Quick Cash Plan Review – Avoid This Scam!

I will be doing a review on Quick Cash Plan to share with you the real truth behind this money making opportunity. I am not one of their salesperson promoting their product to you, therefore you can expect a 100% unbiased review from me. I noticed that there are lots of mixed opinions revolving around this system, some say it is a scam while some others say it is a legit opportunity.

So who is telling the truth?

After extensive research I have come to the conclusion that Quick Cash Plan is definitely a scam that one should avoid. I have evidences to support my “harsh” statement so do take a couple of minutes to read through this review thoroughly.


Name: Quick Cash Plan aka “QSP”Quick-Cash-Plan-Review

Website: http://www.quickcashplan.co

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 1/5


What is Quick Cash Plan all about?

Quick Cash Plan is a binary option trading software that claims to pull you thousands of dollars every single day. The owner chose to be anonymous by not mentioning his name any where in the website. All we were told was how he went from being broke to becoming a millionaire using this software.

On the landing page you would have noticed this, “Enter your best email below to create your premium account. Make a quick $4,592 in the next 90 minutes”.

Is it true, can you really make that amount of money within a couple of hours?

Unfortunately not… in fact using this software is going to result in you losing money instead of actually making… because this software is fake(doesn’t work like what it promises).


Is Quick Cash Plan really FREE?

In their website and sales video, they did mentioned that their software if absolutely free…

But the truth is, it’s NOT!

You do need to take out your credit card at one point in order to start using this software. Remember that in the members area you are told to create a trading account with his recommended broker. Creating a trading account is not Free, you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 first. The worst is, you will only realise this after you given your personal details(including your contact number)


There is a reason why they ask you for you telephone number. Upon signing up, you can expect to receive a call from the brokers company. These guys will sweet talk you into depositing the funds by telling all sorts of bullshits which includes 100% bonuses(e.g. deposit $250, get additional $250 bonus free).

How I know all this? Because I was once a victim of a very similar binary option trading scam. I didn’t want to deposit at first but they kept calling me from time to time. Finally I gave in a deposited the funds, and that’s it… no news from anybody. I tried contacting them on how to trade and stuffs like that but till today not a single response. It took me awhile to realise that I have actually been scammed because back then I was very new to all this online money making opportunities.


Don’t trust this broker…

The broker that quick cash plan has recommended is Bloombex Options. First of all Bloombex is not a regulated broker meaning they don’t have proper licensing. Secondly, there are just way too many complaints about them. Complaints include suspending their account when requesting for withdrawal and etc. We shall now take a look at some REAL complaints.




This are just two of the “don’t know how many” complaints. You can do some research on your own by simply doing a Google Search. Do note that there are lots of websites there giving four or five stars for this broker. Those reviews are not genuine as they are simply promoting them.

So now, the big question is why is Quick Cash Plan RECOMMENDING a unreliable broker?

The truth is QSP is affiliates of Bloombex options. In other words, they earn hefty commissions from everybody who deposited the funds. So the only people who are really making money are the brokers and those promoting Quick Cash Plan… not YOU!


Other Red-Flags pointing towards a scam

(1) Fake Testimonials

The testimonials in their sales video are not legit. Those people are just actors who are hired to give a few positive words about a product they never tried at all. Most of these actors are hired from Fiverr, a marketplace where you can purchase gigs for as low as just $5.

Lets now take a look at one of their testimonials…


Seeing is believing, so click this link to see it for yourself. https://www.fiverr.com/louisedutton

It is quite disappointing that she can literally lie through her mouth that she made that amount of money within a couple of days that she never tried. Basically she is just reading a script that is given by the man behind Quick Cash Plan.


(2) Fake TimerFake-Time-Quick-Cash-Plan

You will notice this stopwatch below the sales video counting down from five minutes. Don’t get fooled by this “limited time offer” because its just part of their marketing tactics. Even once the clock runs down to zero, you will still be able to sign up. The main reason for putting such thing up is to induce urgency in their visitors who come to their site.

Basically they just want you to think that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become rich, if you didn’t take it now… you will lose that opportunity forever. But don’t worry it’s nothing like that, believe me. Just refresh website and the numbers will reset back to 5 minutes.



(3) Published on CNN?


Nothing about the Quick Cash Plan was mentioned on CNN website. If you don’t believe me, you can do a google search by typing “CNN Quick Cash Plan” or do a search on their website itself. They simply tried to use CNN as a platform to prove their credibility of their system. The truth is they just copied and pasted the “CNNMoney” logo and placed it beside phrase they probably created themselves.


My Final thoughts…

There are just too many red-flags about the Quick Cash Plan, I could go on a list a couple more of them. But I think that is no need for me to do so because the above evidences are more than enough to prove that Quick Cash Plan is nothing but a scam. Their target market is always newbie traders who have little or zero knowledge about trading online.

Don’t buy into this term called free because this software isn’t free at all. You will eventually have to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to activate it.

There is no “magic” or “push button” that can make you instant rich, those that claim such are obviously lying. To succeed in making money online you need to put in hard work and give it time. There is no such thing as overnight success.

If you are interested in making legit income online, I recommend that you start an online business. You can create an online business with little or no capital at all, unlike an offline business where you need a huge capital to start. I work from home fulltime and I have been doing this for almost a year now and I am earning almost double of what I got from my day job.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Quick Cash Plan. I do hope this review has benefited you and maybe even saved you a couple hundreds of dollars. Feel free to share with us your thoughts or ask any questions by simply leaving a comment in the box below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂



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