The Millionaire Bot Review – The Worst I’ve Seen So Far!

I will be doing a review on The Millionaire Bot to share with you the actual truth behind this money making opportunity. The Millionaire Bot has been around since early February 2015 but the owners have relaunched it a couple of times to ensure that nobody misses out this “once in a life time” opportunity. I have come across a handful of reviews that actually claim this system is legit.

This is where you should be careful. Those reviews are not genuine because these people are simply promoting The Millionaire Bot, where they will earn a hefty commissions for each lead. In reality, this system is nothing but an over hyped scam…I have evidences to support my statement which I will go into further details later on.


Name: The Millionaire Bot aka “TMB”


Owner: James Robinson

Price: Free, but minimum $250 deposit

Rating: 1/5


What is The Millionaire Bot all about?

I’m not sure whether you realised it, but The Millionaire Bot is actually a binary option trading software. Somewhere in their sales video, I believe you would have heard them mentioning that this system has nothing to do with trading. That’s a lie, binary options is some sort of online trading too.


On the top of their homepage, you would have notice this “100% Free system that make $13,425 every single day on autopilot”. In the sales video, the narrator went on to say that you would be making around $400,000 a month and within three months you could become a millionaire.

So is it really true? Can you really make that amount of money within a such a short period of time?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, the answer is a BIG NO!!!

Using this system wont even make you a single PENNY, in-fact you will only end up losing money.


Is “TMB” really Free?

To be honest with you, most of the people who get sucked into “TMB” are those who thought this system is REALLY free. I’m not too sure why… how can this system be free if you are going to eventually required to deposit a minimum sum of $250.


What kinda frustrated me was that, they had the guts to put this logo “100% free no credit card required”.

Oh really, then how would one deposit $250 into the trading account? Does it MAGICALLY appear? Of course not… sooner or later you still have to take out your credit card and spend money!

The term “free” is just part of their marketing plan to lure more people into signing up. If I were to tell you that this software costs you $250, I believe most people will be hesitant. What if I manipulate the words and say, this software is free but fund your account with $250(that can be withdrawn any time). I’d bet most people will be more willing to pay compared to the 1st scenario.

See what I mean?

If most people take sometime to think deep, these kinda scams could easily be avoided. Think about this, do you really think that you can make thousands of dollars per day with a “push button”? Or this… why will the creators want to share with you a secret loophole to becoming a millionaire, what do they benefit? Nothing…

Sharing on the internet is just going to increase their chances of getting their software torn down.. If I have a million dollar software I will keep it secretly to myself and only my family members, I will never share it with anyone else. And I believe most of you here will agree with me.


How it really works?

There will be three groups of people making money, and you are not part of it.

  1. Affiliate Marketers – Those promoting this system
  2. App Creator – The person who created this website and the so called million dollar making system
  3. Broker Company – The recommended broker that you are asked to invest your money into

These three groups of people are the ones making the money, and it’s not from the government or any organization BUT from your OWN pocket. Yes, that’s right… these guys are making use of your money to make themselves rich. An affiliate marketer can get up to $250 for every lead that converts not mentioning about the bonuses and stuff.

If those promoting are earning that much, just imagine how much the core peoples are earning.

Like I mentioned earlier, this system doesn’t work like what is promises. Once you deposit the funds, it’s as good as GONE, there is no way you can retrieve it back. Don’t be fooled by their “24/7 support” because that’s a lie. You can try contacting those guys but there will never get back to you, especially if your funds are inside.



(1) Edited Bank accounts



The video started out with full force of bank account screenshots. Sadly, all of the screenshots are not even legit. Most of the images are very poorly edited, especially the one above. You can see for yourself, that the text size and colour doesn’t even blend in with the image. The person who edited this has very poor photo editing skills.

My mom always used to tell me that whatever work you do, do it properly… be it important or less important. Our friend here decided to show screenshots of bank accounts with million dollars but unfortunately he didn’t do it professionally enough to make it look real. Maybe he thought the people watching the video are probably too stupid to realise the difference. Guess what? He got it all wrong!!

Also, focus your attention on the red box right below the name “JAMES”… I’m not sure if you could see it but it shows the year 2014. Isn’t it funny, this website was launched on 2015 but have made million dollars in 2014?

(2) Fake Testimonials

The seven testimonials you see on their sales video are totally fake. These guys are not people who have actually tried and made money from the system. All of them are just actors who are hired to say a few positive things about the product.

Most of these actors are from Fiverr, a marketplace where you can get gigs for as cheap as just $5.

Lets take a look at one of the testimonials,


Seeing is believing, Check out this link to have a look for yourself!

Isn’t this proof enough to say that this system is scripted?

(3) “LIVE” Video

Live-Video-TMBThis guy here is one of the biggest “joke” I’ve seen so far. This was meant to be a live video…

Everything was live, expect the software part…

So he did a small experiment where he “funded” $250 into the trading account and after an hour the money expanded to $1,145. And in 5 hours the money magically changed to $8,785.

Well, I came here to watch a live video where he supposed to show me how to trade in real time. Unfortunately, all I see is his messy work area, his face, a cup of tea and most importantly… SCREENSHOTS!

And the icing on the cake was… “Drum rolls Please…”

Honestly, who would even say that when recording a video… obviously everything was scripted!

Hahaha.. What a joke. It seems more like a comedy video to me(I literally laughed)

(4) Selling you a dream

Almost the entire sales video is about selling you a dream. Do you want a big house like this? Or a luxurious car like this? or Partying with hot chicks?

Don’t get fooled by all of these. I know it’s tempting but all of those are just merely words, images and videos. None of them are even related to the system.

(5) Fake Timer

Fake Timer

When you enter your name and email address you will be taken to their “members” area. On top you will see this clock counting down from 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

That is fake too. It just some sort of programming done to make it seem that way. In reality, it isn’t even in real time. Once the clock hits ZERO you can actually still “claim your free spot”. Basically this timer here is to induce urgency in their visitors… making them think that this is a one off opportunity.

Don’t believe me, just refresh the page and the clock will reset back again.


My Final thoughts…

The Millionaire Bot is a system that everyone should avoid. Right from the start till the end, everything about it is misleading. Please try to understand, making money online is not as easy as you think it is. It requires a lot of hard work and most importantly give it time. There is no magic formula or secret loophole to make you instant cash overnight. Anything that claim such as just lying.

If you are really interested to make income online(not “get rich quick” scheme), I highly encourage that you take a look at my #1 Recommended program that I use to make me over $4,000 a month. This is only for dedicated people, if you are expecting quick cash…I’m sorry this is not for you.


Alright, I have come to the end of my review on The Millionaire Bot. I hope all of you have greatly benefited from this review and maybe even saved you a couple hundreds of dollars?

Please touch base with me if you have any questions to ask, I am always here to help. Also not forgetting, everyone of you are entitled to share with us your personal thoughts. So do leave a comment below after reading this review. Thank you 🙂



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