Sabika Jewelry Review – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

This review is going to be about a company called Sabika Jewelry. What is Sabika Jewelry? Is it a scam or legitimate opportunity? Is it worth for you to invest your time, money and effort into this or who is this opportunity really for? These are some of the questions that this review will be focused on.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the review itself.


Name: Sabika Jewelry ReviewSabika-Jewelry-Review


Owner: Karin Mayr

Price: $250 (starting)

Rating: 3/5

Who this is for: Women looking for work from home opportunities


Sabika Jewelry Company Overview

Before I go on with the actual review itself, I just wanted to inform you that I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Sabika Jewelry and thus, you can expect a totally unbiased review from my side in regards to Sabika Jewelry products and more importantly, the Sabika Jewelry consultant program.

Sabika Jewelry was founded in 2001 by Karin Mayr, who is also currently the CEO of the company. Her daughter is also playing an active role in the success of the company. What I really like about Sabika Jewelry is that they are quite open about their personal information about who runs the company and even shares their family photo on their official website, which is definitely a plus point because it increases the trusts for both customers and people who might want to be part of the consultant program.

I have come across a large number of companies online who offer different money making opportunities but failed to even reveal who owns or runs the company. Often these companies/websites turn out to be a scam. To just give you a heads up if you ever come across a website that asks you for quite a fair bit of money upfront without disclosing important information like what I mentioned earlier, it’s best to stay away from them.

It is fair to say that Sabika Jewelry is quite a high profile company because they have appeared in online news articles several times and even have been interviewed on camera a couple of times.

Another plus point of Sabika is that they are also a member of the direct selling association.


Who is Sabika Jewelry for?

Sabika Jewelry is catered towards women who are looking for opportunities to earn extra income or simply want to work from home. Since we are dealing with Jewelry, men are definitely out of this picture but that doesn’t mean you are totally ruled on this. If you really have a passion for fashion and love to get involved in home parties, you too can definitely consider doing this.

But before you jump with both your feet in, you should first understand more about how this opportunity works. For those of you who didn’t know, Sabika Jewelry is actually an MLM(another better word for it is network marketing) type company.

Almost all MLM’s operates the same way where you will need to be involved in both direct selling and recruiting members under your downline. I can understand that direct selling is somewhat doable if you put your heart and soul into it BUT as for recruiting, it’s not as easy as you might think it is. Most people who fail in MLM type businesses have overlooked this crucial portion, that is to recruit people. Persuading people to join your team and get involved in what you are doing is by far the hardest part of them all if you ask me.

That is why the success rate in this kind of business models are very low. The ones who really succeed are those of are really passionate about it and have the determination to do what it takes to succeed, even if it’s to come out of their comfort zone and confront people in public or door-to-door.

What most people do(even myself) is immediately go to their close relatives and friends and start promoting their products and try to recruit them. What you should know here is, there is only a limit to how much you can sell and promote to these people and I’m sure you circle of people you know are not in millions. You’d probably have 200-300 close people that you can go to. What’s going to happen next once you run out of people-you-know to go to?

This is where people get stuck and eventually throw in the towel because they don’t know who to go next to.

Ask yourself this question. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, move around, talk to people you know and don’t know and get involved in various home parties?

If you answered YES, then you can give this program a try. Just because you are very social does guarantee you any success. It’s more than just what I have mentioned above. It’s easier said than done, so you will get the actual feel of it if you try if for yourself.

For those of you who answered NO, don’t feel disappointed. Give a pat on the back for yourself for actually being honest and lie to your consciousness. It’s better to not get involved if you have a strong hunch that you are not meant for this. Hey, not everybody is a good talker or social person. Even myself, I am a very reserved person who doesn’t talk too much so I already know I am bound to fail from the get go.

There are lots of better opportunities to make money online or start a home based business, it’s only a matter of passion and commitment…

Interested In Starting a Real Work From Home Business?


Sabika Jewelry Products

They got collections for all ages, from a young girl to even a 60-year-old lady.

Their products include necklaces, pendants, earrings, chokers, bracelets and etc…

I know this section is particularly for their products but I am not going to list every one of their product here because that’s just crazy. If you are interested it’s better you check from their website itself. Instead, I will just list a couple below so that you will get a rough idea of the prices and collections available.

Most of their items listed are ranged from $25 to $259. So it definitely seems like a budget for most people and they also do offer discounts and promotions from time to time on their website.




Sabika Jewelry Compensation Plan

Like every MLM out there, you will have a compensation plan that tells you what you need to do to earn that specific amount of money. and Sabika Jewelry is no different from that.

So now, let’s take a look at their compensation plan…


#1: To Get Started

In order for you to take part in this business opportunity, you will be required to buy one of their starter kits. The starter kit will include several promotional tools and products.

They have a few packages to help you get started…

  1. $250 sign-on kit
  2. $450 sign-on kit
  3. $1750 sign-on kit

Whichever sign-on package you want to purchase is totally up to you and more importantly on your budget. If your budget allows you to purchase the most expensive package then you can always go for it. The price for the kit directly reflects on how sophisticated is your tools and the number and collection of products you will be getting.

If you are still on dilemma on whether this is the right way forward for you, then I suggest that you go for the cheapest package and see how things go for you. I don’t think they offer any refunds for the packages, so think twice before you purchase it.

#2: Compensation Plan Chart

The compensation plan here at Sabika Jewelry is much easier to understand than most of the other MLM companies I have come across.

  • In order to for you to make any money, you will be required to sell products worth of over $500 for every three months.
  • You will get a total of 20% commissions on the retail sales. So let’s say you sold $1000 worth of products, you will be getting a commission of $200.
  • If you really want to make lots of money, you will need to rake in more sales, recruit people under your downline and try to increase your personal ranking.

Each ranking status has it’s own benefits and minimum requirements, so you need to slowly work your way up.

The rankings include,

  • Consultant
  • Bonus Qualified Consultant
  • Director
  • Star Director
  • Crystal Director
  • Star Crystal Director
  • Silver Director
  • Star Silver Director
  • Gold Director
  • Star Gold Director
  • Platinum Director
  • Star Platinum Director

To find out more about their rewards and requirements, check out this page.


The Pros & Cons of Sabika Jewelry


  • Good product
  • Large variety of collections
  • Decent Compensation Plan
  • Company is definitely legit and have been around for over one and a half decade
  • Not too costly to get started


  • Market only targets female. If male products are sold, males also can come forward and participate in this op.
  • Simply because it’s MLM
  • Catered towards people who are into home parties and can comfortably “persuade” people to buy their products or join their team


My Final thoughts.

Overall this company has a very good reputation has been around for a very long time. Their expertise may or may not be of benefit to you, ultimately it is going to depend on yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, this kind of opportunity is NOT FOR EVERYONE and who knows, it may even not be for YOU.

Do some self-assessment and give yourself some time to think through it before you jump in. Only about 10% of whether you are going to succeed depends on the company, the rest 90%(which is the majority) depends on yourself only. Your actions are the ones going to determine whether you will see success in this line.

Final Verdict: Legit, but Not Recommended

Personally, I have been involved in Making Money Online for over a year and I want to share with you the business model that I use to generate income. Unlike MLM, you don’t have to move around to recruit people under you or find people to buy your products. All you have to do is create a website based on your passion. The best part is all of this can be done from the comforts of your own home with just a computer and internet connection.

But I have to say, like every legitimate business, success is NEVER instantaneous. It will take awhile before you start seeing money flow into your bank account. So if you are ready to commit yourself and give enough time, I highly recommend that you check out this.



Alright, I have come to the end of my review of Sabika Jewelry. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this opportunity is all about and thus able to make a much wiser decision going forward. If you have any questions or simply want to share your personal thoughts/experience, please feel free to do so by leaving a comment in the box below.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in whatever you do 🙂



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