Profit Trigger Review – A Scam to Avoid!

This review is going to be about a new website called Profit Trigger. What is Profit Trigger? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to invest your time and money in? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Profit TriggerProfit-Trigger-Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: “Free for one year”

Rating: 1/5


Profit Trigger Overview

I believe that some of you might be excited about this new opportunity that you came across recently. Honestly, there is nothing really to be excited about. This kind of websites/programs has been recycling over and over again in a different identity(website name, sales video, theme and etc.) over the past years. After reading this review, I bet you would definitely have a different impression on the Profit Trigger yourself.

So the introduction video started with the 5,3 Trillion Dollars explanation. I’m not going to explain that to you again because (1) I don’t want to repeat what has been mentioned in the video again and (2) waste my time on this crap. What you need to know here is that the actual program itself has nothing to do with Forex or stocks. Basically, all of these statistics and overall money grossed is showed to “pump you up”.

Seriously, who wouldn’t be pumped up after hearing about the potential amount of money anyone could make. If this is the first time I came across such opportunity, I probably would have been pumped up too. Unfortunately, I have seen this kind of programs and claims over hundreds of time, which is the reason why I am not buying into anything that is said here.


What is Profit Trigger exactly about?


So… if it has nothing to do with Forex trading or Stocks, then what is it all about?

It’s called binary options trading.

Does this term seem alien to you? Well… it probably will if you are fairly new to making money online. Binary Options Trading is very simple. There are only two options for you. The first is the “call” option and the second is the “put” option.

When you think that the value of the property(for e.g.) is going to rise, you will select the call option and if the value of the property if going to drop you select the put option. It will become a winning trade only if it happens like what you predicted.

The reason why I used the word “predicted” is because, in reality, binary options trading is very similar to gambling. It’s like a flip of a coin. It’s either this or that. Even though there are only TWO options, it’s still can go against you. And when that happens, you will lose money.

What I am disappointed about is, nothing about binary options trading was mentioned on the website. The narrator tried to mislead everyone by saying that it has something to with Forex, but in actual terms it’s not…


Is it Really FREE for 1 Year?

This is the part probably most of you are looking forward to. Is it true, can you try this system for free for a year and then buy it from the owner afterward?

First and foremost, this system is not FREE… you will have to pay a sum of money to get into the program. Secondly, this program that he claims to have doesn’t exist at all. You are not going to make a DIME with this program, in fact, you are only going to end up losing money.

This is what happens once you register your account…


You will come to this page where they will ask you to fund your account. As you can see, they have already done you a big favor. They have included the min. amount to deposit as $250, so you don’t have to waste your energy and type the numbers out yourself.

Anyway… jokes aside. By now you would have realized that in order to use this software you will have to fund the brokers account. There is no such thing as free for a year.

Frankly speaking, I don’t mind depositing even thousands of dollars if the program actually worked like what it claimed. Just like everyone else I also want to become instantly rich and not have to worry about money at all. If this really works, I will be one of the first few to get my hands on this program but like I said it doesn’t.

You could tell for yourself that the owner himself is not honest about anything. First, he said it’s free for a year but end up asking you for your credit card number. This is an unethical way of selling a product.


People Are Still Making Money

Yes, you heard me loud and clear. PEOPLE ARE STILL MAKING MONEY!!

Not the ones who use the program but the ones that bring the program to people like you and me.

In other words, there are three groups of people making money from this.

(1) Owner – Owner of this website, Profit Trigger

(2) Binary Options Broker – Company where you will deposit your funds

(3) Affiliates – People promoting the product

Each of these groups will make a percentage of commissions whenever someone funds the account. Obviously, the owner will make the most cut, followed by the broker and lastly the affiliates. There is no room for people who funds the money because the money that is funded is the one that is split to as commissions.

It’s a one-way route. Once the funds are deposited, you will never get it back again because they are already distributed to the partners. So think twice, thrice or even more(if you have to) before you actually decide to jump with both your foot in…

I know some of you might be asking, how do I know all these. Simply because I have been scammed by a similar program like this in the past. I registered an account with the broker but I didn’t fund my account just yet. About 30 minutes later I got a called from the broker company appreciating me for my interest in their service and asked me to deposit $250.

I was skeptical just like everyone else, so I turned down the offer. A couple of days later, someone else from the same company called me and told me that  they are currently offering a 100% matched bonus. Meaning, you deposit $250, you will receive $250 bonus for free. Back then I was naïve, which is probably why I blindly deposited and eventually lost $250.

However, I take this as a learning experience. Some experience is free and some cost you money. My experience cost me money, though I am disappointed, I am still happy to know that I will never take that path again. Also, sharing my experience with people like you and save you from losing money is what makes me happy and gives me a sense of satisfaction. Together let’s be SCAM-FREE!!!


My Final Thoughts.

Right from the start Profit Trigger was never honest about what they are all about and misleads people with their concept. They even went on to say it’s free for a year when in reality it wasn’t. So is Profit Trigger a scam? Yes, it absolutely is and I will not recommend this to any of you even though the claims are very lucrative like make thousands of dollars per day.

Think about it, why would someone share with you their goldmine? Wouldn’t they want to keep it to themselves and pull in profit after profits? I know that, if I had such a cash flowing machine I will never share it with anyone. That’s me… and I think anybody out there will agree with me on this. There is obviously a hidden catch behind all this, that is, this system doesn’t exist in the first place.

Instead of wasting $250 on a useless program like Profit Trigger, I rather you spend that money by having a nice dinner with your family, that’s way more worthwhile than this.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended

If you are still looking for an opportunity to make money online, I would recommend that you start an online business. This is the MOST legit way to build a consistent income stream that allows you to eventually quit your job and work from home.

I have been doing this for over a year and have seen great results with it which enabled me to quit my day job and do this full-time. To find out more about how to get started, you can check out my #1 Recommendation below:


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Profit Trigger. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is all about and whether or not it’s the best option going forward for you. Those of you who have personally tried this program are welcomed to share with us your experience, simply leave a comment or two in the box below. Personal opinions and questions are always welcomed  too.

Thanks for reading…

I wish you success 🙂



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