you generate good profits by simply investing.

Notice why I use the phrase “just another”?

Well, there is a strong reason behind it. Almost every few months new companies like this pop up in the online space claiming that they provide investment opportunity and wants you to take part in it and get a share of their pie(profits). Over the past months, I have already come across over hundreds of these high yield investment companies and did reviews on a couple of them.

The problem with this kind of companies is, they are not in for the long haul. They come and go very quickly because of the nature of their business model. They can never remain a low profile for a very long time because they are dealing with huge amounts of money. Once there are massive complaints about a particular site, it get’s taken down very quickly. At the end, the only person who is going to lose out is you, because the owner is walking away with your money in hand.


Company Overview

So getting back to PayGet, there isn’t actually much information on the website about who owns or runs the website, the company behind it and etc. All they mentioned was they are a real company actively being involved in the electronic currency exchange. Funny enough, they didn’t even mention their company name. Probably because there is no such company in existence.

There are just too many flaws with this investment website. Even their English is very bad, most times I can’t even understand what they are trying to say. From the looks of things, they translated the words from the Russian language which is probably which the sentences doesn’t link up properly.

Speaking about Russian, yes… these company seems to be from Russia. I’m not sure why, but I am noticing a common trend in these investment companies being originated from Russia. Recently I reviewed a investment company that said to have a company based in the UK but I soon found out that they are from Russia.

PayGet website is definitely one of the shadiest that I have come across in terms of an investment company simply because their website is really lacking in vital information. They don’t even have a physical address listed on their site. I have seen scam companies with high-end website and even have provided physical addresses.

Seems to me like a very low budget launch.

Tired Of Scams?

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Can You Really Make 50% profit in 30 days?

Unlike many other HYIPs that I have come across, this is definitely quite different from them all. Most of them had different investment plans with marginal profit earnings. But as you can see here, PayGet is on a totally different league then them all. They are going to pay you 50% profits in 30 days.

So if you deposit $100, at the end of 30 days you will be getting $150. If you deposit $1000, at the end of 30 days you will be getting $1500.


This is definitely way too good to be true. Seriously do you think making money was that easy? Just deposit a fund and get automatic profits?

Well, I don’t think so. If it was that case, no one in this world needs to drag their feet every morning to work. Everyone can solely depend on “free money” through investment companies like PayGet. However, I believe you are matured enough to understand that there is no such thing as easy or free money in this world. Often you have to work hard for it.

If a company says to pay at an interest rate of 2-5% per month, it is still believable. Not such exaggerated claims like 50% in 30 days. NO WAY! I am going to believe that.


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons.


  • Potential to make some money here
  • Minimum deposit amount is fairly low, definitely affordable to most people
  • Opportunity to earn money with investing – Affiliate Program ( looks like up to 3 levels, 10%-5%-2%)


  • Website really lacks in lots of vital information. No information on the owner, company or any physically addresses to prove whether they are a real company.
  • High Risks involved. Chances of losing partial or entire investments are high.
  • Doesn’t offer Paypal as a payment option



My Final thoughts

PayGet may or may not be a scam now, but you will never know when they will turn into one.

Personally, this is how I think PayGet is currently operating. The probably pay out those investors who invest very small amounts, maybe below $10. But those of deposit big amount might get played out.

This way they can’t get punished because majority investors will say that they are getting paid without issue. But they didn’t know that was probably because they only invested a small amount. Ask them to deposit $1000 and see, the outcome will likely be different.

I don’t think even a multi-billion dollar company will ever make such bold claims as to pay out 50% profits within the 30 days.

Anyway, those are just might personal thoughts. If you really want to invest in this company, that is totally up to you. But, do know what you are getting yourself into because I have already warned you before hand.

A piece of advice I can give to all investors are stick within your own limit. Don’t try to invest amounts that you can’t afford to lose. If you have a spare $50 in hand and have the feel to invest, then go for it. Not take out thousands of dollars of your saving or borrow money from someone to invest. This isn’t how investment should be, especially when we are talking about investing in the online space where you don’t know the company physically.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended


Want a Safer Way to Make Money Online?

Making fast and easy money online without any effort can often be tempting, I completely know how it feels. I did it a couple of times myself and in almost all situation I turned out to be on the losing end, not because I didn’t know about the risks beforehand, simply because I was stubborn and wanted to get rich quickly.

There is no such thing as a fast and easy route to earning big amounts online. If you really want to earn big amounts online, you have to be prepared to put in both time and effort to learn, and make things happen. You can’t just sit around and wait for money to flow into your bank. You got to work for it.

If you are dedicated to working hard and give yourself enough time, then this program(No risks + high Potential) is definitely suitable for you. If not for this, I probably would have been investing into some HYIP myself. Luckily, I didn’t have to go through such things.



I hope you found this review on PayGet useful and now have a better understanding of what it is and thus now able to make a much wiser decision going forward. If you have tried it, please feel free to share with us your experience below via the comment section. Also, if you got any questions regarding this review or anything else, please shoot in my way. I will be happy to help you out. 🙂

Thanks for reading.



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