Simple Cash Daily Review – Not So Simple Afterall!

Welcome to my review on Simple Cash Daily. I’m sure you are wondering whether is Simple Cash Daily a scam or legit opportunity to make money online.

How Does Simple Cash Daily really work? Is it that easy to make money with Simple Cash Daily? Should you invest money and time into a site like this? These are some of the questions that we will be covering in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Simple Cash Daily


Owner: Bill Anderson

Price: $5 to $997

Rating: 2/5


Simple Cash Daily Overview!

Simple Cash Daily is a website that claims to help you start your own lucrative online business from home. Basically what you get with this membership site is the opportunity to learn and earn money through a proven business model called Affiliate Marketing.

However, I am not a big fan of this site because what you are going to be doing is simply promoting this exact website and earning commissions when someone signs up through you. Yea, you could possibly make some money but the issue here is Simple Cash Daily is misleading everyone right from the get-go which I will explain in further details right below.


You have to find your own Traffic!

This is what Simple Cash Daily mentioned on their sales page.

You Join – We Advertise For You – You Earn Commissions – Rinse – Repeat – Simple

Seems easy right?

You join Simple Cash Daily, they start advertising for you and you can start earning an unlimited amount of commissions. Although it looks easy on paper, it’s actually not. They are not telling you the entire story.

What they meant by “advertise for you” is simply you get this exact sales page copy. So you don’t really have to do the talking. You get people to see this page and you can start making sales. Here’s the problem… how do you get people to see the sales page?

Well, Simple Cash Daily has got nothing to do with that. Yea, you will learn a few tips and tricks to drive traffic to your sales page but that doesn’t mean it will guarantee you any traffic or sales. Traffic is the core to succeeding in this Affiliate Marketing business and you are not going to achieve that with some sort of “postcard mailing” campaign.

Think about this, why would Simple Cash Daily pay you 90% commissions for each sale if they are doing all the hard work for you. They could have used their own training, get the traffic with the so-called postcard mailing method and keep 100% of the commissions.

Of course, we don’t see that happening. This should already have given you a rough indication that whatever Simple Cash Daily said is not true at all.



Speaking about Scams… just look at Simple Cash Daily itself!

Simple Cash Daily gave us a small lecture on what are typical scams like but they fail to realize that they are also showing signs of scams here.

(1) Fake Timer

This timer you see on their sales page is an indication of a scam. Basically, it’s there to encourage you to sign up quickly making you think that once the timer goes off you lose the opportunity. Well, it’s not true at all. You just refresh the page and the timer resets back to 59 minutes.

(2) Testimonials from members are bought!

The testimonials you see on their sales page aren’t actually from members who have tried and made money. They are just hired from an online marketplace called Fiverr.

Here are some proofs:



I’m sure you could see for yourself that the testimonials on their site are not legit at all. If people are really making money through this program, you don’t have to ask for testimonials. I’m sure they will come forward, without doubt, to share their thoughts on the program.

Getting fake testimonials only proves us one thing. Probably those members who joined this program lost more money than they possibly could have made.

(3) Promising you riches

Earlier in the sales page, they mentioned about how to spot scams. For instance typical scams promising you quick and easy money like making $3000/week and stuff.

So when I scroll down below I saw this section. “Buy a new car that will impress your friends, take a luxury vacation, finally get a new boat, motorcycle, RV, jet ski”

So how is this any different from the above mentioned?

Looks same to me… promising you things before you even get started.

Honestly, don’t get fooled by all these claims. Although it looks good to see and read, you are not going to achieve any of those easily without putting in any effort. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most legit ways to make money online provided you do it with the right tools and training.

However, I am not seeing that here. All they are doing is teaching you how to promote this exact website and not teaching you how to build a real business the proper way.


My Final Thoughts

Although I think you can make money with Simple Cash Daily, I am still not going to recommend it to you.

Their membership is quite costly if you ask me. You can earn up to 90% commissions provided you are at that membership level. If you bought the lower membership, you are only going to make 25% commissions. This clearly tells us that Simple Cash Daily are indirectly encouraging you to sign up for their most expensive membership which is $997 for the first month and $200 every month after.

Frankly speaking, I don’t mind paying such a price for a program that is proven to work time after time. But looking at a site like this that wasn’t honest about their testimonials and misleads everyone thinking that once you join you don’t have to put in any effort at all and all the work is done for you makes me want to stay away from this program more.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended


MY #1 Recommendation!

If you are looking to learn and start earning money online the legit way, I highly encourage you to take a look at my #1 recommendation. No, you are not promised any form of luxuries. But if you follow the training and ask questions whenever you have doubts, I can confidently say that you will make money.

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Simple Cash Daily. Those who have personally tried this program are welcomed to share your experience with us below!

Thank you!

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