Social Cash Robot Review – Don’t Buy Into This Scam!

This review is going to be about a website called Social Cash Robot. What is Social Cash Robot? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to spend your time and money in? These are some of the questions that I will be covering in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Social Cash RobotSocial-Cash-Robot-Review


Owner: Paul Bertram & Chuck Sperry

Price: $49

Rating: 1/5


Social Cash Robot Overview

I came to know about Social Cash Robot recently through social media. A ton of people was actually promoting this with bold claims of making thousands of dollars daily. I was curious to find out, just like everyone else whether this is a legit opportunity and does the website lives up to its hype.


So I landed on the homepage of Social Cash Robot and the first thing that caught my attention was their headlines.

I was like, seriously…? “Turn 7 minutes” into $1,250/Day”

To add more oil to the fire, they also went on to say that this opportunity will boost your income without you having to lift your finger. Honestly speaking, there is a limit to only how much you can lie. Giving unpractical claims like this makes the website look stupid and more like a scam to me.

Anyway, since the membership is free I decided to check out the members area to see what it has in stored for me. There are many things I didn’t like and one of the most outright ones is the appearance of the website. The website looks like it was built on either a rush or a very low budget. It looks very shady and gives me the negatives vibes of… this look like just another scam site.

Alright… let’s dig deeper to find out more about this program.


What Exactly is Social Cash Robot all about?

The tagline they gave for this website is…

” Automatic Income Paid By Social Media”

But to me, it doesn’t seem to be that case. You are not getting paid directly through social media. It seems to mislead people thinking that you will be doing something in related to Facebook or Instagram and get paid directly by them.

No… That’s not what this website is all about. The site claims that their main business is increasing likes for businesses in their social media page. But I think it’s otherwise.

I will explain the three different methods of making money with Social Cash Robot and then explain why I disagree with their statements.

(1) Buying & Investing on shares

This is going to be the core of you making money with this website. You will have to purchase shares and take part in their revenue sharing program. The shares are definitely not cheap. Each share will cost you $49.


The above image is taken from their FAQ section. There are a lot of things that did catch my attention in the section. But something that really did bothered me and seem to be worth addressing was the guarantee they made.

“… this will guarantee you a lifetime passive income.”

This statement is definitely misleading. What you need to understand here is that there isn’t any guarantee that this website will be around forever. So how can someone make a bold claim that they guarantee you lifetime earning simply by purchasing their shares? This is a LIE!!!

I did some research on Whois and found out that their website has only been registered for a year, meaning it will expire on Feb 2017. I don’t know whether they will extend the website or not but what I can tell you is such things is not permanent. They can appear today and close down tomorrow and nothing can be done on your part if that happens. But if you have bought theirs shares, you are on the losing end.

Don’t let that statement of guaranteed lifetime passive income trigger you to buy a lot of shares. If you really want to try it out stick with one share at a time. Just because it says more shares = more money & lower retention doesn’t mean you should buy 100 of shares in one go. That’s crazy…

So coming back to the point, basically, how the revenue sharing works is very simple. Whenever someone purchases the service(increasing social media likes) offered by Social Cash Robot you will get a certain percentage of that sales. So the backbone for this to work is, businesses continue to purchase their services. If nobody purchases anything, you will NOT make anything. Simple as that.

(2) Refer People To Social Cash Robot

The second best way to earn with Social Cash Robot is by referring people to this website. By Referring means, you share your referral link with everyone. When someone clicks on your link and joins this website, they will become your referral.

But hold on a second, you don’t make money simply by bring in referrals. Your referrals have to spend money and buy shares too. For the first level, in other words, your direct referrals, you will earn 10% commissions for every purchase. So let’s say they bought a share for $49, you will get $4.90 commissions.

You also will receive 5% commissions if your referral’s referral invests on the shares.

Just to give you a heads up, it’s not as simple as you thought it might be. Spamming social media or forums with your affiliate links is not going to bring in tons of referrals for you. The best way to bring in referrals is to buy traffic or create a blog about it. If you don’t have any knowledge or experience about the latter, you are going to have a hard time bring in a consistent amount of referrals.

Social Cash Robot doesn’t provide you training on how to get proper traffic to your links. Instead, what they are doing is recommending you other ineffective methods of getting traffic which actually only benefits them more.

Social-Cash-Robot-Top 3-Recommendation

All their “top 3 recommendations” are affiliated with their links. So whenever you join this site and spend money and advertise your referral link, they will make a small commission. As you can see for yourself, the only people who are making money from all angles is the owners themselves. They make money directly from you(shares you buy), business owners(buying their services) and lastly indirectly from you through their top recommendations(spending money on advertising).

(3) CashClix

The third and last way you can make money is through their CashClix feature. Basically, you click on someone else’s advertisements and stare at it for a couple of seconds and then you get credited with pennies. Yes, that’s right!! PENNIES…


For each advertisement, you earn anywhere from $0.005 to $0.01. That is literally worth nothing if you ask me. You probably will take months to even reach $10 simply because the earning capacity is too low and there is only a certain number of ads to click per day.


Reason Why I think Otherwise

Earlier I told you that I will explain to you why I don’t think that Social Cash Robot’s main business is through Increasing Social Media Likes. This is actually called a Ponzi Scheme. Basically, the almost the entire website revolves around referrals. The ultimate aim of this site is for people to buy their shares.

So this is how it works – Just an Example

Let’s say I buy a share for $49. The small profits that will come to me every day will NOT be actually from the people buying their services. It will come from new people investing in this opportunity. This will cycle over and over again and hit the break point when less and lesser people invests and the funds start to dry out. When this happens, the website will stop paying and investors who bought the shares will face such issues.

But I think the owners are smarter than that. They won’t wait that long till they see their website is losing money. When they see that lots of people have invested into this website. Maybe a couple of millions. They will probably close the site down and run away with all the profits. This is the likely outcome… that is why I will never get my hands dirty on such opportunities.


My Final Thoughts

Looking at the three different earning opportunities with this website, I honestly don’t see how anyone can make over $1,000 per day. Unless you spend thousands of dollars on the shares and bring in hundreds of referrals per day(and hope they buy the shares), I don’t see you even making $100 a day.

This whole website is overrated. The earning claims are exaggerated to the MAX. All of these is said to please you and make you invest money into this opportunity. Not because it really works.

So is this website a scam?

Though I don’t like to label any website as a scam… I had to do this for Social Cash Robot because it misleads people with fake earning claims and the only people really benefitting from this are the owners. Not you or me.

I know some people might tell you a different story. For instance, they will say I am making thousands of dollars by doing so and so. Don’t buy into that because they are lying to you. All they want is for you to invest money so that they can earn money as your sponsor.

Final Verdict: Scam, Not Recommended 

If you are looking for a REAL Opportunity to make money online, I highly recommend that you start your own online business. Don’t depend on websites like this, where they(owners) make money at the expense of our investments and efforts.

To find out more, Click on the following:



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Social Cash Robot. I do hope by now you have a better understanding of what this is really all about and whether it is something for you or not going forward. Please share with us your personal experience in the comment section below if you have any. Questions and personal thoughts are also welcomed.

Thanks for reading…

And I wish you success 🙂



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