Prefex Investments Online Limited Review – Another HYIP?

I will be doing a review on Prefex Investments Online Limited to share with you the truth behind this money making opportunity.

If you are someone who loves to gamble and take risks, then Prefex might be suitable for you. If not, then I would definitely suggest you stay away from this one. The reason why I say this is because there are lots of people like me and you have lost hundreds of thousands to companies like this.

I’m not referring to this company itself, but similar ones. This is not the first investment company I have come across, over the past 11 over months online I have come to know about over 50 of them. Some of them stay for quite awhile but most of them come and go very quickly, simply because they got caught.

Personally, I am never a fan of online investment companies. The main reason is because if anything goes wrong, you will not be able to track them down, especially if you are leaving at the other corner of the world.

I’ve done some research and gathered some information that you might be interested to know about.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the review itself…


Name: Prefex Investments Online Limited Prefex-Investments-Online-Limited-Scam-Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: $10 minimum

Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended


What is Prefex Investments Online Limited all About?

Prefex is an online based bitcoin investment company. A harsher where to phrase is, they are known as a high yield investment program. Almost all HYIP operates the same. They claim that their company is currently doing well  and encourage you to invest in their company to get a share of the profits.

Getting back to Prefex, they mentioned that they have over three years of experience in this field but their website registration date shows otherwise. As you can see, domain was only registered only on February 2016. What took them so long to get a website if their company has been around for over three years.

One thing I didn’t really like is, I couldn’t find any information about who owns or currently runs the company. I feel that if a company is legit, they should be transparent about vital details like this.

Frankly speaking, how do you expect someone to invest money into a company they don’t even know much about.


How Much Does it Cost?

There are several investment plans(I will go into further details right below) offered by Prefex. The minimum deposit for the normal plans is $10 while the minimum deposit for the VIP plans is $2500.

Of course, if you are just starting out… I wouldn’t recommend you to immediately take up their VIP plans because they are quite costly. Start out with the normal plan and invest preferably $10 and see how things go.

If you were to make some profits from the initial deposit, good for you. BUT that doesn’t mean you should start investing bigger amounts. Always stick within the amount that you can afford to lose because you will never know what’s going to happen next when dealing with investment programs like this.

Payment Options offered by Prefex:

  • PerfectMoney
  • bitcoin
  • Payeer


Their Investment Plans

1 Day Plan

  • 135% after 1 day
  • Minimum Investment $10
  • Maximum Investment $100,000

5 Days Plan

  • 300% after 5 days
  • Minimum Investment $10
  • Maximum Investment $100,000

10 Days Plan

  • 550% after 10 days
  • Minimum Investment $10
  • Maximum Investment $100,000

20 Days Plan

  • 1100% after 20 days
  • Minimum Investment $10
  • Maximum Investment $100,000

VIP 1 (1000%)

  • 1000% after 5 days
  • Minimum Investment $25,000
  • Maximum Investment $100,000

VIP 1 (1500%)

  • 1500% after 8 days
  • Minimum Investment $10,000
  • Maximum Investment $50,000

VIP 1 ( 3000%)

  • 3000% after 30 days
  • Minimum Investment $2500
  • Maximum Investment $25,000

Personally, looking at their income plans, it gives me the “too good to be true” feeling… Some of the earning claims seem to be totally unrealistic.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at this.


I’m using the VIP(1000%) as an example,

I will use the minimum investment of $25,000 in this example. As you can see after I key in the value, the total return with profits shows TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Seriously, do you really think it is possible to make that much money within such a short period of time.

The answer is simple, NO!

These guys are misleading you will all sort of fake earning claims. If earning money is so easy, everyone can quit their jobs and stay at home and get rich by simply investing money. I believe you are smart enough to realize that there is no easy money in this world. The profit return is ridiculously high. Where or earth is all these profits is coming from?


Opportunity to Earn Money Without Any Investment

There is a way for you to actually earn some income without actually taking part in their investment program. All you have to do is bring in potential clients to invest, and when they make an invest you will get 3% of the overall investment they made.

This is called an Affiliate program. Basically, you need to register an account for FREE with Prefex and then you will receive your own unique affiliate link. You can share this affiliate link on forums, social media, Facebook groups and etc. However, the chances of you reaching out to many people and making consistent commissions via this route is very restricted.

The best way is to create a website or a blog and the bring people to your affiliate links.

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Issues With Prefex?

I noticed that there are lots of unhappy investors. I went to their Facebook Page, and I saw some of the people’s comments. Most of them were negative…

Honestly, I already saw this coming. Ridiculous earning claims in a short period of time are the only giveaway that one needs to determine whether this company is really legit. You don’t have to physically invest to know the true color. Just look around and there are hints all over the place.



This is just one small section of a Facebook post and you can already see some many complaints. Some are even saying the Prefex is a scam. Don’t take this as just as a pinch of salt because these guys are definitely real people who have invested real money in this program, and probably lost their deposits.


My Final thoughts.

I am definitely not going to recommend you to invest into Prefex because judging by the looks of things you are probably destined to lose money in the long run.

What do I mean?

These guys will try to gain trust from you by paying out regularly for all your small deposits. So once you got confident and invest big amounts, I got a strong feeling you will get scammed here. They might probably take your money and never get back to you. – This is just my assumption

I have seen and even personally known people who have lost tons of money to investment scams like this where they earned profits the first time and when the second time they invested bigger amounts the person just disappeared out of sight.

This is never a SUSTAINABLE business opportunity because there are just too much risks associated with it.

Of course, who am I to decide what you should or should not do. I’m just trying to warn you about what you are getting yourself into. Like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t really mind taking risks than by all means, go ahead and try it out.

It’s always better to be a SMART investor than a BIG investor. By smart means, try to use a small amount and roll it into a big amount instead of trying to go BIG first time round.

For e.g. you invested $50 into one of the plans. If you made profits more than $10, then continue investing using the profits only. This way, even if you got scammed, you didn’t lose your own money.


My #1 Recommendation

For those of you who are looking for a risk-free opportunity to earn income online, I recommend you to start your own online business. You don’t really have to invest much money into creating an online business, also, it’s more sustainable and can generate you income consistently.

The good thing about creating an online business is that you can work on it on top of your current job. Meaning, you just work on this whenever you have free time.

Don’t know where or how to start an online business? Don’t worry… I’ve got that covered for you.

If you are interested to find out more, take a look at my #1 Recommended Program.

The best part of creating an online business is that you can build one based on your very own passion on interest. Not many people in this world are having their dream jobs. You wouldn’t know, this could actually be your dream job. Working online(from home) and spending more time with your family and friends.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Prefex Investments Online Limited. I hope this review have given you a clearer understanding of what decision is best for you going forward. If you have any doubts/ questions or simply want to share with us your personal experience with this HYIP, please feel free to do so by using the comment box below.



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    • I’m sorry for your lost David, losing $3,300 at one ago is definitely hard to swallow. Please, please keep in mind that there is no such thing as easy or free money in this world. If you stick with the mind set of making easy money, you will be bound to lose more money in the near future. Only way to making money is to work for it. No easy way!
      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with all of us. Hope this will be a lesson learnt for the rest of the viewers.

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