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Welcome to my review on I’m sure many of you are wondering whether Sharevs is a scam or legit opportunity to earn money online. Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in this review I will share with you everything you need to know about this program.

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What is all about?

As the name suggests, has something to do with sharing. Basically, you will be earning money by sharing the offers found on the website on social media.

One thing that really caught my attention here was the earning claims. They did mention that new members of are earning more than $20 per day and $1500 per month. $1500 monthly to simply share some offers? Seriously, who doesn’t want it? It’s literally free money if you ask me.

However, I am still not buying into any of their claims yet. I have decided to join Sharevs as a free member to find out for myself whether this opportunity is really worth all the hype and claims.


So how does work?

The 2 most straight forward ways to earn money from Sharevs is to

(1) Share offers

(2) Bring Referrals

(1) Share offers on social media

So now, first let’s take a look at the offers available on the site.


As you can see there are several offers on the page. These offers vary from one another and the payout also is based on the difficulty of the task. For instance, the first offer which is Gold Mining Options pays out $0,50 USD for every unique click. This is great.

But there’s a catch. You will have to invite at least 20 friends to Sharevs before you can unlock this offer.

Most of the other offers in the page mainly pay anywhere between $0,001 to $0,003 USD per unique click which isn’t a lot. On the offers itself, there is a budget set by the advertiser. Once the budget is used up, the offer will no longer be available until it’s renewed again.

(2) Invite referrals to

If you are planning on making some decent income, you are going to have to get people to join you at You can share your link on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google + or even on forums or YouTube. When someone clicks on that link, you will automatically get $0,003 USD credited for it.

But what’s more important is whether that person signs up or not because each sign up will earn you $0,20 USD.


$20 per day or $1500 per month still possible?

Although on paper, it’s possible. But let me tell you that in practical terms it’s actually not, especially if you are new to making money online opportunities and have limited knowledge on online marketing.

Let’s say, you want to hit $20 per day. Taking the highest offer value of $0.003(currently), you will need to get around 6666 people to click on your link daily. That is a huge amount of people and from my experience, I can tell you that you can never hit the numbers by simply posting on social media sites.

You will have to look for alternative methods to start getting people to see your link instead of solely relying on social media. This is where it is going to hurt you if you lack expertise in this particular area.

So to put in simple terms, I don’t think the new members that joined Sharevs are easily making over $20 per day. Seems to me more like they just put it up for promotional purposes.  Of course, if you still want to try it for yourself, please go ahead. I am not stopping you 🙂


My Final Thoughts! definitely seems to be a legitimate opportunity to earn money. Although they have several other paid memberships, you can get started and earn money for free. The other things I liked about them is that payments are made through PayPal.

Sharevs is more of a side income opportunity if you ask me. If you are thinking to make a breakthrough in your life, sharevs is not the place for you. You might want to consider looking into other opportunities like starting your own online business. The potential is much greater.

I have been doing that for the past 2 years and have seen great success with it. You might want to consider that one too! All it takes is hunger and passion for succeeding 🙂

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is all about. Those who have personally tried or simply want to share your thoughts are welcomed to do so by leaving a comment in the box below.

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