Simple Profits Review – Don’t Waste Your Money On This Scam!

For those of you who are thinking of trying out the simple profits system, I highly encourage that you take a minute or two and read this review first. The software demonstration that you see within the sales video makes the system look legit but in reality it doesn’t work like what is promised. In other words, Simple Profits is just another scam… I will be going into further details below to support my statement, so keep a lookout.


Name: Simple ProfitsSimple-Profits-Review


Owner: Mark Ford

Price: Free, but $250 minimum deposit

Rating: 15 /100


Simple Profits Overview

Simple profits is a binary options trading app owned by Mark Ford. According to their website, it seems that using this app members will be able to earn thousands of dollars daily in auto-pilot with just a click of a mouse. To qualify for the software, you monthly income has to be less than $10,000 a month and its apparently free for only the first 50 people who sign up and fund their accounts.


Is the software really Free?

Yes! The software is Free but it’s not because Mark Ford is a kind and generous guy. It’s simply because this software doesn’t work like what it promises. The sole purpose of this software is not to make me or you rich BUT Mark Ford & Co.

Before I explain that, I want you to take a look at one of their FAQs:


The explanation they gave for how much money you make with this software is ” it depends on how much you fund your account with, most of our members fund their account with $300 and make about $800-$1000 daily. Those who fund their account with $1,000 or over make over $2,500 per day”.

There is a reason why you are encouraged to fund your account with more money, and that reason is not when you fund more money means you will make more money. That is a blatant lie!!!

Mark Ford is an affiliate of the particular brokers company he will ask you to sign to. In other words, Mark will be getting a hefty pay check for every person he refers from his “Simple profits” website to the brokers who eventually deposited the funds. Once you money is deposited, that’s it… there is no way for you retrieve back and don’t believe the bullshit saying that you can withdraw your money at any time. Think about it, if he told you that you cant withdraw the money than will you even sign up in the first place? Of course not!

So now do you realise why you are encouraged to deposit more? Simply because so that Mark Ford + the broker company can earn MORE monetary benefits from you.


Red Flags that points towards a Scam

(1) Less than $10,000 a month to qualify?

What bothered me was, at the start of the video the narrator says only people earning less than $10,000 per month will qualify for this app and those earning any higher will not and should leave immediately. This statement is obviously not true at all, because there is no way they can find out how much a person is earning and determine who to and not to qualify.

In other words, everybody will be able to qualify in the first place since this is open to the public. Mark Ford is just playing mind games with you, almost all of the people looking for opportunities to make more money are definitely earning less than five digits per month so most of you would be able to qualify.


(2) BBC News article


Fake News Article(Click to enlarge)


From BBC Website(Click to enlarge)










So they show us of a screenshot of this article about a 26 year old earning $70k per month with the simple profits system. I went to search on Google and also BBC website itself BUT I couldn’t find a single article that mentions anything about this.

In other words, this screenshot is fake and they probably Photoshoped the headlines.


(3) Only 1 spot available?



You will see this “1 spot left” thingy in their website. Does it mean really only 1 spot left? No, this is a lie too. There is no limit to how many people can join, they just put this fake template up to trick people and make them join quickly thinking that its only available for a limited time.

There is supposedly “6” spots available when you first enter the website but eventually it will drop to 1 and remain like that forever. Just refresh the page and the figures will reset back to 6. This numbers are not real-time.

When watching the sales video, the narrator mentioned something like, “if you are watching this… than should at least 1 spot would be left”. So how does he know that at least one spot is left? Why not all the spots taken up? Well, the reason is because this whole thing is scripted and he just indirectly telling you “hey, stop watching the video and quickly sign up!”.


(4) Fake screenshot of bank account

While watching the sales video you will see glimpses of screenshots of bank accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those figures are obviously fake and can be easily changed with photo editing tools. What was really funny is the narrator mentioned something about don’t believe other software showing you fake screenshots because they are scams but he didn’t realise he was exactly doing the same.


(5) Fake Logos


The logos you see on their site are nothing but just copy-pasted images. The truth is they are not registered or certified from any of the above. Legit logos will be clickable, when you click you will be direct to some other page showing you that its officially registered. Just to confirms I went to Better Business Bureau(BBB) website and search for Simple profits but nothing came out, meaning they are not accredited in the first place.

Honestly, I don’t even think Mark Ford has the guts to register with them because he knows his site is just a bogus scam. He would probably get a big fat “F” even if he got accredited.


Trading is RISKY


Online trading is a legit way to make money. However, you should understand that trading online possesses a very high level of risk and the chances of losing money is greater than you making. Take a look at this snippet I took from simple profits terms and conditions page. You can see for yourself they have admitted you can lose partial or even your entire investments.

So… think again, are you willing to take that risks. For those of you who have spare cash and don’t mind trying, I’m not going to stop you… you can try by all means. I’m only here to give you advice but the ultimate decision is only up to you to make 🙂


So what’s the alternative?



There are several ways to make money online but if you asking the most legit way than I would recommend you to try online marketing. Unlike trading binary options, there is no risks involved in online marketing. You don’t have to get a degree in marketing or be a computer geek to become an online marketer… anyone as long you got basic skills like surfing the internet and typing is good enough. I started online marketing about a year ago myself, and I have to say this is definitely one of the best decisions I made in my life.

If you are interested to find out more and learn about Online marketing, I highly encourage you to take a look at my #1 Recommended program. Don’t worry, you got literally nothing to lose because you can try this program for absolutely Free.

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I have come to the end of my review on Simple Profits. I hope you do realise that this is a scam, so stay far away from this software. Everyone are entitled to share with us your opinions… so please feel free to drop a comment in the box below. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You and have a good day! 🙂



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