Real Writing Jobs Scam Review – Offers No Real Value!

I will be doing a review on Real Writing Jobs to share with you the “Real” truth behind this money making opportunity. I believe most of you who came across their website are actually thinking about earning income from home. I was once in your same situation, looking high and low for legit opportunities that can allow me to generate fulltime income from home.

Thankfully, I stumbled across a program that thought me how to start my own online business through promoting someone else’s products which is also known as Affiliate Marketing. Almost 9 months into my new online venture, and I am already pulling in double the income from what I was getting from my 9-5 job. If you are one of those person who loves writing, than you should definitely give Affiliate Marketing a go.

My apologies for getting a bit off topic. Right now, I will move on to the review itself… so please bare with me as I walk you through this entire process.


Name: Real Writing Jobs


Owner: Unknown

Price: $34

Rating: 1/5


What is “Real Writing Jobs” all about? is very similar to a third-party website. Within their members area, they will have links to different writing job offers. You may pick which offers is applicable/suitable for you and get in contact directly with the employers.

Yes, that’s right. Real writing jobs has totally nothing to do with you and the employer. If there are payments to be made, it will be made directly from the employer to you whether in check or PayPal would most probably depends on your/employer’s  preference.

If you are good at writing or speaking English, this product(Real Writing Jobs) might have caught your attention. But wait don’t just key-in your credit card details because I have yet to finish my review. looks like legit but let me tell you, there are just too many flaws within this website that makes in unfavourable. We will look into some of this as we go on…


How much does it Cost?

To get access into the membership area of Real Writing Jobs, you have to $34. Of course, the price is very reasonable and I believe most of you can afford it. However, the problem here is not really about the money but whether this product that you are buying offers any value?

I’ve checked out the members area and there is nothing much to brag about it. All they had were writing jobs offers that were posted from other websites(Real Time), average trainings and couple of advertisements. The truth is you can find all these job offers for free by doing a simple Google search on ” Writing Jobs Freelance”. There are tons of websites out there looking for freelance writers for instance,, Elance and Fiverr.

So you don’t really have to spend money to get writing jobs.


What I Liked!

(1) 60-days money back guarantee

The only thing I liked about Real Writing jobs is that it offers 60-days money back guarantee. Even though they offer a 100% refund, you should expect a hassle along the way. If everyone tried to product and wanted a refund, the owner is going to run road sooner or later. So he is not stupid enough to blindly refund everybody immediately, it will probably require to send lots of emails before you eventually get refund.


What I didn’t like…

(1) No proper information is given

One of the biggest issues I have with is they didn’t really talk about what you can expect within the members area. When I entered my name and email address I expected to have more details about the product in the next page. But no, instead it took my directly to the checkout page the purchase the product.

For a second I thought I actually clicked something wrong, so I went back and redo that process again but I still came back to the same place.

So that’s about it? Just an attractive landing page with very little information?

To be honest I was quite disappointed because I was expecting more…


(2) They make writing jobs look too easy


I took a snippet from their FAQ section. Take a look at this, “if you can write at an 8th grade level or higher, you are qualified to start writing articles”.

I think that is not the right way to put things because people are looking for quality in your writing. Nobody is going to hire you if you have poor writing skills because there is already lots of competition within the “writing” industry(quite saturated).

Yes there are people making $100 per hour being a writer but these guys have built a strong reputation for themselves. It is not something that can happen overnight, if you have that intention than being a freelance writer is probably not the right option for you.


(3) Lots of Complaints

I have come across lots of people complaining that they have been re-billed $77.50 every month without their acknowledgment. This is going to be a big problem especially if you never notice it. If you are not careful you may end up spending even thousands of dollars for information that you can get free.


Better Alternative?

I’m not too fond of Freelancing myself because there are just too many strong writers out there. I know that it is an uphill tasks for me to compete against all of those writers with strong English background.

If you are like me an average(or even below average) writer, starting a blog and monetizing it is the best option out there. People don’t really look at how good your English is when you are writing a blog. As long as you can convey your message to people in the simplest form, they are happy with it.

So what does blog means?

In the past I always thought that blogging means writing about what you do everyday. Well, I honestly cant believe I was too dumb back then(or maybe just lazy to find out myself). Anyway, creating a blog is very similar to have a website. This website that you are reading now is also something like a blog. Basically, the idea of this blog is to educate them about the different scam products online and steer them into the right path(to make money online).

The best thing is you can create a blog around a passion of yours and make money from it. For instance, lets say you are a body builder who likes to go gym regularly and workout. You can create a blog on body building and share with people different tips, trainings videos, exercise routines and etc.

So how to make money from blogging?

I will use the same example(body building)

  • Affiliate Marketing – Sell products like Whey Protein, Treadmill, Dumb bells, Pull up bar, fitness trackers and earn commissions from them
  • Google AdSense – You apply for Google AdSense and place them on your website. Whenever someone clicks on the Ads you will earn commissions from it. Look to your right, I have placed AdSense on this website itself
  • Sell Ads Space – There are companies out there willing to pay couple hundreds of bucks even thousands(depending on your monthly traffic) to put their advertisement on your website.
  • Sell your own products – Selling your own products is another option. But I don’t do that because I don’t have much knowledge of experience about it myself.

Currently, I am into Affiliate Marketing & Google AdSense.


My Final thoughts…

Like I mentioned earlier, writing jobs offers can be found for free and you don’t have really have to pay for it. It seems more like they are just more interested in your money than anything else. So is it a scam? It may not necessarily be a scam because they do provide decent information. Anyway, my final take on this is… I would not RECOMMEND this product.

If you are interested in making money online through creating your own website, I highly encourage that you take a look at this program. You can try it for absolutely free, this would let you experience first hand on what you can expect within this program.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Real Writing Jobs. I do hope that you found this review useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Also, I would love to hear feedback from past users of what you think about this product.



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