Platinum Profits Scam Review – Can You Become Rich Instantly?

I will be doing a review on Platinum Profits to share with you the real truth behind the system. I did some research and found out mixed views about the system. Some say it is a good opportunity to become rich online while others say it is a scam.

Soon we will find out who is lying and who is telling the truth…

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Name: Platinum ProfitsPlatinum-Profits-Review


Owner: Ross Barker

Price: $10,000, $1997, Free(But $250 minimum deposit)

Rating: 8/100


What is Platinum Profits about?

Platinum Profits is a binary options trading software that was created by a team of expert programmers for Ross Barker. The purpose of this software was to predict market trends specifically for platinum and indicate profitable trades to its users. In the sales video, the narrator mentioned that one can easily make over thousands of dollars in profits everyday in automation using this system.

Wow, isn’t it great? “Time to get rich baby…”

Well, if that’s how you felt than I can only feel sorry for you… because everything you heard about this system is actually not true.

Lets get back to reality shall we…? With Platinum Profits you will never be able to even make a dime so don’t waste your time trying it out. Honestly, Platinum Profits has really nothing to do with platinum… they just made up some cock-and-bull story to fool people. In reality its just like any other binary options trading software.


You will lose money, instead of making

At the start of the sales video, the narrator mentioned that he has a small gift for everyone at the end of the video presentation. Long-story short, the small gift is that Ross Barker is giving out his Platinum Profit system worth $10,000 for FREE but only for the first 20 people who signs up.

However, I’m not impressed… and let me tell you why.

This system should obviously be free because it doesn’t even work or exist in the first place. The “free system” for the first 20 people  is part of their marketing strategy to lure more people into signing up. The truth is the is no limit to the first 20 people only… This website was registered in 19 October 2015, it’s been almost two months… Don’t tell me within this period they haven’t had more than 20 people to sign up.

I believe more than hundreds of people would already have signed up.. honestly, who wouldn’t sign up to something that claims to make them rich. Everyone wants to become rich and lead a luxurious life, who doesn’t?

You have also been told that in order to activate the software you are required to deposit the minimum amount of $250 into a brokers account. This is just B.S., I am telling you this system doesn’t even exist than what’s the point of the $250 deposit…

The reason why Platinum Profits want you to deposit into one of their recommended brokers and not some random ones is because they are affiliates of them. So whenever they refer someone from their website into the brokers, they will receive a commission of about 80%. Lets say you deposited $250… about $200 commission will go to Platinum Profits while the remaining $50 will go to that particular broker.

In other words, your deposits are gone… remember that in the sales video the narrator mentioned that you can withdraw you deposits any time you like? Well… that’s another B.S.! Once your money is deposited, they is no way you can retrieve it back.

Guess by now you would have figured out that you will lose your $250 deposit instead of making any profits. The only peoples making money is the broker and the owner of Platinum Profits.


My Personal Experience

In the past, I too like any other average person wanted to get rich quickly…I was sucked into a binary options trading software. At first  I didn’t dare to try it, but the motivation to get rich was far greater than anything else at the moment. So I signed up and give my contact number and in awhile I receive a call from them.

Initially I was told the reason for giving my phone number is so the account manager will contact me and teach me how to make millions. But it wasn’t that case, a person from the brokers team contacted me and told me lots of crap such as if I deposit I could get double bonuses and so on… in other words the call was just to “force” you to deposit money, nothing else. At first I was kind of sceptical so I gave them a unsure answer and told them next time.

Over the next few days, I kept receiving call from various people from the same brokers company. This guys are professional and they know how to sweet-talk people and I eventually fall for them. I deposit the minimum funds of $250 into the account… and that’s it! no news or anything about what is happening. I even tried emailing their support and there isn’t any reply till today.

This is definitely a lesson learnt for me…never to trust any get rich quick schemes, especially binary options trading.

But you may wonder that the website I tried and Platinum Profits are totally different… Let me tell you this my friend, almost 99% of the binary options software online serve the same purpose which is to scam people’s money. All the binary options software has a very similar concept, the only differences are their website, product name and video is different.

So… if you think you are not ready to lose your money to this crooks then don’t even bother trying. I can only advice you and if you think that I am not telling the truth, you can always go against my words and try it for yourself.

There are two types of people in this world..

First type of people learns from other people’s experience …while the second type of people learns only from their own experience, so you decide which you one you want to be.


My Final thoughts…

Like most binary options software the Platinum Profits website and sales video provides us with lots of big promises but very little evidences to support them. Ross Barker mentioned that the system can make thousands of dollars everyday but he didn’t show us any proof that it works.

Everything was only to get you to sign up and deposit the funds, they weren’t even glimpses of how and what exactly you going to do to make money.



Forget about the software, Binary options trading is actually a legit way to make money online. However you should know that it possesses high level of risk, in other words chances of losing all your winnings or even the initial investments is high. The income you can earn from trading is never consistent, this month you might receive income and the following month you might not.

Ask yourself, do you want this kind of income for life? How will you even support you family with such inconsistent income.

Trading binary options is almost no different from gambling, a wise man choice would be never to substitute his 9-5 job for trading online.


My #1 Recommendation…

If you want to make consistent and risk-free income online than I suggest you to do online marketing.

As an online marketer:

  1. You promote products and earn commissions from it
  2. You can promote any types of products you want, you don’t have to physically own them
  3. Can be based on your hobbies or passion – easier to build
  4. This is not a “Get rich quick” scheme, so don’t expect to make thousands overnight
  5. You need to put in effort and most importantly be patient – Just think of this, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  6. Common mistake, your target is not within your country only… but worldwide
  7. Hence, greater opportunity = more sales = more commissions = more income

Just to share with you some stats, there are over 3 billion internet users worldwide. Just imagine if you could capture a small group of this people, you could surpass your 9-5 job salary in ease. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately quit your job and start doing online marketing fulltime…

No, that’s wrong. The right thing is you should continue with your 9-5 job and work on online marketing during you free time. Once you are making similar figures or more than what you get from your current job than you can think about resigning.

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They have an option to create a FREE account which doesn’t need your credit card details at all. I strongly suggest that you take this opportunity and try it out for yourself. After trying, if for whatever reason you don’t want to continue than its up to you.

But at least give it a go! Honestly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…


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I have come to the end of my review on Platinum Profits. Hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it at the same time. Those of you who have any question or have tried this software before are welcomed to drop a comment below. If you find this information useful, please share it around. Thank you.



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