The Millionaires Maker Review – Just Another Scam or Legit Opportunity

I will be doing a review on The Millionaires Maker to share with you the truth about this system. Some people say it is a scam while others say it is the best opportunity to make money online.

So who is telling the truth? Before that I wanted to mention something important, earlier this week I reviewed a product called The Millionaires Biz and it seems to be quite similar to The Millionaires Maker. I will uncover with you everything related to this product as we go on, so please sit back and relax.

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Name: The Millionaires MakerThe-Millionaires-Maker-Review


Owner: Martin

Price: Free, ($250 minimum deposit)

Rating: 9/100



What is the Millionaires Maker about?

The Millionaires Maker is a free binary options trading App that allow its users to become rich immediately. In the sales video the narrator mentioned that this software has a winning rate of 90%.

Isn’t this great? You get the software for free and also able to make millions out of it. Seems like a WIN-WIN situation right?

But wait… there’s a catch.

The software is claimed to be free but in order for the system to work you will be required to deposit a minimum amount of $250 and create a brokers account. You cannot deposit into any random account, you will be asked to deposit into the account that they will recommend. There is a reason for that which I will explain in further details later on.


Does this software actually work?

The answer is very simple… NO!

Firstly, the Millionaires Maker is not the only binary options trading software in the market. I have come across over hundreds of different type of website that claims to have created their own software to help people become rich. Ironically, all of these software actually turned out to be scams… so I don’t see how different is the Millionaires Maker from the others.

There are two people who will be benefiting from the Millionaires Maker

The first person is the owner of this software. Remember I said earlier that you are required to create an account to the broker that is recommended. Basically, the owner is an affiliate of that specific brokers website. So when you create an account and deposit the funds the owner will get a commission from it.

If I’m not wrong he will get around 80% commission for each referral that signs up. Just imagine, if the owner earns around $200 for every person he refers, how much will he earn from hundreds of other people who sign up.

I believe you would have already known this… the other person who will be benefiting is the broker itself. Though majority of the money goes to the person who refers, the broker still earn a small percentage literally doing nothing. If one particular website direct you to this broker, imagine other websites who direct people to this same broker.

So… now do you get the real picture? The software is just there to trick people, the transaction between you and the broker is the REAL DEAL!

Don’t ever put down your phone number!


When you leave down your contact number, you will definitely get a call. But this call is not to help you make profits in 5 minutes, instead professionals from the broker team will call you and ask you to deposit $250 minimum funds.

These guys are very good in sweet-talking to people and making them agree to deposit. I know this, because I experienced it myself before. They wont leave you immediately even if you disagree the first time… from time to time they will contact you and tell you lots of cock-and-bull story. So, if you don’t want such unwanted calls, please don’t even bother signing up.


Tell-tale signs of scams

#1: Fake testimonials

The testimonials you see in the sales video is all fake. Basically, these guys are paid to give fake product reviews. To be honest getting testimonials these days are not a big issue, you can get them as low as $5 at Fiverr. Never let the testimonials be part of your decision making because all they are telling are lies.

Ask yourself, did they show you real evidence that they made millions? Well… No! All they did was open their mouth and said “I MADE MILLIONS”.. anybody can do that, even I can said I made millions. But what’s the point of lying to people that you are rich but in actual fact you are still living the same old s*** life.

Just take a look at the images below and compare them. His real name is Ivan and he is selling professional videos on Fiverr. Funny right? In the sales video, he goes by the name of Mark and claims he is a Millionaire. A millionaire who can makes millions from binary options trading but still chooses to sell services of Fiverr to earn him a mere 5 bucks? What a joke!





#2: No guarantee you will make money



Just take a look a this earning disclaimer snip I took from their website. As you can see for yourself, The Millionaires Maker does not guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas found on this website.

So in their sales video, they said you can make millions but now there say not guarantee you will earn ANY money. Yes that right, the truth is you will never make a single a single penny with this system.

They also mentioned that “we do not purport this as a get rich scheme”.. so tell me? claims that making you millions is not considered getting rich? than what is it considered? Getting poor…? Yeah that’s right, you will become $250 poorer once you try out this software.


#3: Fake logos and trademarks



Don’t get fooled by this image you see in their website. This doesn’t mean that their software was mentioned or shown in the particular platform. Clearly displayed for promotional purposes only to make their website look good and more legit.


#4: The connection between Millionaires Maker & the Millionaires Biz


The Millionaires Biz


The Millionaires Maker

















Just take some time to compare between to this, you can see that the template looks exactly the same with some minor changes. There are lots of other similarities found between both their website. Different product, different sales video, different testimonials, slightly similar template and domain name… what comes to your mind?

It seems that both the products are owned by the same person. Of course he wouldn’t make everything exactly the same if not everyone would easily figure out that he is up to something no good. Just like the saying goes how perfectly you plan and execute a crime, you are always bound to leave some signs of evidences behind. Same goes here, our dear friend tried to change the software name, video and testimonials but was just too ignorant to create a totally different template.

So clearly you can see that this system is a scam. The person just created multiple websites to increase his chances of reaching out to the public and scamming their money.


My final thoughts

After reading the above, I believe you would have already figured out that Millionaires Maker is a scam. Making money online takes time, hard work and dedication… don’t expect to become rich overnight by literally doing nothing.

Do you know what’s the reason for the rise is number of scam products of the years? It’s because of people who have the “get rich quick” mind set, these scammers capitalise on your weakness and fill their own pockets. So don’t waste time and money on products that says they can make you rich quickly, if it’s too good to be true than its probably not true after all… It may sound stupid, but most times it does work! GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING!!



What Now?

Instead of sitting around and waiting for success to happen right before you, why not you put in effort and make success happen. There are 101 ways to make money online, binary options trading is not to only solution… so don’t feel disappointed.

If you really want to achieve financial freedom and work for yourself, why not start doing online marketing. Don’t be afraid of this term online marketing, I am an online marketer too… I started out with zero knowledge about them but almost close to a year now and I am already earning far above what I was paid in my 9-5 job.

Your job as an online marketer is to promote products and earn commissions from them. Basically, there is no limit to the what types of products you should promote. The best part is, you don’t need to physically own any of the products that you want to promote.

Just to share with you some statistics, there are over 3 billion internet users in the world and these numbers are just increasing everyday as more people get access. Imagine targeting just a tiny fraction of this people, you could easily be earning way past your 9-5 job figures too.

To learn step by step from scratch about online marketing, I suggest you to join the following learning platform I am going to share with you. You will have a free trial to see how everything works and how you go about making money. Don’t worry, there is no hidden cost like the Millionaires Maker where they said it’s free but ask you to deposit $250.


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I have come to the end of my review on The Millionaires Maker. Hope you guys enjoyed and benefited from it as well. If you guys have any doubts, please feel free to drop me a comment… I will get back to you as soon as possible. Past users of the millionaires maker are also welcomed to share with us your personal experience using the software.


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