Sarah’s Confession Review – Is it Just Another Bogus Scam?

Many of you have been asking me whether Sarah’s Confession is a legit opportunity to make money online or is it just another scam. Well, to clear your doubts once and for all I’ve decided to do a review on it myself.

Soon enough we will find out whether Sarah is your fairy godmother to unlimited wealth or a money-sucking witch.


Name: Sarah’s ConfessionIs-Sarahs-Confession-On-A-Scam


Owner: Sarah (Not her real name)

Price: Free, $250 (minimum deposit)

Rating: 10/100


What is Sarah’s Confession about?

Sarah claims her system can help anyone make up to $60,000 per day. The best part is, it only requires you to simply by push a single button every morning and then the SLX system will start pulling in money automatically into your account throughout the day.

Sounds good right? Most of us don’t even earn that much money in one calendar year but now we have the opportunity to earn it in one day. So what system was she exactly talking about?

Unfortunately, her system is nothing really new nor special… it’s just another binary options trading software. I’ve seen over hundreds over binary options software’s, almost all of them turned out to be scams… so how different is this from the others?

We shall find out soon!


The Ugly Truth

Binary options trading is very similar to flicking a coin, though there is a 50% chance of getting head and 50% of getting tail… you can’t exactly predict what is the coin going to land on every time you flick.

Now move away from the coin example and apply it to binary options. In binary options trading there are two types of trades, the “call” trade and the “put” trade. If you think the value of the commodity/stock/asset is going to drop you select to “put” option and similarly if you think the value of the particular commodity is going to increase you select the “call” option.

So you can see that in binary options there is a 50-50 chance of winning. Sarah’s claims her software has a 97% winning rate… so literally you win almost all the trades, a sure win system?

That’s B.S!! this 97% is just a hype…so don’t get fooled by these numbers. I’ve seen far worst that this, some of similar product claimed they have a 99% winning rate.

These how the system exactly works:

  1. It has a winning rate of below 50%, probably in the range of 30~45%
  2. You will win some trades, but since the losing rate is higher than the winning rate
  3. At the end of the day you are bound to lose all your money


Nothing but lies and lies…

(1) Paid Actors


Well, if you still haven’t got it figured out… let me tell you! The woman you see in this picture who goes by the name of Sarah and claims that she is the owner of the system is all a lie.

There is someone else behind this system, “Sarah” is just an actor who is paid to promote the software. If you don’t believe me you can go look up in Fiverr and you will see her selling gigs for $5. Funny is it, she claimed to be a millionaire but selling gigs on Fiverr to earn money?

Guess by now you would have already realised that this system is a scam…

The three testimonial video we saw are also fake, just like “Sarah” they are paid actors too.

(2) Full of misleading information

They mentioned that the software is totally free but you are required to put in $250 to activate the system. The reason they gave was very funny, ” to let the system know that there is balance”. Then let me ask you, if the deposit is for the letting the system know about the balance why must we put in $250? Instead we can also put in $5 or $10 to allow the system to recognize that there is a balance.

Honestly, that’s not the real reasoning… the real reason is to scam $250 away from you, that’s all!

I know they mentioned that you will be able to take out the $250 deposit anytime you want… that’s not true either. It’s like a one way route, once it goes in there’s no way you can retrieve it back.

How am I so sure about this? Like I said earlier, I’ve seen this exact scamming template used over and over again in other binary options trading software, so I don’t see why this is any different.

Of course if you think I am lying, you can always go against my words and try if for yourself. But, don’t tell me I never warn you.

sarahs confession free coaching

When watching the video, this pop-up keeps coming on the screen which says you have a Free 1-1 coaching with Sarah. That’s not true…  if you give your phone number, you will only get lots of calls from the Binary options broker team and not Sarah itself(she’s fake)

They will try to sweet talk you into depositing $250. Once you deposit, these guys will totally disappear out of sight. So if you think you do not want spam calls to your house, I suggest don’t even try putting down your phone number.


Some tell-tale signs of a scam

#1: Facebook Feeds??










When you scroll down from the main page you will see something called “Live minute by minute Facebook feeds”, I tried to click on it, but they said I don’t have permission. Those comments you see are all fake and the number of likes are also fake. I’m not sure how they exactly did that but I definitely know it not real.

The comments are probably bought too… all of those people are telling positive remarks about the system.

I went to do some research, I went to check their Facebook page… they barely have 30 likes on their Facebook Fan page but here it shows 1298 people have liked this particular post?


#2: No guarantee you can make money


This disclaimer was taken from their website itself. In the sales video, they claimed you can make up to $60,000 per day in automation but here it mentioned that there is a possibility for you to sustain a loss of some or all your initial investment.

Wow, that’s contradicting…

Honestly, binary option trading has a very high level of risk… very similar to gambling, there is no way you can keep on winning continuously.


#3: Limited timing left?


Don’t get fooled by this timing running at the top right hand corner of your screen. It gives you a count down of 10 minutes, if you never act before the time is up…NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!! Yes you heard me, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN..

The reason why this 10 minute countdown is there is to impart a sense of urgency to people. Basically, they are trying to tell you that within this 10 minutes if you never enter your name and email address you might lose this one-off opportunity of becoming rich. Unfortunately, it’s not true… once it hit’s Zero everything still stays the same.

This are typical tricks you find in a scam website, nothing new.


My final thoughts…

Like I mentioned earlier binary options trading possesses such a high risk, the chances of losing all your investment is always there.

Instead of wasting your time and money on taking a gamble, why not use it to create a consistent and sustainable source of income every month. Are you wondering what is this guy talking about? I’m talking about affiliate marketing… The word affiliate marketing may sound totally stranger to some of you, no worries… I was at the exact same situation when I started out myself.

As an affiliate marketer, you task is to promote products and earn commission from them. The best part is, you are not required to physically own any of these products that you want to promote.

Just to share some statistics with you, there are over 3 billion internet users and these numbers are just rising everyday as more people get access to the internet. Just imagine, if you can target a tiny fraction of these people you will be easily able to surpass your day jobs monthly income.

But just to inform you, this is not a get rich quick scheme… so don’t expect to make money within a day or two. Learning the traits of an affiliate marketers cannot be done through reading library books or researching on the internet.. it requires proper training and guidance.

If you are interested to learn about affiliate marketing, you can check out my No.1 Recommended Training program. This is the only place that allows you to earn while you earn.




I have come to the end of my review on Sarah’s Confession. Those of you who have tried this system before are welcomed to share with us your personal experience.


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