Recyclix Review – Can You Make Profits Out of Waste?

I will be doing a review on Recyclix to share with you the real truth behind this money making opportunity. Well, if you are someone who is totally down to earth and care a lot about the environment or just want to make lots of money then you might be interested in being part of this program.

But before you decide to put both your feet in, I want you to really understand how this program works. If you are totally new to this, It will be kinda difficult to grasp what this is exactly all about by just looking through their website.

Without further ado, I will move on to the review itself so please bare with me as I walk you through this entire process. If along the way you have any questions to ask, please feel to leave me a line or two in the comment box below. I will be more than happy to help you out.


Name: RecyclixRecyclix_Review


Owner: Unknown

Price: Varies

Rating: 2/5


What Is Recyclix all about?

Recyclix is a company that has been involved in many recycling projects across Europe. They claimed to have a head office located in Warsaw, Poland. Basically, how you go about making money with them is by buying shares from their recycling program.

Your earnings are directly related to the number of shares you buy within the company. In other words, the more shares you buy, the more profits you will make in a shorter period of time.

So far everything seems OK. But as looking through their website, lots of information has only been briefly explained. One thing that really bothered be was their lack of information about who the owner is or who is currently running the website. I mean, if a company is really legit why must they hide information like this from the public. – This is just my 2¢ thoughts!


How can you make money without actually spending any!

(1) Make use of the €20 Free bonus 

Recyclix is currently offering a €20 bonus for members who sign up. The signing up process is a very quick process, it just requires you to key in your email address and verify it. However, to qualify for the bonus you have to update both your Name & Birthdate. Once you completed that, €20 will be credited to your account.

There’s nothing much you could do with the bonus. You only can buy €20 worth waste shares.

Revenue Calculator

There is a revenue calculator within their website to calculate how much profit you can earn.

So let’s say I invested the €20 on waste share, it will take me about 4 and a half years to complete the cycles. After this period, I will be able to take out a net profit of €2672.84.

Wow, not bad right? You get to earn money without spending any money!

(2) Bring in “Partners”

Instead of just using the €20 bonus and waiting for it to grow, there is an additional opportunity for you to increase your earnings in the mean time.

Become an Affiliate!

Basically, you will be given an Affiliate link to promote. Whenever someone clicks on your link and joins, they will automatically become your partner. You will be able to earn commissions up to four levels.

  • Level 1(Recruited by yourself) – 10%
  • Level 2 – 3%
  • Level 3 – 2%
  • Level 4 – 1%

There are no fixed commissions to earn from a particular partner you recruited. It will eventually depend on how many shares your partners buy.


How Recyclix exactly works – For Serious Spenders

For people who are more serious about investing with Recyclix, I recommend that you read this section thoroughly.

Like I mentioned earlier, reading through their website will not give you many insights to how they exactly work if you are fairly new to all of this.

Recyclix is actually known as a High Yield Investment Product(HYIP) which is a type of Ponzi Scheme. Basically, it means the money that you currently invested will be used to pay to those people who have invested way earlier than you. This is like a cycle, so next time you will probably be receiving someone else’s deposit as your profit.

If you ask me, it’s too risky to invest in companies like this especially if you are living in a totally different part of the world. You will never know when will Recyclix run out of business and close down. Just think about it, what’s going to happen if you deposited a huge stake in their “shares” and they closed down.

Always don’t rule of the possibilities because things happening like this is quite common. They got literally nothing to lose because they are only holding onto all of your money, not theirs. What made matters worse is that the company choose to leave the owner anonymous, which makes me feel something is fishy.

A food for thought(Personally, I don’t see any logic behind this):

I want you guys to take some time and think this through, try to use a bit of common sense into it. Using the revenue calculator you would have noticed that the amount of money you can earn here is great.

But the question here is, if there is really lots of money to be made through recycling, then why is Recyclix so interested in getting people to join their program and invest in their shares. Sharing the revenue with all of us, will, of course reduce their profit margins. Instead, they could get a small bank loan and compound the generated ROI and keep the profits for themselves.

Tip #1: For those of you who are interested in giving this opportunity a GO, do not invest a huge capital. Try to keep it within the “affordable range”. I would not advise you to take some loan or borrow money from someone else and invest on this. It’s just too risky!

Tip #2: Try not to keep your money inside too long. Whenever you got the opportunity to withdraw, Withdraw it! I know there will always be people who are “greedy” for more money. They tend to cycle their money over and over again. The key is to at least take out your initial investment and roll with your profits(if you actually made), this way you, at least, got the sense of satisfaction that your initial deposit is safely back in your hands.


My Final thoughts…

Recyclix may not necessarily be a scam, BUT you will never know when they will turn into one. To minimize risks and keep it a bay, I recommend that you deposit within your means. Don’t take this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and go full force on it.

Personally, I am in the means of experiencing it myself. I just stick with the €20 and see where this goes. If this works out, in the future I may consider investing about on it. But for now, it’s just a “trial” process for me to see whether it really works like it promised.

If you are looking for an online money making opportunity with ZERO risks, I will highly encourage that you take a look at my #1 Recommended program.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Recyclix. I do hope you find this beneficial and thus, have able to now make a clearer decision going forward. Anyone has tried this program are welcomed to share with us your personal experience – I look forward to reading those 🙂



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  1. I invested 200 Euro, because I was able to withdraw their 20 Euro (via PayPal) about 4 months after signing up. It’s a large chunk of cash, but it’s affordable, if it goes south. If it stays solid, I look to earn about 28 Euro every 35 days. Not a bad deal, in my book. In about 8 months, I will have gotten all my money back. Then I can start reinvesting it and work it over 1 yr. and 3 months, into 1,000 Euro of waste, netting 180 Euro every 35 days. One can dream and I hope this dream becomes real!

  2. after getting enough money for a whitdraw they deleted my account. Proven ponzi scheme. DO NOT INVEST. SCAM

      • From F.A.Q at Recyclix:
        “If you do not have deposits, you can only withdraw through a bank account in your own name. But after 60 days from the date of registration, accounts WITHOUT external deposits will be deleted.”

  3. Interesting post. I was wondering if I should invest some money or not.. I just don’t understand why they’re trying to prove that they’re real company and not HYIP? I read yesterday that they’re attending some fair later this year which is odd for a HYIP program in my opinion.. I don’t know, maybe I’ll put $20 or something like that just to see where it goes..

  4. Hello Kumar. I know a lot of people from my country (Romania) who invested serious money in this business last year and they earn very well (they have aprox 1500 refferals).
    What I don’t understand is: why a HYIP would organize an Open days in Poland? And everyone who wants to visit the factory is welcomed.

    I personally invested aprox 700 eur and each month I get almost 100 eur for doing nothing 🙂

  5. I invested money from my Side but after lot of bad reviews I’m scared about that,
    I’m seriously interested in it but now I’m waiting for more reviews,
    Mr Kumar can you help me please

    • Hi Farhan, Don’t waste your money on Recyclix or any other HYIP that promise you high returns in a short period of time. They are all scams if not will eventually become one. You don’t really have to waste time looking around for other reviews or see what others have to say. I have personally taken part in several HYIP in the past and they all turned of to be scams. They are not legit company at all.

  6. Hey ! Well,I don’t know why this people call it “scam”..For me it’s fine,with 4 accounts I make 120 euros a month,that money I invest in gaming,and I didn’t put even 1 euro in this company,tho,I’m really happy I get some money without doing anything. 😀

    • Wow, that’s strange. If it works for you, that’s good!

      But the question is were you able to cash out any of your money earned? They are probably doing selective payments in my opinion. Some might get paid but others might not.

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