Push Money App Review – Just Another Scam!

I will be doing a review on Push Money App to share with you the real truth behind this opportunity. Some people say it’s a scam while some others say it’s a legitimate opportunity to get rich online.

So who is telling the truth? What’s my personal take on this?

I going to say that Push money App is a big time SCAM. I have evidence to support my strong statement which I will show and explain to you later in this review. I highly recommend that you spare a couple of minutes to read through thoroughly because this could actually save you a few hundred bucks(if not even thousands)


Name: Push Money AppPush_Money_App_Review

Website: http://pushmoneyapp.com

Owner: Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 1/5


What is Push Money App all about?

According to their website,

” Push Money App is a state-of-the-art cash generating system that legally taps into a 50 million dollar global market and leverages it to make millions for its users.”

First of all, don’t get fooled by all of these high-end terms being used. They probably just structured the sentence in that way to make it sound professional, that’s all.

In simple terms, Push Button App is a binary options trading software that claims to pull in money every day by just pushing a few buttons. They did went on to say that some members area making over a million in just 180 days.

Seriously, do you really think that someone can make that much money without literally doing anything?

Of course not! Everything you see in their website is scripted. From the co-founders to the beta-testers, all of these people are nothing but just paid actors. Don’t get sucked into from watching their professional looking video that they made. This is very similar to another software I reviewed several months ago.

The understand that the video looks very real, and especially someone who is totally new to this might easily fall for such things. However, if you look carefully at the video, there are just too many flaws indicating towards a scam.

I will pick out some of them and highlight to you in a moment, but first I want to explain how this “Push Money App” really works.


The “Ugly” Truth behind Push Money App

The only people that are really going to benefit from the Push Money app are the creator(not Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan), the affiliates who promote this software and lastly the broker.

If you are wondering why you are not part of this list, should already have given you a hint that you are not going to make a dime using this system. The word “Free” was used countless times in the video, but does it really mean it’s free and you don’t have to spend any money?

No! You have to eventually take out your credit card and deposit a minimum sum of $250 to activate the account.

Once you activate the account, you will be able to make profits within minutes. Yea right, I didn’t know making money was so easy. No, of course not! Like I said earlier, you won’t make a single penny at all. All the words that come out from their mouth are full of lies. None of them they said was even genuine.

Remember “Dennis Moreland” said that the money you will be depositing into is like a bank, you can withdraw it anytime you like. This is another blatant lie, once the money goes it…that’s it! Forget about retrieving because your money will be taken by as a commission for the creator, Affiliates, and broker.

If really there’s a loophole in making trucks of money, there will be no poverty in this world. Everybody will be at least living a decent lifestyle. Unfortunately not, there are people in some parts of the world not even having proper water for drinking and here you tell me people can make a million dollars in 180 days without doing anything?

Seems more like a joke to me  😆

If you are wondering how much does an affiliate earn for just promoting this software, take a look at this!


A whopping $300! A part of this coming from your pocket itself.


Let’s look at the flaws!

 #1: Free money for your time


So in the start of the video Dennis Moreland promised us two things, either he write us a one thousand dollar check or show us a way to make thousands of dollar every day. I watched the video until the end, but he didn’t mention anything about a check.

I didn’t sign up to this system, so he should be paying me money for my time right. Not only me, I believe lots of people actually watched the video but didn’t receive a check too.

What does it tell you here? Obviously, this guy here is a big liar. Basically, he told this to get all our attention till the end of the video. In reality, he is not writing any of us a check. Seriously, this guy is probably just an average joe like most of us, do you really think he can afford to spend so much money on us.

#2: Badly edited Check

badly photoshopped photo

Just take a look at this check. So clearly you can see that it has been photo-shopped. Unfortunately, they spent too much time producing the video, that they probably overlooked in this area.

Apart from the poor editing, I also wanted to mention about their address. “Push Money Company, 1500 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201”. So I looked up on Google maps and Google and nothing came up about this company on that particular address.

#3: Website Registration Date

Push Money App has been said to be operating since 2015, they even went on to show screenshots of checks with the year 2015 in it.


I did some research on Whois and found out that this domain was only registered on the 9th of January 2016. So it makes me wonder how come their “members” having been making money since 2015.




#4: Direct Support from Dennis Moreland?


When I watched this section of the video, I was literally laughing. – What a joke is this?

So a person name Alexa called to share with Dennis Moreland her success of making of making her first $5,000 using this software. This is just another made up story. The person who is calling is probably another actor or even someone Dennis Moreland knows in real life.

Don’t you find it strange that they put a photo of the person? Seriously don’t tell me after the phone call they personally contacted “Alexa” and asked her to share her photo so they can put in on video. Sounds so stupid isn’t it. This is probably some random photo or stock photo that they are using.

If you ask me, the whole purpose of the section is to make people believe that you will also receive personal support from Dennis Moreland. Forget that, the only support you will be getting is from the broker company. They will call you and pester you to deposit funds – I’ve been there, and done that!

#5: Fake statistics


Let’s play a little game, shall we?

Can you spot the difference between both?

Well, of course, you can.

Basically, the top image is the “before” and the bottom is the “after”. In other words, once you enter your name and email address you will be directed to the second page. While watching the video there, you will notice that the figures for all of the three will be slowly increasing. By the time you completed the video you will notice similar figures like the bottom image.

Does it really mean that within this short period, there are more happy clients?(from 17,000 to 20,000) or their members are earning more money. No!  This is something that is programmed to make it look realistic, but the truth is none of them are working in real time.

Just refresh the page, and all the figures will reset back to the initial number. The whole purpose of this is to act as a bait to get more people into signing up.

#6: Matching Bonus Bait


Though the minimum deposit is only $250, there are actually people who have lost $10,000 using this system as well. Most of these people got tricked by this “Matching Deposit Bonus”. What it means is, If you deposit $10,000, you will get another $10,000 for free(as a bonus).

Seriously, you think making money is so easy? B.S!

#7: Doesn’t Guarantee success


Click To Enlarge

If you look at their earning disclaimer, you would already have a rough idea of whether their system is really going to work. As you can see for yourself, Push Money App has mentioned that there cannot guarantee that you will earn any money using this techniques or ideas, and they are not responsible for any of your actions.

Funny how it escalated that quickly? From 1 million dollars in 180 days to no success guaranteed.

This piece of information is already enough to prove that this software is not going to work like what it has promised.


My Final thoughts…

It’s both sad and disappointing to see that innocent people are losing their money to all of these scams every single day. They have to understand that nothing in this world is free or easy. What you work for is what you get. If there is really such a system, nobody needs to drag their feet out of home every morning to go to work.

You have to know that “get rich quick” schemes doesn’t exist. Seeking for products or programs like this is only going to leave your pockets with more holes.

If you are really interested in making real income online, I highly encourage that you take some time and read my #1 Recommended Program. Please keep in mind that this opportunity will not make you rich overnight. But I can assure you that if you work hard, you definitely can make a living from home.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Push Money App. This system is definitely a scam I suggest that you stay far from this or any other binary software that claims to automatically make money for you. All of you are welcomed to share with us your personal opinions with regards to this opportunity. I look forward to reading them 🙂



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