Sports Cash System Scam Review – Investment or Betting?

I will be doing a review on Sports Cash System to share with you the truth behind it. There are mixed opinions in regards to this system, some say it is a legit opportunity to earn extra cash while others say its nothing more than just a scam. So who is telling the truth? You will understand soon enough!

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Name: Sports Cash SystemIs-Sports-Cash-System-A-Scam


Owner: Tommy Krieg (Not his real name)

Price: $4.95(5 days trial), $149(monthly fee)

Rating: 05/100



What is Sports Cash System all about?

Sports Cash System is designed to help people(experienced or newbie gambler) make profits all year round from sports betting. Tommy Krieg claims that he has members who are earning consistent profits every month and some are even earning over $10,000 a month. According to Tommy Krieg, he wants people to see sports betting as an investment instead of betting.

Sorry, I am definitely not going to agree with that statement of his. Even though I am not the most experienced sport betting person out there, I still have lots of experience myself because I am betting football for over 8 years now. Firstly, the term investment means is more like you are doing something currently that should benefit you in the future.

So, I don’t really see how sporting betting will benefit you in the future…If you decided to take sports betting as an investment, you are more likely to be broke in the future… I rather you save that money instead of betting because there is no guaranteed sure win pick in any betting.

Lets take football for e.g. The odds for Manchester City to win maybe 1.15 while the odds for West ham to win is $10.00. Judging by the odds you might think that Manchester City will win this game easily. However, West ham won that game. In other words, regardless of how low the odds, it still doesn’t mean that taking Manchester City win is a SURE win bet.


Is Sports Cash System unique?

Let me be frank with you, Sports Cash System is nothing unique… to me its nothing but just full of hype. Their system is not a computer program designed to pick sure win bets. Basically, they are just ordinary people like us who relies on Trends, Statistics and insider data and gives you their so called “winning pick”.

I believe we are all matured enough to know that how much you “study” the trend or statistics, that doesn’t guarantee that it is a sure win pick. For instance, you might think that a star player is not playing so they might not win this game but you will still never know because the team can still win… it happened to me many times, so never rule out any options just yet. Sports Cash System is simply based on just human judgments only, they might get a few right and might lose some too and I am not sure where they get that 94% profit rate.

Why would you want to pay $149 a month to someone who simply does that same that you can do it for free. You can do you own research for free by reading teams news, H2H statistics and trends too.

If you actually sign up for their membership, within the members area they will recommend you to sign up to one of their sportsbook. Basically, they will earn commissions for referring you to the sportsbook.

Sports Cash System is in a win-win situation, they make money from their members and also from sportsbook for referring their members.


Full of lies?

(1) Facebook


So I went to their Facebook page to check it out, they had close to 19,000 likes on their page and that’s about it. I scroll down to look at  the posts, but I didn’t really see much interaction and positive comments unlike what we see on the above image. All I saw was a handful of people saying good things about the system, even then I got a strong hunch its not genuine.

Well, you may wonder… they have almost 19,000 Facebook likes so they must be legit. That’s not necessarily true, page likes can easily be bought using advertisements so the figures are not really a biggie.


(2) Testimonials

So did you think that their testimonials you see on the page were real? Unfortunately they aren’t and I have prove!


Testimonial from website

Fiverr Testimonial

From Fiverr










As you can see for yourself the testimonial who claimed to be earning 4 grand per month using the sports cash system is nothing but a paid actor. This guy sells testimonial service in Fiverr for $5, so obviously he hasn’t tried the product himself and not made money from the system and he is probably reading off from the script given to him by the owner. If you as me, I will say… all the testimonials in the website is actually fake.


(3) No guarantee

Earning Disclaimer

Take a minute or so, to read this earning disclaimer. As you can see for yourself, Sports Cash System already indicates that there is no guarantee that you will make any money using this techniques.

Strange isn’t it? They mentioned people making thousands of dollars, 94% win rate and here they say there is no guarantee. Yes that’s true, like what I mentioned earlier there is no 100% sure win pick in sports betting. Even the safest bet maybe end up becoming a losing bet.


My Advice To You

Sports Cash System is not something I would recommend you to try because there is no REAL system at all, just people like you and me giving out betting picks. I don’t encourage anyone to use sports betting to try and earn a fulltime income, because the money you can get from it is never guaranteed.

Instead of spending $149 per month on a useless product that offers no value, why not use that money to build a successful online marketing business. Basically your task as an online marketer is to promote products and earn commissions. The best part of being an online marketer is you do not have to physically own any other the products you want to promote. In other words, there are over millions of products you can promote and you have no restrictions of what to promote.

Online marketing is LEGIT and can be done as a fulltime work from home income, in fact I am an online marketer myself who is currently working from home. I have to tell you I never regretted making that switch from a normal 9-5 job to becoming an online marketers because it gives me the freedom to work whenever/wherever I want and of course I am earning way much of what I got from my previous job.

There are over 3 billion of internet users worldwide. Basically if you can target a small group of this people, you my friend will be able to easily surpass what you are currently earning from your day job. I’m not going to promise you that you are immediately going to make money, if I did that than I’m obviously lying… online marketing requires some time to build. If you are willing to spend so much time on sports betting, I’m sure you have more than enough time to spend on online marketing too.

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I have come to the end of my review on Sports Cash System. I believe you guys have benefited from it. Please feel free to share with us you opinion in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this around if you found it useful or interesting. Thank You 🙂



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